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New World War One figures by Tommy's War

Discussion in 'Figure News' started by Tommys War, Aug 1, 2022.

  1. Tommys War A Fixture

    I’m delighted to announce news of the two latest releases in the Tommy’s War range.
    Figures TW32AL07 and TW32AL08 depict a French Lieutenant and Private of the French infantry as they would have appeared in the early months of the year.
    This is exciting as it’s the first French releases in the Tommy’s War range of World War One model soldiers, and if these two prove popular and sell well, then I hope it’s the first of many.
    Both figures are 1/32 scale and cast in resin. The miniatures were sculpted by Nino Pizzichemi and box art is by Alex Long;
    You can find our more at www.tommyswar.com
  2. NigelR Active Member

    Lovely figures, hope they sell well. Unfortunately I literally just started a multi-figure vignette of a 1914 French bayonet charge using ICM figures and a bunch of Hornet heads...... The stars did not align for me on this release :(
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  3. winfield Active Member

    Excellent. I've been looking forward to a release just like this.
  4. Zastrow.cuirassier A Fixture

    Superb figurines, as always, but may this "legend" of the "Casowary" (nickname of the Saint-Cyrian kepi) continue, but according to the archives only ONE Cyrard (nickname of the students) went into battle with cassowary and white gloves ...And he was killed!
    Maybe it's this one.
    Quotation from General Humbert concerning the Saint-Cyriens concerned (he was one of them): “On July 30, 1914, there was no collective oath to go into battle with cassowaries and white gloves. There was a historic case of going on the attack with cassowary and white gloves. It is that of Alain de Fayolle (1891-1914), of the Cross of the Flag. I don't know of any comrade who went into battle with cassowary and white gloves"
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  5. grasshopper A Fixture

    interesting backstory to the price paid for these uniforms …the creator has an entertaining series of videos
  6. Andrew Belsey A Fixture

    Great stuff! Well done Darren, Nino and Alex!!
  7. Warren SMITH Well-Known Member

    They look excellent.. Nice to see more French figures..
  8. Zastrow.cuirassier A Fixture

    Very nice video, thank you, but too many aberrations, some images are even taken from the film "In the West, nothing new", some are views of the delegates of the Treaty of Versailles, and many other anachronisms.
    It would be time, too, and the new generation of historians are demonstrating it, the holding of the French is not at the origin of the massacre, but more the machine guns and especially the artillery.
    I would recommend a few recent books or recent studies, unfortunately in French only.
    We have learned from the Anglo-Saxons and we are in the process of re-studying what we call the great war.
    Many myths and assertions are being reviewed
    And that's good.
  9. Nap A Fixture


    Great to see a TW release and a new country as well

    I am sure with those involved these will be very popular

    Interesting about the cassowary being worn

    Thanks for sharing

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  10. Babelfish A Fixture

    Great figures, and if it's on record that even just ONE man went into battle with that kepi & white gloves, strictly speaking that makes it verified as "historically accurate" doesn't it?!

    In any case it would be be an easy enough to fix for anyone who's that bothered.

    - Steve
  11. Zastrow.cuirassier A Fixture

    This sub-lieutenant man who had just left the special school of Saint-Cyr was Sub-Lieutenant Jean ALLARD-MEEUS, 162nd RI and killed in action on August 22, 1914 at PIERREPONT, however if we want to be exact the cap does not is not quite like that of the figurine.
    Image to show you the kepi of the students of Saint-Cyr, called "Casowary" and regulatory kepi!
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  12. OldTaff PlanetFigure Supporter

    I've ordered the officer figure, although I don't usually do WW1 orWW2 subjects. What caught my eye was the fact he was killed on my birthday, 32 years earlier. Plus, I liked the idea of him wearing his kepi plume into battle in typical French elan.

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  13. The Riveteer Active Member

    Yes it does, but I didn't read Zastrow's comment as a criticism of the figures accuracy, but rather a challenge of the "LEGEND" that appears to have inspired it.

  14. Blind Pew A Fixture

    Either way......great figures!
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