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New Series of Paintbrushes

Discussion in 'Figure News' started by Hawk_Uk, Nov 7, 2022.

  1. Hawk_Uk PlanetFigure Supporter

    For 10 years Hawk Miniatures has been producing its own range of kolinsky sable paintbrushes with standard handles for modelers. During this time we have had great feedback on the quality and price of these paintbrushes.

    So building on this it is with great pleasure we can now introduce a new range of Micro or Gaming paintbrushes to the market. This new range of paintbrushes has been designed with the miniature painter in mind with ergonomic polished walnut handles and silver nickel ferrules.

    The range consists of 10 paintbrushes in the following size and style:

    • Kolinsky Sable Round in size: 4, 3, 2, 1, 0, 3/0 and 10,0
    • Synthetic Liner size 20/0
    • Synthetic Flat Angular size 4 and 2.
    An introductory price for the complete set is £35:00 plus postage

    As an introductory offer the first 10 order of the full set will receive a zip case, worth £5:00, to store these brushes in.

    For those attending the Scale Model World show in Telford this coming weekend we will be offering the same deal on each of the two days, first 10 people who buy the complete set will receive the zip case.

    These are currently not available from our website but you can order them direct from us here: https://py.pl/WdhFW

  2. Henk A Fixture

    Those are nice looking handles, and I like the shape. Looking forward to try them out..:D
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  3. Oda A Fixture

    Looking very good.Would surely like to try them out but living within the EU postage and customs would probably cost me more than the brushes themselves.I hope they do well for you.

  4. Hawk_Uk PlanetFigure Supporter

    Hi Oda,
    Thanks for the comments.

    We do ship into Europe but the import duty is at the discretion of the local mail service :( . We dispatch as large letter usually and these are hit and miss on whether they go straight through or get stopped.

    Also we are not attending any European shows now until SMC in October 2023 unless you know anyone attending this weekend IPMS Nationals in Telford.

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  5. Oda A Fixture

    Thank you for replying.I know exactly what you mean,it has happened to me many times here in Greece where I live.

  6. Hawk_Uk PlanetFigure Supporter

    Arh Greece, yes.
    Last time I had orders from there I delivered them by hand to Fokion and Costas :)
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  7. Oda A Fixture

    Well that's a game changer.Should you ever visit Greece again,let me know and maybe you can deliver some brushes to me over a cup of coffee ( or beer...or ouzo).

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  8. Hawk_Uk PlanetFigure Supporter

    Definitely, always happy to meet fellow modellers and exchange ideas.
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  9. Wayneb A Fixture

    Ouzo!?..........That stuff will make any brush look good!
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  10. Bundook Active Member

    Do you rub it on the brushes or swirl them around in it? :)

    Is there anywhere I can see a painter's review of these Hawk brushes? I'm looking for painting materials to buy for the first time and don't really know what's best to get. What makes these ones good?
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  11. Henk A Fixture

    I'll let you know as soon as I get mine.
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  12. Hawk_Uk PlanetFigure Supporter

    If you take a look at our website the box art painted by the late Eddy Vandersteen were done using our original range of paintbrushes, also Chezzie uses them as well as a number of members here. Also you can see comments of our Facebook pages which is where we tend to get feed back the most.
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  13. Henk A Fixture

    Well, that was quick, ordered on Monday, arrived today. Thats good service. I must have been one of the first ten too, as it included the free zip case.

    I will do a full review and test tomorrow, but here are a few first impressions.

    The handles are good looking, and as you can see in the comparison pictures, a fair bit thicker (and shorter) than comparative brushes. The number 4 has a good shape, a sharp point with a very decent belly. Comparison with equivalent brushes from other brands shows the head of the Hawk brushes to be considerably smaller, the no. 4 being similar to the no. 2 from W&N and Broken Toad.

    20221109_194256.jpg 20221109_194313.jpg 20221109_194918.jpg 20221109_194951.jpg
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  14. Nap Moderator

    Hi Henk

    That's great service for sure , thanks for the look , look forward to seeing how they are in use , interesting to see the head comparison so far

    Have fun with them

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  15. Hawk_Uk PlanetFigure Supporter

    Hi Henk,

    Glad they arrived safely, I must admit we seem to be well served by the Royal Mail here unless they are on strike, and thanks for the initial review and like Nap I shall look forward to seeing how you get on with them.

    We will be running the same offer at this weekend IPMS Scale Model World show in Telford, with the first 10 purchases of the full set on each day will receive the zip case.

    Happy modelling everyone.
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  16. Henk A Fixture

  17. Bundook Active Member

  18. Henk A Fixture

    You're welcome. As you say you're new to buying Sabel brushes, I like to point out the importance of brush care. Apart from frequent washing in water during your painting session, wash your brushes with a soap afterwards, before putting them away. You can use washing up liquid, or any of the proprietary "brush soaps" like Masters, David is or Broken Toad. And always dry the head of the brush properly, and lay them flat for a bit, to dry after.
    Try not to let the paint get into the ferrule. It will dry in the ferrule, and ruin the shape of the head. Clean the brush very regularly during painting.

    Well cared for brushes last longer, and paint better.
    I hope you enjoy your new brushes. Any questions, just ask.
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  19. Bundook Active Member

    Thanks for the advice. (y)

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