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New Samurai Archer from Talant S Miniatures

Discussion in 'Figure News' started by yellowcat, Oct 2, 2022.

  1. grasshopper A Fixture

    Bow in shorter variant is entirely fine..thanks Felix..
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  2. Ferris A Fixture

    Great to see this collaboration bring forward something unique!

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  3. Wayneb A Fixture

    I must say...If you like Samurai....This is quite impressive..........

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  4. fabrizio19691969 A Fixture

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  5. karlw Member

    I would have bought the 54mm version with the correct bow - now I have to pass and consider the 120mm figure, with hopefully the right bow size. And I applaud your comment Martin. I'm a collector of Samurai figures and I order the figures based on my specifications. It's frustrating to see all the bad compromises when it comes to Samurai figures. In this forum there are a maximum of 10 dedicated Samurai specialists but an awful lot of "know-better" or "doesn't matter" individuals who try to bury our persistant critic, whose goal is to to get better figures created.
  6. grasshopper A Fixture

    The obvious take-away- no manufacturer should go near issuing anything samurai - will inevitably end badly..no matter how earnest or diligent
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  7. Ferris A Fixture

    Yes, better issue a pointing german with two machine guns. Always a hit. :)
  8. TSJ Active Member

    I made the bow a little longer. And the shape of the bow changed a little bit. Now the bow looks longer.

    ррржее.jpg ппппппж.jpg пппппп.jpg
  9. Oda A Fixture

    This is already a gorgeous and accurate samurai mr.Soodanbekov.Do not overocupy yourself with each little detail for you will never satisfy all of us.The Yumi is a tricky weapon.It is not only the lenght of it but also the shape that sets it apart from all other forms of longbow.The handle is at about 1/3 of its length from the bottom and the overall shape is very peculiar.There is not one form of longbow in terms of construction too.The most complicated form is laminated and bound with rattan at regular spaces.For all the above reasons,I never retain the yumi provided by the releasing companies.I always make my own.If you make the Yumi a separate piece (attached to the right hand of course but not the entire arm) it will be an easy replacement/adjustment even for a fairly new modeller.That way everyone will be happy.

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  10. TSJ Active Member

    Thank you! I'm not a samurai armor specialist. Such heated discussions are very useful for me. I want to study samurai more, I really liked it.
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  11. Oda A Fixture

    Trust me,you are one of the most competent and accurate sculptors in this field.I have all your commercial samurai in my collection and I speak from experience.You are also one of the few who are willing to listen to experts like Felix and make corrections and adjustments and that speaks volumes of you and your skills.

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  12. TSJ Active Member

    Thanks Oda! Thanks Felix. Felix helped me a lot. I try to bring more joy to my customers. Feedback is very important.
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  13. The Riveteer Active Member

    I don't think this is necessarily the case. TSJ is obviously learning from the criticism and not all negative comment is intended to demoralize or dishearten. I think the original model is superb but minor adjustments being made are only making it better.
    After all, we are only asking for research and TSJ appears to be doing that. Expecting a Samurai to be on a horse that was indigenous in the period (especially in the Heian period) is not asking for the earth, no more than not expecting a Napoleonic Prussian to be wearing a pickelhaube.
    The only criticism I have is not about the sculpture or accuracy but more about suggesting a personal preference.
    Although the excellent reference videos here show the bow can be used at the gallop, I believe this perception of the bow's usage is more likely to come from a more modern "martial art" perspective than from the normal practice of the time..
    From what I've personally read, the horse was most often used more of as an aid to mobility than a shock weapon. I think the bow would have been more commonly used from a stationary position, and, as a ranged weapon, that seems more logical to me.
    I would buy this model regardless of what I've just said, (and it is undoubtedly a more dynamic choice) but I would like to see future releases firing from a more static horse position. If the horse is used at the gallop I think any one one of a variety of Yari would be more appropriate.
    But, as I said before, this is a great release, I have nothing but admiration for TSJ's work..

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  14. grasshopper A Fixture

    Nice sentiment, but truly these threads concerning samurai get trolled by one or two - what we see is post moderation…Felix worked with Talant long before this piece came to where it is now..it’s unfortunate but pretty much state of play that samurai go badly..much of what transpired on this thread and the other Steve Brodie’s piece were no more than personal slagging.
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  15. The Riveteer Active Member

    Point taken grasshopper. I'd not seen any pre moderation posts of that kind on this thread, (maybe I'm just late to the party). I have seen many "corrective" comments on recent samurai releases but most having good intent; the Moderator must be doing a good job!
    The only "trolling" I've seen in the past was usually from this or that particular sculptor, who the troll was keen to defend, regardless of the validity of the original comment made. I can't imagine any grounds for trolling TSJ.

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  16. grasshopper A Fixture

    Talant is one special maker for sure..his personal attention to quality is unsurpassed..I’ve had pieces he cast and the same done by another and the difference were plain ..and thru the creation of this piece he sought out and needed the input of experts…the first go thru had incorrect looking horse legs..and while some may find the bow on the 54mm a deal breaker, Talant makes a valid point in terms of fragility…he is indeed an actual artist- check his FB background …and it shows ..
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  17. yellowcat A Fixture

    Some more reference pictures and videos from the the Koyodai Kiso horse ranch in Japan (紅葉台木曽馬牧場).

    Here are two pictures showing the front and rear legs of a galloping Kiso horse.

    kiso shoorting.jpg

    kiso shooting2.jpg

    Videos showing shooting arrows from the front, side and back position in O-yoroi on Kiso horse

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  18. Nap A Fixture

    Hi Folks

    All I can do is say thank you to those that comment on this piece , constructive and welcome to the the sculptor who is a credit to his art , learning and striving to get it right

    Fine references for all and all learn

    Look forward to seeing this piece painted up


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