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New releases from Tommy's War - August 2019

Discussion in 'Figure News' started by Tommys War, Aug 17, 2019.

  1. Tommys War A Fixture

    I’m delighted to be able to show images of the completed box art for the latest releases in the Tommy’s War range.

    All the figures are sculpted by my great friend Nino Pizzichemi in 1/32 scale and are cast in a light grey resin. Box art is by Edward Sage for the two British figures and Alex Long for the Belleau Wood group.

    The figures are all 1/32 scale resin and priced at £16.00 each. The Belleau Wood set is prefixed TW32S05 and contains all eight figures (4 German and 4 US Marines) priced at £128.00 - all eight figures are available individually.

    You can find more details at www.tommyswar.com - I suggest reading the blog <here> on the website which has far more detail, and contains a wide number of images, which will be increased this week.

    TW32045 - 2nd Lieutenant, 23rd Bn Middlesex Regiment, Pas de Calais 1918 (1/32 scale)

    Since the start of Tommy’s War I’ve been keen to talk about individuals and their bravery and sacrifice during the Great War. One story that has stayed with me has been that of Walter Tull.

    Walter Tull was of mixed race with a Barbadian father and English mother who after losing both parents at an early age went on to be a professional Footballer. At the outbreak of war he joined the 23rd Middlesex Regiment who were known as the Sportsmen’s Battalion due to the number of professional athletes within their ranks. Although joining as a Private soldier and working his way to be an NCO Tull eventually rising to Second Lieutenant before being killed in action during the Spring Offensive in 1918.

    Nino has done a wonderful job of representing Walter and Edward has complimented that with his box art, but if you want to represent a different regiment or personality then a European head is also included with the figure.


    You can buy the figure here
    Find out more about Walter Tull here

    TW32046 - Private, 9th Bn East Surrey Regiment, France 1918 (1/32 scale)

    The second British release this month features a grenade throwing Private soldier, described as being involved in the Spring Offensive in 1918 but actually is suitable for any Western Front action from 1917 through to the end of the war.

    It’s important to note that although I do give the figures titles of particular Battalions in particular Regiments these are really to create a narrative that enables me to talk about a specific moment in time, but in truth the figures (particularly those TW32039 through to TW32046) are suitable to portray any British (but not Scottish Highland) regiments as well as troops from the Empire (again with the exception of Highlanders).

    Sculpted by Nino Pizzichemi in 1/32 scale, box art by Edward Sage.

    You can buy the figure here


    The Battle of Belleau Wood (1/32 scale)

    Earlier this year we saw the release of the first four figures in the Belleau Wood set and I’m pleased to confirm the final four are now available, these consist of the following;

    TW32AL04 – Private (2), 2/5 US Marine Corps, Belleau Wood 1918 (Chauchat machine gunner)
    TW32AL05 – Private (3), 2/5 US Marine Corps, Belleau Wood 1918
    TW32CP16 – Private (3) 461st Infanterie Regiment, Belleau Wood 1918
    TW32CP17 – Private (4) 461st Infanterie Regiment, Belleau Wood 1918

    You’ll see from this photograph by Alex Long of the completed set how my original idea has been brought to life by he and Nino, and I’m absolutely delighted with the result.


    For easy reference the eight figure set is split into two groups consisting of four United States Marine Corps figures and four Germans as follows;

    United States Marine Corps

    TW32AL02 – Lieutenant, 2/5 US Marine Corps, Belleau Wood 1918
    TW32AL03 – Private (1), 2/5 US Marine Corps, Belleau Wood 1918
    TW32AL04 – Private (2), 2/5 US Marine Corps, Belleau Wood 1918 (Chauchat machine gunner) TW32AL05 – Private (3), 2/5 US Marine Corps, Belleau Wood 1918



    German infantry Regiment

    TW32CP14 - Private (1) 461st Infanterie Regiment, Belleau Wood 1918
    TW32CP15 - Private (2) 461st Infanterie Regiment, Belleau Wood 1918
    TW32CP16 – Private (3) 461st Infanterie Regiment, Belleau Wood 1918
    TW32CP17 – Private (4) 461st Infanterie Regiment, Belleau Wood 1918



    I realise that’s a lot to track down and place into your shopping cart, so I’ve also added the complete set to the ‘specials’ series as TW32S05. This set is one single box with all eight figures – but note that it doesn’t include anything different to the individual figures – so if you’ve bought any of the first figures released in April you’re not missing anything!

    Please read here for my earlier note on the badges that are now included on the US Marine helmets.

    This will conclude the releases for 2019 and you’ll find them at the shows I’ll be attending this Autumn and Winter, you can find a list of those here.

    I’m currently working through my 2020 release plan, and will post more details shortly.

    I really hope you like the new releases and are encouraged by the way Tommy’s War developing and look forward to bringing you new releases in the future.
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  2. Chris Oldfield Active Member

    Fantastic new releases Darren - I'll definitely be up for Walter Tull, the East Surrey (who has a great battleworn look) & the Chauchat gunner come payday!
  3. ometz Well-Known Member

    Oh my my. What a great selection of new offerings. Wooow!!
  4. Mike - The Kiwi A Fixture

    Brilliant couple of Brits Darren which will both go into my Wish list.
    Especially like the way you’ve personalised each one special 2Lt Tull - incredible story.
    Blog post on continually refining Tommy’s was really informative too mate.
    Keep the faith!
  5. Matt McGrath Member

    Nicely done, but the U.S. Marines didn't have the Marine Corps emblem on their helmets until after the war.
  6. valiant A Fixture

    According to the Osprey book, "The US Marine Corps in World War One, 1917-18", it states, "..the hat EGA was sometimes mounted on the front of helmets, but it was uncommon, although it became regulation after the war".(y)
    Martin64 likes this.
  7. Chris Oldfield Active Member

    The East Surrey grenadier & that kneeling rifleman recently released by TW would look great in a small vignette together...…….got the old cogs whirring now!
  8. Martin64 A Fixture

    Photo taken on June 18th 1918, Belleau Wood Sector
    Officers of 2nd Battalion , 6th Marine
    IMHO helmets with and without EGA are evident.
    valiant likes this.
  9. Reptor A Fixture

    Fantastic new releases Darren !:love::love::love:
  10. Tommys War A Fixture

    That Marine Corps badge on the helmet has been the bane of my life since April.

    The two initial USMC figures released in April didn't have the badge on the helmet. This provoked a response from customers (and non-customers) in the USA who wanted the badge to be shown. While they agreed it was unclear whether it was worn or not they felt incredibly strongly that they would like it on there, as that was the iconic view of the period.

    I decided to ask Nino to sculpt the badge onto the two new figures (TW32AL04 and TW32AL05), which then begged the question about the existing figures. So, I returned the original two heads to Nino and he sculpted the badge onto them and we cast them.

    Moving forward;
    • I've got a list of everyone that purchased the first two figures (TW32AL02 and TW32AL03) and over the course of the next few weeks they will receive a replacement set of heads for those two figures. No-one needs to contact me, I know who I'm sending them to.
    • Anyone ordering TW32AL02 and TW32Al03 in the future will get two heads with each - one with the badge, one without the badge
    • Figures TW32AL04 and TW32AL05 are supplied with the badge on the helmet only (although it's simple enough to slice the badge off and sand down if you wish)
    But as Martin correctly states, you'll see some images with the badge on the helmet, some without. 'Uniform' is a fluid term in war ;-)
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  11. Richie A Fixture

    Hi Darren,
    Some great releases again for the WW1 buffs, I particularly like East Surrey private. The two headed option for the Marines is a nice touch, personally I would have given them the one with the badge and told them about sandpaper for other variants;).
    Will catch up with you at Scale Scotland(y).
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