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New Release - Russian Grenadier Battle of Borodino- Full Figure 230mm

Discussion in 'Figure News' started by Ratty, Jan 8, 2019.

  1. malc PlanetFigure Supporter

    I'll let you know when I get one : )
  2. Wayneb A Fixture

    Historical inaccuracies aside; I find this piece a very pleasing to the eye sculpt. Not knowing for sure; I have to believe the original sculpt and modifications were made by the same sculptor. ( It's almost obvious ; only because that persons style will inevitably continue throughout the conversion.(IE, adding legs etc.) in order to make it look right;.. some things you can change...some you can't. If the hat fits wear it.
    On that note I can say...…..I like the overall look of the piece, and I hate to say it but I'm not sure this piece would be for me because of the inaccuracies that would not be an easy fix for me.


    P.S......Some people don't like the "here we go again" debates.....but this is how we all learn......
  3. Tamas Enyedi New Member

    let me leave my comment as well. I'm only reading your comments and watching your extremely nice painted works - I do not have possibility to do modelling due to private reasons... What I see: It's a very nice sclupt and the figures are in heroic poses. For me doesn't matter if the flag mount is shorter or any equipment could have probably sclupting problems (if you convert the rope: to make it broken - problem solved :) ). As I know nobody from the forum readers was there and could check all soldiers. I don't think all 200.000 russian soldier in 1812 had same equipements and the producer did not mention the GPS coordinates, exact time and the name of the figures :) ... I think there was some captured guns/bags etc. The previous comments are similar for me as the vehicle modellers fighting on colour shade problems on tanks ... Well, I think this hobby (modelling) is a good time-spending/leasure activity and not (only) for exhibitions of museums. I met earlier Paul company's work as my nationality is Hungarian, I'm interested in the hussar figure from them. I have found some small differences on the uniforms what I can see in the museums (I'm in lucky situation, can check them with my eyes) - but it was my decision (as modeller) to correct it or not. Anyway, thanks for sharing the historical -probably - mistakes, if I will use this hobby so precise, I will correct it for myself -but until then: it's amazing work. Congrats Paul! :)

    if it would be in a bit smaller scale, I'm sure I would order a piece.... :)
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  4. svt Active Member

    There are documents - orders, decrees, orders, reports, graphic sources. There are data of archeology, preserved equipment, weapons and uniforms in collections and museums. There are dozens, if not hundreds of research books and articles written by scientists, researchers - people who dealt with more than one day issues related to the uniform of the Russian army during the Napoleonic wars, who worked with sources and did not build their theories on the principle - since we not seen, then you can think of anything.

    Show me at least one item of the Russian soldier of 1812, which is depicted on this vignette. I strongly doubt that you will find at least something, because the Russian troops did not have such equipment on the Borodino field, or earlier.

    All thoughts on the topic “I wouldn’t have worn this way - it means there couldn’t be” or “we weren’t there - it means you can think of anything” - these are ordinary fantasies without any basis.

    The most ridiculous thing is that people here argue that in 1812, a Russian soldier allegedly could wear something from weapons or uniforms of earlier periods, but at the same time they don’t even know what and when was canceled and replaced by other things, and the main thing is how these things looked.
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  5. Babelfish A Fixture

  6. Barrie Harris Active Member

    Great figures all round ,like NAP said,. like to have had a musket instead of the flag . But that's just me .

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  7. Martin64 A Fixture

    According to the title the figures should resemble two soldiers of the Grenadiers at the Battle of Borodino - as an elite unit usually equipped with the most up to date gear - not equal to many other ordinary soldiers.:arghh: Sometimes it pays to read through the conversation before posting - :bored:

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