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New Release Historia Miniatures

Discussion in 'Figure News' started by Christosjager, Dec 23, 2012.

  1. jimias A Fixture

    First of all i really am amazed by the absence of a moderator or admin on this forum. (Guess Christmas is to blame?)

    Well you sure act like one, trying to press your opinion into others. Like your first post wasn't enough you keep on posting ironic emoticons to others postings.
    Well that's very democratic of you.

    Ernesto i really excpected more of you man. It s not like you ve painted few "murderers" throughout your years in this hobby!

    And to be honest you two have bigger fishes to catch than a 1:10 bust. Try the music and film industry who present Che as a hero. Not to mention all the T shirts with his heroic face on them.

    HUGE disappointment gents.
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  2. Tommi A Fixture

    Right! Rant over guys, you have now said what you needed to say so please can we now move on and this be the last of it.:stop:
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  3. JasonB A Fixture


    So much better than the Picard one I stole from Gordy and often use on other sites when daft things are said or flame wars erupt = Im certainly saving this....finally I get something of value form this string LOL

  5. MarquisMini A Fixture

    You have the right to disagree, that's democracy.
    not trying to impose my views on the subject , i say what is a fact and you could take it or use it whatever you want , so read my post more carefully.
    Best regards
  6. jimias A Fixture

    I am refairing to this post as a reply to Osceola's one.
    Read your own posts more carefully plz.
  7. akaryu PlanetFigure Supporter

    In the winter of 1914 some of the belligerents, read frontline soldiers, had the good sense to call a Christmas truce! Wouldn't it be nice to follow that example? After all, it is just a hobby, a rather innocent passtime for most of us, wether we like it or not we are not going to change the course of history by going at loggerheads each time a choice of subject is not to our liking!
    Monsieur Hoyos of Heaumerie fame, wellknown to the old continental modellers, used to say "La figurine, il faut la faire avec du sérieux, sans se prendre au sérieux"
  8. MarquisMini A Fixture

    that face was about the "heroic" part, not the entire post .

    Read your own posts more carefully plz.[/

    I do, but being human i could always make mistakes .
  9. MarquisMini A Fixture

    (y) cheers
  10. Tommi A Fixture

    Right, here we go again for the second time today, I will not be mediating between member complaints that have been sent to me by all parties concerned in this squabbling between themselves.

    It’s all over the sculpting and painting of a bust for heaven’s sake!o_O

    Any more unacceptable postings beyond this post will result in the thread being locked which would be a real shame after all the hard work that Christos Panagiotopoulos has done to show us his hard work and talent despite peoples personal views on the subject matter.

    It’s just a hobby for heaven’s sake.o_O

    Seasons Greetings

  11. serafeim Active Member

    Chris and Dimitri
    First of all I want to wish you good luck with your new venture . Good luck to "Historia Miniatures". You will need it in a such a difficult period for many of us.
    Keep on the good job. I like your effords. I don't think that you will need any protection from anyone. Your combining talent is the best protection for you. Keep on my friends.
    The subject that you choose for your second figure, an historical person, I think is the most difficult kind of miniature both for the sculptor and the painter. I want to ask all of your tough critics, if they remember, or if they have ever seen the first realeses of today's great brand names of the hobby such as Pegaso or Andrea etc. Βe more idulgent guys. Everyone even the biggest talent will need encouragment in her/his first steps.
    From another point of view Chris and Dimitri you passed the line from an amateur hobbist to an enterpreneur modeler. So you must be ready for harder critics.
    l want to avoid to refer anything on politics in that forum, because I want to respect many of the planeters who don't want the politicalisation of it. But really makes me sad that your figure became a cause for such lamentable comments. I can't understand how someone can wish the death of someone else from this forum and there will not be any kind of punishment.
    I can't avoid an historical comment. As far as I know in the contemporary history of Latin America there are many more suitable comparisons with Hitler and his regime. I can recall many names: Pinochet, Videla, Batsista etc. Everyone remember that in L. America after the second world war many nazis found refuge under the regimes of dictators like these. Leave Che and his legacy alone guys. Although i don't think that this legacy has anything to fear from arbitrary comments.

    Happy new year to ALL of you
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  12. serafeim Active Member

    I don't think that our hobby has anything to fear from arbitrary comments
  13. Stephen Ward Active Member

    First of all, I respect people's right to sculpt what they want. Of course some stuff is 'controversial.' I would normally leave this one alone, but I was kinda appalled by this. First of all, Hitler ran around murdering people in the name of a socialist cause, much like Che did. I am most disconcerted by the comment of leaving his legacy alone. Che's legacy is one of executing hundreds of people, all in the name of 'social justice.' To say "leave his legacy alone" is to ignore the most basic tenets of what his legacy is, and what he did, which is murder other human beings. Not just fight other soldiers, but execute innocent civilians as well as lawfully captured enemy soldiers. He met a fitting end, in my opinion. I'm sorry man, but you can't say to "leave Che's legacy alone". He's no better than Saddam Hussein and his sons, or Chavez, or bin Laden: they all killed innocent people in the name of their cause. They're murderers and that's it.
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    One man's freedom fighter is another man's terrorist - let God sort'em out.

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  15. MarquisMini A Fixture

  16. Diegoff A Fixture

    Congrats Christos!
    Great advertising campaign! More than 23000 views and more than 50 replies for your second release! ;)
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  17. colonnello kurz Active Member

    Sorry but every side Kill to mutch people ....the "free World" by Usa and european coutry help to kill tousands of people with army or secret service in Africa,Asia and center-south America...My Friend of Guatemala lost all is brothers by soldier training by USA ...the friends of yasterday is the monstrer of tomorrow....Saddam was a good fellas until figth Iran...but every body see wath want to see...nobody is clean....and this is just resin and metal!

    ..."Memento ea simulacra esse"...

    P.s:...in my first message i explain wrong,i grow up in Socialist partisan family and wen i was 16-20 "Che" was a Hero for me...after the world change and i get older and learn more about "the 2 side" and i understand better...is not a hero enymore but is not more a monster ten lots of oters people of both side.....is just History like Napoleon or other...sorry,is my last "political" post let's modeling!!
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  18. osceola Active Member

    Well said (y) !!
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  19. Mark S Guest

    I'm shocked and stunned and much more than a bit disappointed at the contents of this thread.
    So much so that I'm going to leave it now and go and paint my bust of an extermination camp SS officer, but then I've been putting off working on that blood lustful religiously fanatical Crusader bust as well, perhaps I'll paint that mercilessly murderous Julius Ceasar one I've been meaning to get to, or the Napoleon figure, geez it's a hard choice. I know I'll work on my Donald Rumsfeld bust,....oooh but wait that may be a bit controversial!
  20. Ferris A Fixture

    It almost seems out of place in the thread by now, but let me say I do like the sculpt and paint job of this one. Not my cup of tea as to subject matter, but I like the face a lot. It seems alive. Nice job Christos and Dimitrios!

    By the way this thread has developed, it almost looks like we enjoy a flame war more than painting.

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