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Discussion in 'Figure News' started by DG-Artwork, Dec 3, 2019.

  1. DG-Artwork Active Member

    'DG-ARTWORK' New release for November, 2019

    Very long time didn't update New release to PF.
    Hello everyone,

    We are very proud about announce new release figure for
    DG-Artwork Original Series, 'Special operation forces - Black Cohort'
    As released Full package with Figure(None base version) & E-Bike, totally three items.

    We hope to like it.

    - Black Cohort Reaper # Lynx
    Code : DG75F021
    Size : 1/24 Resin Figure
    Material : Resin
    Pieces : 20resin parts (figure 5pieces + Base 2Pieces + E-Bike 13pieces)
    Sculpt & Paint : Dae Hyeong Kim
    3D e-Bike modelled : Byeong Soo, Kim

    - Black Cohort Reaper # lynx (None included Base version)
    Code : DG75F021-1
    Size : 1/24 Resin Figure
    Material : Resin
    Pieces : 5

    - E-Bike(Battle version)
    Code : DGACC001
    Size : 1/24 Resin Kit
    Material : Resin
    Pieces : 13
    3D E-Bike modelled : Byeong Soo, Kim

    Black Cohort is in here, every era, everywhere. - Not the End.

    Thank you very much and have a nice day.
    Best regards,

    DG-Artwork DH Kim

    DG-Artwork official web page :
    Contact mail to :
    Facebook : find to DG Artwork or Dae hyeong kim

    'Innovation' - DG-Artwork

    dg75f021 main.jpg dg75f021 1.jpg dg75f021 2.jpg dg75f021 3.jpg dg75f021 4.jpg dg75f021 5.jpg dg75f021 6.jpg dg75f021 7.jpg dg75f021 8.jpg dg75f021 9.jpg dg75f021 10.jpg dg75f021-1.jpg dgacc001 1.jpg dgacc001 2.jpg dgacc001 3.jpg dgacc001 4.jpg dgacc001.jpg
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  2. Nap A Fixture

    Hi DH

    Nice to see you posting here with releases , a good looking piece working well with or without the bike

    As always nice sculpts for both bike and figure

    Thanks for sharing

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  3. DG-Artwork Active Member

    Your welcome Kev.

    Always will try more be best.

    Thank you for kindness commnets.

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  4. Nap A Fixture

    My pleasure we all look forward to releases ....if I may will you release any "normal" military pieces in the future

    Great artwork as well on this release

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  5. Chris Oldfield Well-Known Member

    I like the look of her, nice camo scheme on the combat suit & the bike adds an extra dimension to the figure.
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  6. hypertex Active Member

    Like ++
    Always good to see women figures that aren't hypersexualized. Plus, I love the stance and creativity.
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  7. Merkava Active Member

    I find her face looks like a manga character.

    I was more interested in your previous figures.
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  8. Gary_81 Active Member

    I always love a model with a quirky vehicle. Great job on this piece so many options for painting and converting.

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  9. Reptor A Fixture

    Yeah! Great work! This is a great news and i like this very much ! :love:(y)

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