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New recaster on ebay ?

Discussion in 'Lounge' started by Steve Brodie, Jan 9, 2019.

  1. Steve Brodie Active Member

    Cant believe there is a so called original for £22.00 on a well known site

    1/10th Young Miniatures 'Fury' Bust

    NOTE : Link removed by Nap
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  2. Zastrow.cuirassier PlanetFigure Supporter

    There is more and more counterfeit on ebay.
    I note that many more are based in Great Britain.
    The problem remains the same, on ebay there is the VERO system, which can block counterfeit sales.
    I report in PM to some members when I see counterfeits on sale.
    However, it must be admitted that European laws do not really fight against counterfeits, even for big brands.
    Each country has its own way of intervening, sanctions are ridiculous (despite the legal texts in force), and very difficult to implement.
    Moreover the real creator of an object, there I speak figurine, is in front of a true course of the combatant to be able to defend its creation.
    moreover, as it is not a question of brands, but of creation, subject to the law of the intellectual property, the approach is even more complicated and paying (in France about 200 € to deposit a model) and I do not speak about Documents to provide.
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  3. Nap Forum Moderator

    Hi Steve

    This thief has been noted before ...........I actually messaged him and asked to see the box .....guess what his response was ....

    "What do you expect for this price" !!!!

    Needless to say I reported him to e bay ...again !!

    In accordance with PF policy in not promoting anything whatsoever to do with these recasters I have taken out the link

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  4. jumpugly Member

    Hiya' Folks:
    Glad Steve flagged this as it is a huge problem. Last year I was happy to help Jeff Shiu get about half a dozen recasts taken off of ebay.
    Sadly, he did not have the same luck with some alternate sites despite his efforts and there were dozens of recasts on the other sites! But,
    the main thing is to call out the false pieces and alert the original artists to their existence just like Steve did. A responsible site will have
    the guts and desire to take them down.
    Best, Guy
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  5. Primvspilvs New Member

    A seller has Young's 'British Paratrooper Operation Market Garden 1944' for £15.98 The description is generic but the picture is straight from Young's site. The are many other instances on this site of figures that are resin when they should be white metal. Recasts I'm certain
  6. Nap Forum Moderator


    Certainly are

    I have removed the name in bold from your post as we on PF do not promote in any form any thieving recaster

  7. Steve Brodie Active Member

    Nap sorry, totally forgot that point, was just trying to warn people by showing what he was listing under so people could be aware. New members may not be aware of recasts or re casters and tbf it wasn't till joining this site and seeing something similar i understood what is what. I have been caught out ONCE before, but not anymore. I will save the extra required to but the legitimate piece. If we don't then the small(er) guys like RP models, Mookies, Sarin, and loads more, will go out of business and then were we all be.
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  8. Primvspilvs New Member

    Fair do's, wasn't aware of this.
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  9. Nap Forum Moderator

    Hi Guys

    Absolutely no problem ...you raise good points ....SUPPORT only GENUINE COMPANIES

  10. Tecumsea PlanetFigure Supporter

    The simple solution is don't buy on Ebay we all know it is an open market for fraud simply because such sites are impossible to control either by the owners or legislation.

    If you want to buy and sell do it on PF or one of the other modelling forums
    If you want to buy then do it from the manufacturers site or a well known retailer or at a show.
    If you want to sell then do it through a club stand at a show or take your own stand.


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  11. malc PlanetFigure Supporter

    I know some will do it for financial reasons but to be fair the cost of original kits are not that high so JUST DO NOT BUY OFF EBAY, Unless you know whom it is from.
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  12. jumpugly Member

    Again agree, but EBAY's saving grace is that will remove re-casts; the did for Jeff Shiu. Sites like Alibaba cannot be bothered.
    Just sayin'
  13. Mookie Active Member

    I dont visit e.bay much.I did notice other week that the new young Fallschirmjager with.quilted smock was offered at a very low price.So recaster sprang too mind.Ive always made the companies aware of this and they are greatful for info.The decent folk who support companies im sure wouldnt dream if buying rip off copies.Euro is the shopping opportunity for so many and lets hope that these sharks dont sell jack shite.A real shame as most know how long masters take etc.
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  14. PLG Active Member

    I agree - recasters are the bane of the industry. Although nobody has started to counterfeit my stuff (Sarnia Miniatures) the low cost of their rip-offs is distorting the market.

    I saw one today and reported it to Ebay, the following photos are screen shots of the 'call'. He took a bit of pinning down at some points:

    36A121A7-83F8-46A4-8187-6D119307BFFF.png 1FE861D0-48C4-49F9-B20B-2DEC9D464726.png AD1A064A-548A-4FEC-AFA7-DDECBCCF7BE1.png 21524BEA-7513-49F0-AEF5-AD40A0BCD100.png

    I had also emailed the seller and he confirmed in an ebay message that the bust was a copy so also told ebay so they have his confirmation.

    Interestingly. This time the ebay person said "I appreciate the information you provided, Peter. Let me assure you that I have taken a note of your report. Where we receive a complaint, we take a close look at this member's activity, and if more complaints follow from other members, we'll take further action on their account."

    Perhaps what we should do is over a short period of say a week, all send complaints to Ebay about the same seller.

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  15. Nap Forum Moderator


    Thanks for the details here , I have taken out the part where the recasters name was inline with PF policy

    As I said earlier I report sellers to e bay

    Here is the link to the VERO programme which manufacturers can subscribe to and submit the required forms to report an item directly (not through the Report Item button on the product):



    Thread moved to lounge
  16. theBaron A Fixture

    Yeah, I just use the "Report item" link.
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  17. DioramaArt Active Member

    Have spoken to Nap and reported another recaster on eBay U.K., will update if I get any feedback from eBay. They were selling all new well known resin figures at less than 50% rrp and busts the same.

    Mouldings image for all figures look good but all the same resin and copied on sprue, this is not how they are sold or packaged.
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  18. Nap Forum Moderator


    No worries and thanks for reporting this thieving scumbag

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  19. Mirofsoft A Fixture

    I guess he visited the xxxx xxx were he paid 11,94€ post free
  20. Woods457 Active Member

    I don't think they are actually based in the UK, i think they are just registering their ebay accounts in the UK..

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