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New project: Tales of Old Rus'

Discussion in 'Figure News' started by CHRONOS, Oct 9, 2018.

  1. CHRONOS A Fixture

    Dear friends!

    I’m happy to inform you about the beginning of the new miniature project based on Tales of Old Rus’ art-project.

    This fantasy universe was created by the Russian artist Roman 'Amok' Papsuev. This universe is based on ancient Slavic myths, legends and fairy tales.

    Chronos miniatures together with Roman 'Amok' Papsuev begins manufacturing a series of miniature figures in 60 mm (1/30) and 80 mm (1/22) scale.

    Here you can watch the presentation of the first characters.

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  2. Ulrich PlanetFigure Supporter

    Could mean much fun to paint them. Interesting
  3. DaddyO A Fixture

    Off the beaten track, but I really like Babba Yagga, who's properly scary :)

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  4. Vital Active Member

    This miserable and inept imitation of "Varkhamer" has nothing to do with Russian fairy tales and can form a misperception of Russian folk culture among foreign audiences.
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  5. kenshin393 A Fixture

    “Based on” are the key words here my friend, no ones making any claims on truly accurate representations of Slavic myth and, even if they were, no one owns a myth. Liking the look of the first couple, especially Baba Yaga.
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  6. ArtMin Active Member

    Поздравляю, Дмитрий! Проект интересный!!!
  7. general 10 Member

    Wow, very Nice!
  8. Reptor A Fixture

    Yeah !!!! Very good preview ! And the 3d sculpt is just Fantastic !!!! If not, could you tell me who's singing in your 3d video? I just love it !! Thank you ^^ :love:(y)
  9. CHRONOS A Fixture

    These are the first test castings from resin. Circulation at the end of October.


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  10. CHRONOS A Fixture


    Thanks. The author of a track is specified at the end of video.
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  11. CHRONOS A Fixture


    It is very strange to listen to such words from the sculptor who has made Valkyrie in thongs ;)
    Do you the truth consider that these girls went in the thongs which are thought up in the twentieth century?

    Maidens warriors are represented in an armor, helmets with horns or wings, with boards and copies. From gloss of their armor, according to beliefs, in the sky there are polar lights.

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  12. Vital Active Member

    I am a painter, I work for money, I do what I am ordered.
    Norse mythology is foreign to me - I don't care. But I do care when the essence of Russian culture is distorted.
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  13. CHRONOS A Fixture


    It is called "double standards"!
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  14. Vital Active Member

    Russian proverb: "Own shirt closer to the body.";)
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  15. svt Active Member

    Two great messages! It seems that everyone expressed their opinion, and no one offended anyone.
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  16. Oda A Fixture

    I love Chronos.Even when it is releasing fantasy figures which are not my cup of cake,I still love Chronos because the quality of its products,historical or otherwise is simply unrivaled.This new line is very impressive indeed and it should do well among fantasy figure fans.Anyone with the slightest experience in figure modelling will immediately recognise these figures for what they are,fantasy figures.They are based on Slavic Myths and nothing more.Distortion of a specific culture is to be avoided and as a Greek I should know,just think of how many modellers today believe that the Spartans were what the film 300 presented them to be.There are many modelers who maintain that the helmets or the swords of the film are historically accurate or that Spartans went to war naked,oiled up and in leather daisy dukes shorts.Under that light I understand Vital's concern but Vital my friend those who love Russian folklore either know enough about it not to confuse it with fantasy or if they don't they will look it up and discover the beauty of it.Those who just like painting high quality fantasy miniatures will be satisfied too by Chronos' new releases.No room for misunderstanding or bad blood between us figure maniacs guys or as the Romans put it: de gustibus et coloribus non disputantum.

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  17. RantaN Well-Known Member

    Туше / Touché :)
  18. Vital Active Member

    Нифига не туше:)
  19. fmargem Active Member

    I love every bit of it. The release video is really good too.
    I'd love to see some more dynamic poses, though. Please, understand, the sculptures are perfect, but some fighting stance would be really cool.
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