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New project Dmitry Baev (the NATO in a miniature)

Discussion in 'Figure News' started by Dmitri Baev, Aug 30, 2009.

  1. Dmitri Baev A Fixture

    Dear Friends, I wish to present you the new project. This my own manufacture of figures on the scale of 1/35 «soldiers of the block NATO in modern conflicts» (Afghanistan, Iraq). Figures for this project are moulded by Danilkin Igor. Figures will be is made in pitch. Every month I will make 3-5 new figures.
    As whom we will do:
    USA, Great Britan, Germans, Frenchmen, Israelis, it is possible Italians and Canadians
    In total will be approximately 200-300 as single figures and a minidiopama (mortar teams, soldiers with large-caliber machine guns) + separately weapon sets on each country (М15, Colt M4 and M4A1 carbine, G36, L85, MP5, machine guns, sniper rifles). All figures will be packed into the boxes stylised under a camouflage of the army (the American figures will be packed in boxes ACU, British in «Desert DPM» etc.)
    On USA will be reingers, marines, linear infantry, Delta, crews on Hammers and an armour. Under the form there will be figures in in Woodland, Multicam, ACU, Marpat.
    It would be desirable to reflect all modern lines in development of the form, equipment and arms of the American army (except for absolutely experimental samples)
    On British we will do 1,2 parachute regiments, SАS, marines. Is class idea on British mortar team in Iraq.
    The Bundeswehr will be presented by Panzergrenadiers, Feldjagertruppe, Marinesicherung, Pioniertruppe.
    Special divisions (КSК, divisions of deep investigation, fighting swimmers, boarding a Navy command),
    Frenchmen - the Foreign legion, infantry.

    The project is opened by a figure of the American machine gunner in Iraq. The figure was moulded on real by photos with little changes. Next week I give a figure to circulation and I wait for a box from printing house. In 3-4 weeks the machine gunner already will be on sale on my site. The price while I define.

    I search for shops in Europe and the USA which will be dealers of my project.
  2. Dmitri Baev A Fixture

    This is the fan of cats will be the second figure which blinds Igor for my project. The Master-Model will be made during in next week.

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  3. Bluesking Active Member

  4. Trep Active Member

    Dmitry is a great seller, that has a great website. I have purchased from him before and I can totally vouch for his honesty and fast shipping. Dmitry, your idea is awesome, it should be a big hit with alot of builders and collectors out here. Your first figure, the saw gunner is great,he has alot of detail and is very accurate. I look forward to making many purchases from you over the months as these figures are released.
    Best wishes
  5. Alex M. Active Member

    Canadians in Afghanistan would be amazing, especially weapon sets for our rifles!
  6. rheath Active Member

    New Project

    This is great Dmit, look forward to the other planned figures especially British
    Army units, great start this - so much to get so little time or is it vice/versa.:D

    Thankd for posting,RobH.
  7. tonydawe A Fixture

    Hi Dimitri,

    Fantastic sculpting mate. Don't forget the Aussies mate. We've been in Iraq and Afghanistan for many years now.
  8. Parkadge Member

    Great looking figure Dmitri. What is the url of your website
  9. eissteban Active Member

    i'm waiting for modern weapons for so long time ... I look closely

    Bravo for the work and the results.

  10. Trep Active Member

  11. eissteban Active Member

    Same reflexion for French army where boys "kill in action" are more and more :(

    New French weapons and material will be great to create vignettes with "Légion Etrangère, Marsouins, Chasseurs Alpins" etc...

    PS: Dmitri, i'm loose on the website to found your references, please help me :D

  12. Dmitri Baev A Fixture

    Eissteban I write you.

    The British army will start to become in October. Today I searched for a photo of the British soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan and have found many interesting ideas (soldiers in fight, soldiers in camp sleep or eat, clean the weapons).

    The Canadian army also will be made, but a bit later.

    In my plans to make separate Internet-shop where these figures will be on sale. While they will be on sale on my site.

    I will do sets decals with flags and emblems of various divisions for convenience of work of collectors with my figures.
  13. Dmitri Baev A Fixture

    I have plans to make group of the Dutch soldiers in Afghanistan.
  14. Bad91Fellow Member

    i like the idea of representing other nations then the USA in afghanistan, especially the bundeswehr :)
    the second picture is also very nice due to the unusual pose!
    good luck with your project!
  15. Paul Kernan A Fixture

    Exciting news:):) As with others I'm a little partisan on this one. Can't wait to get my hands on a Canadian or Brit squaddie. On the other hand, do I really want to do the pixelated camo pattern;)
  16. Saginaw79 New Member

    This is a great idea!
  17. Trep Active Member

    Would like to see the Modern Israelis along with all of the rest that you are planning on. Already setting money aside,looks like Im going to be along time customer of youre for this line of figures. Awesome idea Dmitri
  18. canjuaan New Member

    Hello Dmitri,

    I think you have a very ambitious, very cool project in the making! I love the idea. What makes me really happy is that you're planning to do modern German soldiers - there're none on the market with decent quality and which would qualify as "modern".
    I understand you're still looking for reference pictures (at least this was in a thread in the German section in ML). Unfortunately it's not easy to obtain high quality pics of our boys - we don't have information pages like the US Army where you can download thousands of HQ pics, unfortunately ;(
    But over the recent years, I saved a lot of pics which I came across surfing around various sites.

    Here're some pics which surfaced along with the airstrike last friday in Kunduz.

    Probably a Fallschirmjäger.

    Fallschirmjäger again (?)

    Feldjäger (MP).

    Source: SPIEGEL online

    Also, check out this Flickr photo stream: http://www.flickr.com/photos/theatrum-belli/sets/72157606739878040/

    And if you're looking for some Americans, you might want to visit the official US Army photo stream from time to time. They have very cool pics uploaded almost everyday (and HQ!). http://www.flickr.com/photos/soldiersmediacenter/

    And for the end my current favorite - wouldn't these guys be a great subject for the next US release(s)? http://www.flickr.com/photos/sa_moore/3037145880/in/pool-combat

    If you want more, let me know and try to help as much as possible. I'm very happy that someone's about to do some Germans, finally!

    Greetings and all the best for your project,
  19. Dmitri Baev A Fixture

    Hello Johannes

    Thanks for an excellent material. I see many excellent photos using which it is possible to make many interesting soldiers in various poses and actions.
  20. Dmitri Baev A Fixture

    To me it is very pleasant that my theme and my project have received such attention. Many people help me a material (interesting photos, the important information). I am very grateful to these people.

    I have plan to make Internet-shop where figures of my new the project will be on sale and on there will be made special section where I will publish names of all people which have helped me.:)

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