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New of 5th Kozara's brigade - general Ratko Mladic!

Discussion in 'Figure News' started by antonp, Feb 23, 2012.

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  1. Martin64 A Fixture

    Anton , you contradict yourself and I suggest that you compare this statement to you initial posts, where you named Mladic as a "famous chief of General staff of Bosnian Serb army" and announced future releases " from the time of War in Bosnia (also called Patriotical war)". Later you wrote: "Possibly, you know about this war by "democratic" propaganda (it usually lies) and enemy announcements"

    Mostly because of these words feelings were stirred up and I doubt that anybody who witnessed what was going on in the Balkans can come to the result that actions of armed criminals wearing uniform and calling themselves soldiers or - even more often "heroes" - were in the slightest accordance with human rights or the Geneva Convention. The dead bodies of their victims - and there were victims on all sides of course - were not placed there by democratic propaganda but by a mob like the "Panthers" of Ljubisa Savic - one of your future releases. I still feel that Planet Figure is the wrong place to discuss the atrocities that were committed in the time you called a war and therefore I will not go further from here. Although English is most probably not your mothertongue I have the impression that you did not make these provocative statements by accident and - they make your series political.

    The same would happen, if somebody else would announce a figure of Adolf Hitler to accompany ICM`s new Mercedes "Tourenwagen" as a "figure of the all-time famous German chancellor" - so it is not so much the miniature that aggravates people but the way it is presented.

    Still - if there is a real difference between a miniature of Mladic titled as a "famous chief etc" and a romantic depiction of "Vlad Dracul" by Pegaso I am not sure:(. Victims tend to be forgotten after some time and their slaughterers are immortalized - inside and outside of our hobby.

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  2. milten2004 Active Member

    Me. A problem?
    It is not clear to me why are you so upset. If someone produce a figure of Ante Pavelic or Ante Gotovina I am sure I will be uninterested.
  3. Figurenfreund66 Well-Known Member

    Why not figures of Ante Pavelic and Ante Gotovina are, but also heroes, is not it?

    best regards
  4. milten2004 Active Member

    You are right. Not all. Only 100% in Republika Srpska and about 80% in Serbia. And no one told me that he is ashamed...
  5. milten2004 Active Member

    First amount of this figure will arrived in Serbia in 5 days and it is already "Sold out"...
  6. Maki Active Member

    Not a problem at all. It just shows who you are and how effective Serbian propaganda brainwash was during the war.

  7. Martin64 A Fixture

    This will be my final post on that matter, because the thread no longer refers to modelling issues and has run its course. Thank you Djordje for demonstrating everybody over here why it was necessary to stop that craze on the Balkans by military means: The constant inability to abide to basic rules of engagement and to realize the suffering of other human beings and therefore the incapability to feel shame for the own actions or for a post like yours.
  8. milten2004 Active Member

    History is written by the victors ...
    What people around the world do not know about Srebrenica is what happened before.
    There are a lot of Serb villages around city of Srebrenica. Muslims in the city were protected by UN forces from Holland. From time to time these muslims snicked out from the city and attacked nearby Serbian populated villages, then rush back in. These attacks were repeated for a longer period of time, a whole year maybe. A lot of Serbs were killed, a lot of houses burned but of course no one knows about this. Serbs protested by the UN forces several times but they did nothing. Then came Ratko Mladic and did what he did ...

    I understand why a lot of people here do not like this figure. What you have to understand that we have other perspective on Yugoslav wars of the 90`s. West wanted collapse of the soviet block and the Communism. Our country was "collateral damage" and were falling apart, we try to prevent that, than came economical sanctions, than collapse of our economy, than bombing of 1999 ...we see ourselves as a victims. When one survive all this, killing of 8000 people is not a genocide any more ... I do not want this to happened to any of you.

    About the figure.
    There was a dispute on Serbian forum about this figure. Some one said that the face of the figure is wrong and do not look like Mladic. Maybe this figure is not a perfect but for me is a good one.

    There's always an other side to any view of history and as I previously said I recognize that. I even try to see it whenever I can.

    Anyway I prefer to do models of people I admire. That's why you see Romeo Dallaire as my avatar. I model people who I consider to be honourable and who set an example, either through courage, leadership or sacrifice. I like to do German resistance figures. If you are sympathetic to Hitler you might consider them to be traitors, cowards and assassins. As I said - two sides.

    But in every case I know which side I am comfortable being on.

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  10. Martin Rohmann A Fixture


    I urge the administrators:

    Please close this thread - or rather delete it before that is even worse here!

    In Srebrenica, at least 8,000 innocent civilians by so-called "patriotic heroes" in a proposed action have been murdered.
    This is the worst war crime since World War II!

    This nationalist-uncritical belittling of a mass murder by some members here is not worthy of this forum!

    Please remember that we represent our common hobby in this forum even to other people and end - better delete! - this unspeakable discussion!

    Thank you!
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