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New of 5th Kozara's brigade - general Ratko Mladic!

Discussion in 'Figure News' started by antonp, Feb 23, 2012.

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  1. antonp New Member

  2. RobH Active Member

    That is a great piece of sculpting and a well caught likeness,

    I'd much rather see such sculpting talent go on other subjects......not sure where the interest in this subject might lie.:(
  3. legend69 Well-Known Member

    Very nice figure really like the sculpting and really like the subject... All figures (important people) of history wether they are good or bad, liked or disliked should be remembered. "Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it."

    Where can we purchase the figures from?
  4. antonp New Member

    Legend, You can purchase this one and other figures at the shop Soga miniatures by Dmitriy Bayev (Russian) or at Krila Petrovgrada by Goran Milinovic (Serbia). Also at Club TM (Russia).
    As other, Mladic was sculpted by Dmitrij Shevcov (Russia, Moscow). In the near future You can expect new releseas of Serbian soldiers and different weapons from the time of War in Bosnia (also called Patriotical war)
  5. Einion Well-Known Member

    I couldn't agree with Rob more. The subject is tasteless in the extreme to me - this is someone indicted in our lifetimes of war crimes, currently being prosecuted for genocide and crimes against humanity!!

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  6. Pepperpot Active Member

    Being German and being touchy on the subject, I cannot see one single reason why you have to "honor" a warcriminal, responsible for genocide and death of thousends of innocent people by making a figure of him. There is a difference between remembering history, so we as humankind won't repeat the same mistakes over and over, and revering it by bringing it into hobby scale.

    I am with Einion on this, it is just tasteless in the extreme!
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  7. akaryu PlanetFigure Supporter

    To each his own of course, but it isn't worth to start another internet dispute all over again. To anyone having served or having been even remotely concerned by this cruel civil war, Mr Mladic will never rank as an important historical figure, let alone as a great military leader. As for the 'famous Serbian wartime singer' Roki whatever, the lack of sales will quickly prove that a wiser choice of subject matter might boost their business!
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  8. legend69 Well-Known Member

    Everyone must rememebr that our chosen hobby revolves around WAR, an unfortunate event with DEATH and DESTRUCTION (and many other ills), however everyone seems to "honour" it with great ease when they post military figures of any kind.

    I do not see individuals posting their remarks about figures with subject matters from the Vietnam War or WWII or the Crusades, or any subject era that may be deemed controversial. Why should this subject be any different? I do not condone violence of any sort, however I do believe that everyone needs to realize that our hobby reveolves around certain "tasteless" events. Look at each figure for what it is, not as what you want it to be - or mean - or stand for.
  9. RobH Active Member

    My main point was not about what I think is tasteful, each to his own of course, rather regarding the economic issue of sales of a piece.

    Maybe I'm reading other modellers wrong, but of all the subjects in the world that are being cried out for (from someone who is clearly a VERY talented sculptor) I'm not sure a figure of this character, no matter how well sculpted, will sell. But maybe I'm just deluded.....maybe there is a market for this.
  10. housecarl A Fixture

    Excellent piece of sculpting. Would I buy it? No thanks.:(
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    I think we Westerners have to realize that the Serb conflict is not seen the same everywhere around the globe and I will have the temerity to say that I don't fully take the Western media's portrayal of international events at face value anymore, especially after Rwanda and Iraq. One Man's terrorist or war criminal is another's freedom fighter.

    That being said, I will demonstrating my own views on Mladic with a non-purchase and by not making any comments on the quality of the figure.

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  12. Martin Rohmann A Fixture

  13. Maki Active Member

    I definitely don't understand the logic behind this Kozara project. A very talented sculptor is making figures of war criminals and obscure singers. It is obviously not about making profit but for the owners personal taste.

    I really would not mind seeing more figures of soldiers from all sides of the ex-Yuoslavia conflict, but those representing "famous heroes" who ordered burning and pillaging of my country... I think this is a complete waste of resin. I can't really imagine who would want to buy and display such a figure.


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  14. Martin64 A Fixture

    Beside the clean sculpting style the figure suffers in my eyes slightly from the "raised shoulder syndrome". Although the shoulder of the pointing arm is somewhat raised the head does not follow the motion and therefore the pose looks stiff and not natural. -- Having seen the results of the "patriotical war" with my own eyes as a part of UN Police Forces I have to bite my tongue about the subject itself. I wonder if one of your next projects will possibly be a scene from Srebrenica where Ratko Mladic earned his "fame"...
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  15. Ferris A Fixture

    When modelling Mladic, depicting him at the The Hague tribunal would give a much more balanced historical picture.

    A sculpting talent is being wasted here by bad subject choices.

  16. bane3D Member

    Not really agree with previous posters about today's history accuracy & objective view of things in the world, but hey - don't get it why you wanna sculpt those subjects!? I am from Serbia and know what was in the 90's but still don't get it why someone will buy & paint those miniatures? I don't think so, even in Serbia self-called patriotic extremist groups dont collect minis :) But good luck with your projects...
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  17. jcichon Active Member

    Whats the difference between this figure and Andrea's Hitler or Goerring? I wouldnt buy any of them as I find them a terrible waste but I dont see the difference? A few guys bashed the sex den diorama a few months ago and people flooded to it's defense but not the likewise on this kit. So why is this subject so different? On a side note, I actually really enjoy these thread discussions! It really makes me try to look at things from other points of view.I look forward to these types of threads!
  18. marco55 Well-Known Member

    I don't see anyone condeming Pegaso's new Vlad Dracula kit or any Genghis Khan, Attila or even Napoleon kits.Is it the distance of time?
  19. SerjeantWildgoose Member

    The War in Bosnia? Like Martin64, I was there. Unlike him, I won't bite my tongue.

    It wasn't a war, it was murder writ large. Mladic's Bosnian Serbs weren't the only murderers, but murderers they undoubtedly were. If you've ever stood in a hamlet with the stench of burnt-out homes and their roasted occupants in your head, and still find it in you to refer to it's perpetrators or their cause as Patriotic, then you have no place on here.

    The difference between Mladic and some of the other brute horrors mentioned on here (Dracula, Ghengis Khan, Attila) is that their repulsive crimes were committed in another and more brutal age. They cannot be judged by our post-Holocaust collective morals. Mladic can and is. His portrayal and the portrayal of his kind as 'soldiers' is an insult to us all, but especially to those of us who are soldiers.

    As for the figure, lets all be frank. The pose is wooden, the sculpting shows some talent - but is nothing remotely remarkable - and the subject matter is beyond tasteless.

    I am slightly surprised at PlanetFigure for offering its manufacturers and distributors a soap-box for what is a very thinly disguised and disgusting political statement. But then again, they have allowed me one and mine isn't even thinly disguised.
  20. Pepperpot Active Member

    There is no difference. I would never buy or paint a figure of Hitler, Göring, or any Nazi-figure or Waffen-SS-guy. Same goes for Stalin or Gaddafi, I discoved figures/ busts of them just yesterday.
    Sure, the romans killed the christians, the spanish and british empire massmurdered people in their colonies, native americans were killed by settlers and the army. History is full of violence and warcrimes and yes, this hobby or any modern tabletop-game originates from warfare and battlesimulations.
    The difference to historical warfare is that with the start of the Geneva Conventions in 1864 society nationswide started to realize and acknowledge the brutality in warfare in that era and set ground rules for warfare, distinguishing between regular combatants and civilians. Since that time, no one had the chance or any excuse for commiting warcrimes without being condemned by society.
    And no, I probably would not paint a figure of Truman or Bomber-Harris either.

    Of course, there is also a difference between a fictional, generic soldier/ warrior-character and the figure of a real historical person, which actions, believes are well known and proven by historians.

    @Mark So yes, in this context, distance of time is a big part in this.
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