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New Mk2 Brushes from Broken Toad

Discussion in 'Tools of the Trade/Accessories' started by Nap, Feb 14, 2017.

  1. Nap Moderator

    Hi everyone ,

    There are many things essential to the hobby , none so more than brushes , good quality brushes , brushes that are made well , do the job well and are reasonably priced .....well you can have all of those if you try out the Mk2 brushes from:

    I reviewed the boxed set of various sizes available here:



    I have been using the other types from Broken Toad and found those to be very good indeed , retaining point and having good paint retention and not unpleasant to hold either ...so being sent another type of brush from Kris at Broken Toad had me interested .

    As with all brushes from Broken Toad they are made from 100% KOLINSKY SABLE with well designed and shaped handles allowing good control and the actual brush giving good paint flow and retention

    So what are we looking at here ...is anything different well..... YES they are and their purpose is to give the modeller more choice of brush to get the effect he wants.

    The quality remains the same , the distinctive polished wood handles with the brush hair being held well in a adonised one piece ferrule , the brushes themselves have a push over plastic cover.

    Using the new type of brush will give you the best of both worlds the new brushes are:

    Flat Head Series MK 2
    brush flat FB.jpg 0 brushes 006.jpg
    Spearhead Series Mk 2
    Brush Spearhead FB.jpg 0 brushes 003.jpg

    The brushes are packed as others if you buy singularly , in a clear plastic bag with a card backing ...Broken Toad are thinking of the customer here as on the card we have 4 brush care points to consider...do this and you will get a much longer life of the brush .

    The sizes are 3/0 , 0, 1 and 2 on both the new types .

    00 Flathead.jpg
    Flat Head Series MK 2

    00 spearhead.jpg Spearhead Series Mk 2

    Uses for the brushes

    The Flat Head Series is ideal for a large or smooth flat surface for example uniform coats or headwear as well as being very useful for doing washes and a streaking effect ( rust perhaps on armour or sweat on a face)

    0 brushes 004.jpg
    The Spearhead Series is excellent for blending and glazing of larger areas not only on figures ( in my case busts) but also for other modelling types like aircraft and armour
    0 brushes 001.jpg
    As you can see from the shapes the reasoning behind the names ...one is flat
    0 brushes 005.jpg
    the other looks like a spearhead as the end tapers to a point .
    0 brushes 002.jpg

    I set about using the new types over a heavy period of painting mainly using the sizes 2 and the 1 , I was happy to see that they behaved well despite my somewhat heavy handed use at times and it was good to see that after use and cleaning correctly they returned to the original shapes of flat and spearpoint with ease.

    At the same time I was trying them out another modeller called Normanski Ealand was using then to very good effect on the latest bust from Broken Toad ( El Dorado ) , here are his comments from FB :

    I quote:

    Normski Ealand
    Im super happy with them just having them will prolong the life of the original mk2 brushes.. the new range are going to be very good for the hard work

    Normski Ealand
    "Ok so I don't often post my work but as Kris has a new Bust and Brushes available I thought I would show you my work with the new Brush range.. the skin was done with the miniature range mk2 size 1.. the red shirt is under way with the Flat head size one and the spear head size 1.. flat head was also used on the breast plate.. spearhead is great for glazing and flat head is great for blending and layering delivering great even coverage... so the new range of brushes are great I'm really happy with how they perform.".

    and here is the result: BB.jpg

    a pretty nifty painter is our Norm eh ..lol

    As well as the brushes I would also recommend getting the great brush soap that Broken Toad have ...its great and really keeps the brush clean . [IMG]

    There is also the Pigments [IMG] and the resin releases the details of which are all on the website .

    And also Jo Sonja Acrylics in very useful sets including these ( as well as individuals being available )
    aaa.jpg a.jpg aa.jpg
    (other sets are available as well)

    ...and so much more at the shop store

    Final Thoughts

    Brushes are well engineered and pleasant to use , well made , giving good service at a reasonable coat , and they are all kolinsky sable , these are useful additions to the brush pot

    Recommended without a doubt

    Thanks to [IMG] for the review items

    For more info go to the website at

    www.brokentoad.co.uk and ofcourse there is the FB page

    Enjoy the brushes and the painting

  2. MarquisMini A Fixture

    very nice!!
    Cannonball and anstontyke like this.
  3. Marco22 A Fixture

    great review thanks !
    napoleonpeart and anstontyke like this.
  4. anstontyke A Fixture

    great review, i bought the mk1 set of brushes and immediatly noticed the difference it made to my painting.

    napoleonpeart likes this.
  5. Forté A Fixture

    Oh dear...touch complimented Norm! Beware his inbox messages ;)

    Good review there too. I've been looking about at flat, filbert, and one stroke brushes so may pick some up. Maybe from the stand at Salute.
    anstontyke and napoleonpeart like this.
  6. Chrisr PlanetFigure Supporter

    Thank you for the review Nap. Greatly appreciated. I purchased the first Broken Toad Mk2 series (pointed rounds), and like Tony I noticed a positive difference, so I will try these.

    Most of my purchases these days come from reviews like this, and the generous advice and comment from Pf members, so thanks to everyone who give so freely to this forum.

    Forté, anstontyke and napoleonpeart like this.
  7. bucsfan21 Well-Known Member

    Are Broken Toad brushes carried by anyone in the USA?

    Terry Martin-Member of the Atlanta Miniature Figure Society
  8. Mazayas Active Member

    They are sable's hair?
  9. Nap Moderator


    Yes they are 100% ...it's in the review my friend !

  10. mick3272 A Fixture

    They look good can you buy the two sets or do they have to be purchased individually,
    I seem to have my benny hat on when reading the website
    Blind Pew and anstontyke like this.
  11. Nap Moderator


    They are single on the website but I suggest you contact Kris about buying all in 2 sets ..he is very helpful

    anstontyke and mick3272 like this.
  12. Mazayas Active Member

  13. mick3272 A Fixture

    Contacted Broken-toad,
    Brushes only sold singularly and no special price for a set.
    Ho Hum

  14. TERRYSOMME1916 A Fixture

    Anyone know how they compare to our usual weapons of choice the W&N Series 7 in performance and price?
  15. Forté A Fixture

    Much cheaper in price and are a great substitute for W&N S7.
    napoleonpeart likes this.
  16. TERRYSOMME1916 A Fixture

    Okay certainly worth giving them a go.
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  17. Chrisr PlanetFigure Supporter

    You won't be disappointed.
  18. DaddyO A Fixture

    Just a quick head's up folks
    This morning the postman bought me a couple of new Mk 2 standard shape Broken Toad brushes size 1 which are lovely, but they are a tiny bit smaller than the 'old' size 1's which I usually use being a fraction shorter and not quite as much of a 'belly' so might be worth a quick check if you are used to the older ones.

    Still lovely brushes and excellent value for money - definitely my favourites

    Forté and napoleonpeart like this.
  19. samson Well-Known Member

    Can these be used for oil painting as well ?

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