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New member on pf forum

Discussion in 'Welcome aboard' started by e-junkie, Nov 8, 2010.

  1. e-junkie Member

    Hi everyone; I’m brand-new on pf and I might say a few words about me and my motivations for joining the planet. I’ve been modeling for years in the 80’s when I was a young boy, and finaly took something like a 20-years-break; 6 month ago I’ve decided to come back in the hobby, but after such a long break I’m like a true newbie. In my 1st modeler’s life I was mostly interested in AVFs; since I’ve been back in the hobby I’ve found a special interest in figures. When I have a bit of time I still build AVFs, but the bulk of my activity remains painting 1/35 WWII figures.

    So I may say I’m certainly not a troll but just a fig-painting amateur who whish to share his passion with you guys, on a forum especially dedicated to figures. I’ve attached a link on a photo-bucket album holding pics of my latest works, to give you an idea of what I’m doing. There you’ll find a german SS soldier from Alanger (finished) and a german tanker from MiniArt (still WiP). I’ve also put pics of a tank I’m currently doing to accessorize the MiniArt pz crew. Of course this work is very far from the pieces of art I’ve seen on this site, but don’t forget I’m only 6 month old :) If the photo-bucket link does not work please tell me, I’ll try something else.

    Hope to talk to you later.

    The pics:

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  2. gordy Well-Known Member

    Welcome aboard Florent, glad to have you with us and sharing. Great pics in your album :)

    There is a great group of folks here and very helpful and welcoming (y)
  3. Wendy Active Member

    Welcome Florent. :)
  4. Jim Patrick Active Member

  5. e-junkie Member

    Thank you all for your welcoming posts, I feel like I'm gonna enjoy a lot being in your community :)

    Thx Jim for the link, I transfer a few pics over there.

  6. e-junkie Member

    Some introduction pics (1/35 WWII stuffs)

    So here are a few pics of my recent work:

    Alanger's german pz grenadier (the huge gap going through the right elbow is a beginner error...)
    finished1.jpg finished3.jpg finished4.jpg finished6.jpg

    MiniArt's pz commander (WiP)...
    DSC05145.jpg DSC05146.jpg DSC05147.jpg DSC05149.jpg

    ... with his head (the very first one I paint with acrylics)...

    ...and his tank (Dragon's pzIV ausf. H, WiP)

    Hope you like the pics.

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  7. housecarl A Fixture

    Welcome back.
  8. Gellso A Fixture

    Hello there

    Welcome to the planet. I must say that pea dot camo looks stunning.
  9. gothicgeek A Fixture


    Your work is very neat and tidy!


  10. kansas kid Well-Known Member

    Florent: Glad you came aboard

    Hello Florent:

    Appreciate you taking the time to tell us something about yourself. Personally
    I seem to like to know where a member is from, but I realize that isn't real
    important in the grand scheme of things. From looking at your work, I can
    see that the time you spent back in the 1980s was well spent. I do 1:35th
    figures also, as I'd like to learn how to do dioramas that tell a story, for IPMS
    competition. My point is that I see painting 1:35th figures well as very
    difficult. Your flesh tones and your 1:35th camo painting is very good. And
    IMHO, your photos really show the details of each figure photo, quite well.

    I'll check out your photo bucket too. I don't do tracked vehicles, but I do like
    to do Armored Cars, trucks, etc. wheeled vehicles.

    Again, welcome to PF and look forward to seeing your work and your posts

    Rick Brownlee
    a.k.a. The Miami Jayhawk, Kansas Kid, Resident Old Person in
    Greater Kansas City, Heartland USA
  11. e-junkie Member

    Thank you all for your positives replies, I feel extremely pleased to be welcome by you artists. Well, I think now it's time to get back to brushes as my little styrene friends are waiting for me ;) ; before then a few words about the peadot on the pz commander's jacket that some of you guys seem to like; I wouldn't have been able to do it without the great inspiration I've found in Calvin Tan's and Arhur Miniszewski's fantastic interpretations of the pattern:

    CalvinTanTanker.jpg ArthurM_tanker.jpg

    Thx again and talk to you later


    P.S. to Rick: I especially like the french infantryman you've achieved; my grand-father has worn the same uniform 70 years ago as officer in the french army.
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  12. pmfs A Fixture


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