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Review New from Model Victoria - " Fear "

Discussion in 'Reviews , Video Reviews and Open Book' started by Nap, Jul 17, 2023.

  1. Nap Moderator

    Hi everyone

    Following on from the initial release from Model Victoria
    here's that review:

    They are staying with the Austro Hungarian WW1 theme but in a different way , depicting the horror of war ....

    ...a young soldier scared at either what's he's seen or had to do in the name of his country

    ..... perhaps he's waiting to go over the top or in a enemy trench having no idea what's around the next turning

    .....Or maybe in the middle of a bombardment despairing and desperate to find shelter

    IMG_1050.JPG proudly presents


    MODEL VICTORIA who are based in Italy and are more known for the smaller scales 1/35th but decided to release some busts

    This being the 2nd I will share with you

    Details of the release:

    Title: "FEAR" - Austro-Hungarian Gebirgsshützen 1917-1918

    Reference: MVB02

    Scale: 1/10th

    Material: Medium gray resin

    Number of Pieces: 15 which includes 1 extra chin strap and 2 extra small parts

    Sculptor: ROBERTO VESCOVI ( 3D Sculpt )

    Casting: In House by Model Victoria

    Box Art: LUCA VERGERIO from Ma' Blatts's Miniature Painting Service

    The review item was received in a padded envelope

    The contents were well surrounded in a more than adequate box by recycled shredded material


    Contents were packed into 5 resealable bags


    Contents consist of torso , head , 2 arms , helmet ,gas mask container , TWO chin straps ( 1 spare ..nice touch from MV) , Lower part of rifle, upperpart of rifle , rifle sling , 4 tiny pieces ( 1 being a cocking handle end , the other being the ventilation disc for helmet top , plus a spare of each ) No separate base is included

    Note: Insert included is the same is in MVO1

    PREP ....

    Torso...Fine casting line to sand away
    Head...Nothing ..fits spot on
    Arms...Tiny bit of filler at fit point
    Helmet...Casting block/ line to remove
    Rifle...Remove casting blocks and fit top section ..I suggest you pin
    Rifle strap...Remove from former and fit
    Helmet Strap...As previous
    Gas Mask Container...As previous
    2 small parts ...As previous

    General Comments:

    A very clean casting , well engineered , almost faultless fit but do take your time fitting straps , the mask container has them cast on to join to straps on torso , fit the 2 small parts asp ! ( Note MV will be adding a note as to the locations of these items in future purchases )

    There is also a Life Colour Paint Set available for purchase from MV which the insert refers to ..

    IMG_1031.JPG IMG_2123.JPG IMG_1032.JPG

    Here's some references for you

    IMG_1040.JPG IMG_1041.JPG IMG_1036.JPG IMG_1042.JPG

    IMG_1045.JPG IMG_1047.JPG IMG_1043.PNG IMG_1076.JPG IMG_1051.JPG

    Some great books as well

    IMG_1092.JPG IMG_1033.JPG

    IMG_1037.JPG IMG_1044.JPG

    IMG_1035.JPG IMG_1039.JPG IMG_1034.JPG

    I recommend these books to get a soldiers view of the war and effect and fear it causes

    IMG_1048.JPG IMG_1049.JPG

    Continued in next post

  2. Nap Moderator

    Lets walk round the resin


    Resin is very well cast with good natural folds and definition , particularly noticeable on the sharpness of the distinctive pocket style , the shoulder has epaulettes again with good edging , they are slightly raised with well shown button on each.

    Above the left pocket a medal is there ....see my reference above

    The collar has very clear ranking and behind this a eidelviess , behind that is the formation strip , this came in various colours depending on the unit , the collar has a good undercut and edging is very clearly done all around

    Under the collar is a undershirt with the top button showing

    The neck location is spot on with a cutout which matches the post on the actual head

    The torso is cut at the arm edges again with a well formed cutout ready to take the relevant arm

    Across the body both front and back is the gas mask strap, well edged ready to take the actual straps on container

    Across the back we continue to see the folds well 3D sculpted , not overdone

    Underneath a shaped piece of resin to fit onto base , angled correctly to sit level

    IMG_2125.JPG IMG_2129.JPG IMG_2127.JPG

    IMG_2131.JPG IMG_2130.JPG IMG_2132.JPG

    IMG_2133.JPG IMG_2134.JPG IMG_2127.JPG


    This is the whole point of the release , needed to show fear and being scared..does it ? ......

    Absolutely imo ......mouth open , teeth showing , the eyes are wide open in terror , good definition on all areas , good nostril shaping, ears as well ...this will be a pleasure to paint up

    On the top a sharply done lug to fit the helmet into place , on the underside another that falls into place in the neck area ........both very well done


    IMG_2140.JPG IMG_2138.JPG

    IMG_2137.JPG IMG_2139.JPG


    Both are very neatly cut at shoulders the lugs fit spot on and minimal ....if any filler is needed , both are angled to meet the weapon/hands bringing it close to the torso

    Folds and creases on both are really good again , I would like to highlight the the cuff area , button and the shirt cuffs are well done , matched by the sharp casting , in the centre of the cuff a cutout to fit hand into with ease

    IMG_2142.JPG IMG_2143.JPG

    IMG_2144.JPG IMG_2145.JPG

    Continued in next post

  3. Nap Moderator

    The remaining resin .....


    The rifle consists of 2 parts , the muzzle end initially separate will need fitting after removing the casting blocks , I would suggest pinning
    Not to everyone's choice probably a casting decision as a full weapon will not fit into box ( 2 parts avoid damage) perhaps if a full rifle cast is possible then perhaps mount on a cardboard backing and angle in box

    The end of the cocking handle will need adding ( supplied in box ) ...a very delicate cate and tiny piece ..be careful of that carpet monster !

    The weapon is very well detailed , the upper strap being held in the hands close to the weapon , the buckle is well shown and a good casting here and on the actual working parts

    The hands are again a really good area , gripping the weapon tightly , the veins standing out with the tension , good finger/nail detailing

    Fit into the arm cuffs presents no problems

    You will also need fit the back part of the sling , there is a cutout on the underside of the stock ....fitting again no issue

    Take care removing the rear sling from the former

    IMG_2151.JPG IMG_2155.JPG IMG_2152.JPG IMG_2153.JPG IMG_2154.JPG IMG_2156.JPG


    Gas Mask container

    On a strong former so take care with the removal, the straps are cast onto the piece , angled to fit accurately to the strap ends on the torso ...a tiny bit of filler might be required

    The container is well done , accurate with the retaining clips

    IMG_2158.JPG IMG_2157.JPG


    The helmet is a really good shape as original , clean edging ....retaining studs at sides , on top 4 tiny ventilation holes ( you will need to fit the top piece ...see below )

    Careful removing the resin excess on top , fine sanding will deal with the feint line

    On the underside a cutout to fit the head into .....after painting of course !

    The strap ...again well cast and in a former ...careful taking it off ....a nice touch is the inclusion of a spare ....just in case !

    IMG_2148.JPG IMG_2147.JPG IMG_2146.JPG

    IMG_2149.JPG IMG_2150.JPG

    Final 2 parts

    Again 2 sets are provided ...good idea as these are small and easily lost if not careful

    The left one is the end of the cocking handle the other fits in the centre of helmet above the 4 ventilation holes


    Final Thoughts

    A good second release from MODEL VICTORIA , casting is sharp , well produced and nice to see another Austro Hungarian subject

    A great piece to get OSL effects or even as a mud covered subject

    Lets hope there will be another on the way from them

    Thanks to Model Victoria for the review piece and to you all for looking in


    To order this please contact via these details

    Website: www.modelvictoria.it

    Email: Info@modelvictoria.it

    Finally to end this review which I hope you enjoyed ...we have pics from the social media page of a built up version

    IMG_1078.JPG IMG_1079.JPG

    And views of the actual OSL boxart from the talented LUCA @ Ma' Blatta's Painting Studio

    IMG_1081.JPG IMG_1082.JPG IMG_1083.JPG IMG_1084.JPG

    Whatever you paint ...HAVE FUN .....you will with this release

    Happy benchtime

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  4. MCPWilk A Fixture

    Great face. You have to pity any poor soul who ended up in the mincing machine that was the Western Front.

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  5. BRAN Active Member

    Nice review as always Kev !!
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  6. Nap Moderator

    Cheers Bran hope to get back into doing more !

    Look forward to seeing what's on yr bench

  7. marco14 PlanetFigure Supporter

    great figure,you see the fear on his eyes and face,nice revieuw (y)


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