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New Figure Schutztruppe - German Colonial Troop - 1914

Discussion in 'Figure News' started by Miguel Jimenez-Bravo, Jun 30, 2022.

  1. Miguel Jimenez-Bravo Well-Known Member

    Hello fellow Planeteers,

    Here is our new figure:
    Our new figure from the COLONIAL TROOPS series.

    Sculpted by G. Javier García
    Boxart by Mario Ocaña and Miguel Jimenez-Bravo
    Material: White metal
    Size 54mm

    El Taller - Hobby art


  2. Oda A Fixture

    El Taller's choice of subjects never ceases to amaze me.One more rarely represented subject in El Taller's excellent sculpting amd casting.One of a few companies that I would like to paint their entire range,had I the time needed for such an enterprize.Since I had the privilege of holding a few discussions with Miguel,the driving force behind El Taller,I must say it is no surprise that this company has such a diverse and colourful range.Miguel is the perfect combination between an enthusiastic,teenage modeller and a commited university history professor.Probably one of the most interesting people in this business right now and one that I could talk on all things relating to historical modelling for hours.

  3. Edorta A Fixture

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  4. Miguel Jimenez-Bravo Well-Known Member

    Hi Oda,
    It is difficult for me to find the right words to answer you. That someone from 1,500 km away gives such an accurate portrait of a small artisan company - I think - says a lot about your psychology and intelligence. I can only thank you most sincerely and have you, without a doubt, among my friends.
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  5. Miguel Jimenez-Bravo Well-Known Member

    Hi Eduardo,
    Indeed. Interesting topics that the market conditions companies to always go for more commercial topics.
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  6. Paul Walker Member

    This new addition to the Colonial Troops series, shows once again the quality of this Spanish brand.
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  7. Martin Antonenko A Fixture

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  8. Miguel Jimenez-Bravo Well-Known Member

    Hi Martin,
    Thank you very much for the additional information you attached. Indeed, the jacket had a blue piping, just as the figure is painted.I enclose a web address, with a lot of information about the German colonial troops: www.GermanColonialUniforms.co.uk
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  9. Miguel Jimenez-Bravo Well-Known Member

    Paul said:
    This new addition to the Colonial Troops series, shows once again the quality of this Spanish brand.

    Many thanks Paul,
    I'm glad you find quality a hallmark of the brand.
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  10. Nap A Fixture

    Hi Miguel

    Catching up a bit here so apologies, , I agree wholeheartedly with Oda's comments

    I might only paint busts but really appreciate seeing releases from El Taller , they are always interesting and look really well researched and of course cast

    Also as always the artwork brings out the figures quality

    Appreciate you sharing

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  11. Dr Bison Active Member

    I also like the interesting range of El Taller a lot, particularly their Colonial series (British and now also German). Thanks for those.
    Miguel's link is one of the best sources on German colonial uniforms on and off the internet - I've been following it for some years now and always discover something new.
    Another good source book-wise comes from Verlag Militaria
    Keep up the great work, Miguel!

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  12. Nap A Fixture

    I have the series of books from Verlag , including the one Karl mentioned above ....superb and highly recommended

  13. Miguel Jimenez-Bravo Well-Known Member

    Hi Nap,
    Thank you very much. I had been surprised not to see your review, always generous, of the last figure. I'm glad you know how to appreciate the work of figures on horseback, even if you only paint busts.
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  14. marco55 Well-Known Member

    Looks nice but they should do a alternate version with a camel. Is every miniature in their catalog mounted as I haven't seen any foot figures?
  15. Miguel Jimenez-Bravo Well-Known Member

    Hi Mark,
    In this series of colonial troops there is already a camel of French troops and another of Italian troops will appear. For this reason we have considered that since there was only one company of camels in the Schutztruppe, the troops on horseback were more representative.Indeed, El Taller only produces mounted figures.
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  16. Paul Walker Member

    Just back from holidays and after checking this latest figure from El Taller I have to say, fantastic figure from the German Colonial Troops.
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  17. Miguel Jimenez-Bravo Well-Known Member

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