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New Figure of our new series. Imperialist Cuirassier. Thirty Years War - 1630

Discussion in 'Figure News' started by Miguel Jimenez-Bravo, Oct 8, 2019.

  1. Miguel Jimenez-Bravo Active Member


    First figure of our new series Breastplates, Cuirassers and Armours.

    Sculpted by Antonio Zapatero.
    Boxart by José Luis Ruiz and Miguel Jimenez-Bravo
    Material: White metal
    Size 54mm

    Available on our website:


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  2. Oda A Fixture

    I have been expecting the launch of this new series by el Taller ever since it was announced to me by its owner,the indifatiguable and dedicated Miguel and it was worth the wait.This new line ,completely within my area of interest,has made a great start in this imperial cuirassier.One of the most interesting historical periods,recreated in detail and accurately (Miguel's dedication to historical accurcy is beyond any doubt) and at the same time a very elegant and presentable figure,this figure won my heart from the start.Already ordered and waiting for the future releases.Well done el Taller and Miguel.

  3. Paulo Well-Known Member

    I totaly agree with ODA - Nice Figure- Nice subject - and yes Miguel is quite entusiastic and acurate History resarcher !!

    Of course ... mine is on the way also - great possibility with this one because in this period it could be of many Armies once the Equipmment/arms are very look like.
    Congratulations Miguel !
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  4. megroot A Fixture

    very nice figure. 54 mm is not for me.

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  5. Miguel Jimenez-Bravo Active Member

    Thank you very much Oda. I really want to continue with this series. Surely it will give us many joys.
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  6. Edorta A Fixture

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  7. Jaybo Active Member

    Excellent piece of a much neglected period. Well done.
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  8. Martin Rohmann A Fixture

    Very well done!

    And with black armour one will get a nice "Pappenheimer" (Cuirassier Regiment von Pappenheim, one of the most famous units)...


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  9. Miguel Jimenez-Bravo Active Member

    Thank you very much Paulo. See you this weekend.
  10. Zastrow.cuirassier PlanetFigure Supporter

    So neglecged ...?!(n)
    54mm Elan13, Art Girona, Pegaso and o forgot a lot of ....
    Not negliged as the "French Ancien Régime, American War of Independance" or 7 years war !:whistle:
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  11. Miguel Jimenez-Bravo Active Member

    Thank you very much, Eduardo.
  12. Edorta A Fixture

  13. Jaybo Active Member


    Ah Monsieur Zastrow, I always enjoy your thoughts. Yes, the 18th c. is very under represented. I personally love the ancien regime French troops. What delightful colorful and moyenne age archaic liveries, etc. Vive le roy!
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  14. Miguel Jimenez-Bravo Active Member

    Mr. Zastrow, I totally stay out of your change of mind with Jaybo.
  15. Miguel Jimenez-Bravo Active Member

    Thank you very much Martin. Indeed I think it is a figure with many possibilities.
  16. Paul Walker New Member

    Amazing figure and great painting job. I have already received mine.

    Congratulations to this young brand.
  17. Miguel Jimenez-Bravo Active Member

    I am glad that you liked the paint job, and that the shipment has arrived well.
  18. Paul Walker New Member

    I observed that all the series of your brand come numbered, does this mean they are limited series? Also, in this last series that you have just started with the latest two figiures, How many figures will it have? I would also be interested in knowing if it is the case with the Kings and Emperors series, I would appreciate to know.

    Thanks a lot
  19. Gary_81 Active Member

    I really love the style of this time period and you have captured it perfectly. Would be very tempted to get this and put it in a fantasy setting, hope that isn't blasphemy to the historical purists :D.

  20. Miguel Jimenez-Bravo Active Member

    Thank you very much for your comment. A fight of a warrior of the 22nd century, with our seventeenth century cuirassier, would be really original.:)

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