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New Figure. Kasier Wildhem II (1859-1941)

Discussion in 'Figure News' started by Miguel Jimenez-Bravo, Feb 10, 2019.

  1. Miguel Jimenez-Bravo Active Member

    Hello fellow Planeteers,

    Here is our new figure:

    KASIER WILDHEM II (1859 - 1941)
    Forth figure from the Kings and Emperors collection.

    Sculpted by Antonio Zapatero.
    Boxart by José Luis Ruiz and Miguel Jimenez-Bravo
    Material: White metal
    Size 54mm

    Available on our website:

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  2. Martin Rohmann A Fixture

    I am afraid with this post here I will now get inconvenience...:

    With these figures "El Taller" want to appeal to collectors who are interested in historical personalities.

    I am reluctant to say that, but for collectors, who are really serious about this, this "Emperor" is unfortunately completely useless because your figure contains a crucial mistake!

    Due to a medical error in his (forceps) birth, the left arm of the Emperor was crippled and much smaller than his right arm ...:



    Above all, the arm was completely powerless, which is why he could not hold reins while riding (Wilhelm needed therefore specially for him ridden and trained horses!) And even when shooting, he could not use the arm, so he operated the weapon then only with his right arm ..:


    Over the years, he had learned to hide or conceal his "stain" for photographers and acted as if his left arm would hold the reins while riding, but he just did so! The feeble hand always lay on the front of the saddle ...:


    His uniforms wore cleverly placed extra pockets, into which he could stick his left hand ...


    ...or he "hooked" her on the saber handle ...:


    Well, you can of course object now "We are politically correct and therefore do not represent this physical disability!", But this argument does not go far!

    Without this disability and the resulting complex, the whole person of William II, his exaggerated "masculinity", his leapiness and cockiness is not to explain!

    Pity - bad research!

    That there is a different - and better! - way, shows this figure ...:


    I hate to say this: But a figure of a historical person should also correspond to it's example! Otherwise it is worthless for serious collectors!

    I suggest, "El Taller" should withdraw this novelty and redesign it!

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  3. megroot PlanetFigure Supporter

    I can only agree with you Martin.
    It's wrong, and with much interest in WW1, I should pass this figure.

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  4. Miguel Jimenez-Bravo Active Member

    Dear Martin,

    I can only thank you for your interesting and accurate remark. You're absolutely right, we are much aware of the Kaiser's left-arm limitation. However, I must say that you don't seem to have read the historical explanation that we included on our website together with the photo of our figure:

    "Wilhelm was born on 27 January 1859 in Berlin, the eldest child of Crown Prince Frederick of Prussia and Victoria, daughter of Queen Victoria of the United Kingdom. A difficult birth left Wilhelm with a withered arm, which he always tried to conceal. In 1881..." (italics are mine).

    As it is always our aim to be historically accurate, the figure's left arm is proportionatelly smaller than the right one, even if the perspective taken of the figure creates the optical illusion of both having the same length. However, the only mistake we have committed is that of representing the hand holding the reins in a vertical position and not horizontal, as can be seen in the picture here below.


    Unfortunately, as this picture shows, your appreciation is incorrect, the Kaiser did hold the reins with his left hand despite his dissability, mostly as a result of the long training he received in the military academy.

    More pictures of Wildhem II bear witness to this fact, as the following pictures make obvious (even if it was only a faked posture)


    In this next picture the Kaiser can be seen also holding a baton, which shows that his left arm / hand was useless up to a point and he could make use of it in numerous occasions.

    In order to avoid the optical effect you mention, we are going to proceed to make it good and change the hand position to be fairer to the historical images of the Kaiser Wildhem II.

    We can only thank you again for calling our attention to this detail.

    All the best,
  5. Martin Rohmann A Fixture

    Its not only the position, his left arm was shorter than his right, thinner, and his left hand much smaller than his right one.

    Good, you'll change it!

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  6. Jaybo Active Member

    Herr Rohmann is spot on. I must add, that I have purchased some of your figues and was pleased. March on!
  7. Oda A Fixture

    Miguel knows his stuff and he puts it to good effect.El Taller is always a breath of fresh air for me and I love all its releases.The fact that Miguel is always ready to enter upon discussion on details of historical accuracy serves to reveal his decent character besides his vast knowledge on the subject.Yes, as history lovers we all know about the emperor's hand.Had he only been born with both hands intact he would have perhaps been loved by his mother and -probably again- would not have evolved his very,very suspicious infatuation with her which in turn would have -probably-spared a few million young men's lives as Europe could have avoided going to WWI.

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  8. Miguel Jimenez-Bravo Active Member

    Thank you very much for your comment about my figures.
  9. Miguel Jimenez-Bravo Active Member

    Thank you Oda. Your comments are always a breeze of new air, which as you know, I deeply appreciate.
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  10. Reptor A Fixture

    Great work! Another beautiful miniature by El Taller ! Very interesting subject and realization without fault! A happiness to paint! Thank you for all these beautiful pieces! And long life in El Taller !!! :love:(y);):D
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  11. Miguel Jimenez-Bravo Active Member

    Hi Reptor,
    Thank you very much for your kind words and for your desire to continue in the effort to present figures with quality and historical rigor.
    The figure is probably a few days without appearing until the publication of the figure with his modified left arm.
    Thnaks again.
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  12. theBaron A Fixture

    OK, but correct the title. It's "Kaiser Wilhelm", not "Kasier Wildhem" ;)

    I didn't see it on the site. Will this one be priced about the same as the other mounted Kings & Emperors, around 65 Teueros?

  13. Miguel Jimenez-Bravo Active Member

    Yes la figure of Kaiser Wilhelm II, will be again in view on my website, as well as be displayed in this forum, with the same price as Kings & Emperors figures of 65,00 Euros.
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  14. Nap Forum Moderator

    Hi Miguel

    That's a nice looking figure there , good detail work , the horse looks fine , painting on the whole piece ..link that

    The subject would make a great bust in 1/12th as well

    Impressed by the research you have done and the replies here

    Thanks for sharing

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  15. Edorta A Fixture

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  16. Miguel Jimenez-Bravo Active Member

    Thank you very much Eduardo, with the modification of the left arm, the image will be much better.
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  17. Miguel Jimenez-Bravo Active Member

    Hi Nap,

    When one decides to make historical figures, the research work has to be exhaustive. However, we assume the risks. Thank you for your words and do not doubt that I will always share in the forum the realizations of El Taller-Hobbyart.
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