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New Andrea Miniatures

Discussion in 'Figure News' started by Pedro Molina, Apr 26, 2013.

  1. Pilgrim_uk Active Member

    Indeed it is a wonderful creation by Andrea but its about a persons interpretation of a mythical creature. Some people like that interpretation some not so much. I Like Cang the Implacable but go to some other forums and it gets blasted for being a scaled up komodo dragon. If I saw this on sale at some store I would snap it up in an instant as it could be changed to suit me. Now wheres that scantily clad elf as a dragon rider. :D
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  2. Helm A Fixture

    I'd buy it in a heart beat but the price is taking the P*ss
  3. AJLaFleche Active Member

    Price was announced in an email from Andrea Depot at $257 USD.
  4. harrytheheid Well-Known Member

    I received the latest newsletter from Andrea yesterday. The price was stated as 168.53Euros = around $223 = around 143GBP
    Pretty reasonable I reckon.
    As for postal costs - that's just one of those things I put up with. I usually add a few other items when I place an order with Andrea that brings me up to the full weight allowance for any particular postal cost.
  5. harrytheheid Well-Known Member

    Oh - I do hope so.
    I'll even offer to, err....put her up for a week..!!
  6. bane3D Member

    Excellent sculpt and very attractive. But...Why is everyone talking about Dragons here - this is Wyvern, no? Dragons have four limbs - but this being a fantasy piece, guess everything is possible. Postal price is way over the top, as usually is for buying products directly from Andrea , nothing new there.
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  7. Pilgrim_uk Active Member

    Yep it is a Wyvern not a Dragon. The same discussion over at cool mini came to that conclusion with the more astute members. I interpreted it as a dragon when it wasn't like some others. Thats why we are all talking dragons for somebody who played AD&D for years I should have known better. Having it a Wyvern makes sense now and scales better. Stick a 32mm Figure on it and a set of arms and you will have a neat looking Dragon

    Think its a bit of marketing Snafu in having what looks like dragons in the background?

    Right lads Wyverns 2 legs, dragons 4 legs, got it. :D
  8. faust18 Active Member

    Must weigh a ton and looks like itd like to topple over being so tall and metals bendy will need straping down.not my bag but do enjoy fantsy painters kit nothing is ever wrong in fantasy colour wise, mick
  9. Don Well-Known Member

    Hey Del, a "highball" in Dean park is just part of someones body!!!!!!!!!!!!


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