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New Andrea Miniatures

Discussion in 'Figure News' started by Pedro Molina, Apr 26, 2013.

  1. Captain Lol A Fixture

  2. Drenth Active Member

    Great stuff ... Really cool!! Only one... Please don't made photoshopping/animation from painted miniatures (firing) ... I think it's art! I'm very traditionell about this ;-)
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  3. Ong Active Member

    Really cool! One of the best dragon sculpts I've seen as a model kit.
  4. Johan Kees Active Member

    A spectacular piece of sculpting and painting and the adapted back drop enhances its quality even more. Though being a nice sales gimmick, I for one would like to see the painted piece without the backdrop too. No doubt this will be a hit selling miniature - if the price is not too high - although I am also convinced that eventually, many will stay in the box... A piece not for the faint of heart, that is for sure!

  5. Pilgrim_uk Active Member

    I loved the Beelphegor figure and having a dragon to boot is great. One thing was bothering me when looking at it. It looks like it has 2 legs and no arms to me. ( I know the arms constitute the wings) The dragons in the background seem to have both though. But thats "my interpretation" of a dragon and suppose could be modded with arms. The horns are too low for me as well. :D

    Wonder what the price will be £150+
  6. Santiago Moltó Active Member

    Wow !! Really awsome. What about the price??...We´ll see
  7. harrytheheid Well-Known Member

    I would think that £150 is a bit optomistic - hope I'm wrong though because I'm ordering this one just as soon as it's available.
  8. DEL A Fixture

    £150 / 168 Euro...... a lot less than I expected.
    Should make an impressive piece for fantasy fans.
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  9. Don Well-Known Member

    Sorry Del I think the £150 is just someones dream price, Would be nice though if that was the price. Or as its fantasy, perhaps even less!!!!!!!!

  10. Pilgrim_uk Active Member

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  11. DEL A Fixture

    It's on their site at that price....the big hits on the postage as Pilgrim notes
  12. Tubby-Nuts-REMOVED Guest

    A nice piece! but your right I will not pay 68 pounds, for postage, on top of the 150.00 GBP, for the kit! or any kit that is only in Spain ... I am rather glad its 54mm now! As I can't do that scale!:LOL:
  13. DEL A Fixture

    Postage costs must be getting to be a real issue for manufacturers and suppliers but I find it hard to believe their postage on this.......maybe Angelina Jolie delivers it personally ;)
  14. Mirofsoft A Fixture

    A very nice piece
  15. Tubby-Nuts-REMOVED Guest

    Well if she, (Angelina) does! I would expect her to stay for a week, and do some cooking, and just a touch of ironing!:LOL::whistle: , But ultimately your right, their is no way, IMHO, that this postage cost, can be justified. However what will be interesting! is to see what mark-up, the UK, Suppliers will install. A tricky one.
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  16. Mark S Guest

    At the risk of being roasted alive in the nasty heartburn of Beelphegor I have to admit I don't like it much.
    I'm sure plenty of fantasy fans will love it and I know that Andrea will do well and all the best to them, but when you have no limitations in the world of fantasy it seems to be a rather stayed sculpt to me.......I know,I know sixteen references will now appear to justify this particular interpretation for a dragon and why the sculpt had to comply with an age old dust covered leather bound text which stipulates every proportion and description of this particular brand of winged, reflux suffering reptilian.
    I'm just saying wouldn't it be nice to see a new interpretation of the old dragon idea, something new! unseen! imaginative!......I'd love that....BTW why isn't the rider female with her titties hanging out? Isn't that how fantasy works?
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  17. DEL A Fixture

    Suppliers won't mark it up as such, remember their legitimate profits are made against the discount they negotiate with manufacturers and so cost will be pretty much the same I should think. It's almost certainly best to order from a UK trader.
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  18. Jamie Stokes Well-Known Member

    I agree with some of the others observations.....

    The horns are too low, or swiveled down too much (It would hinder feeding, or chomping down on a knightly type dude in steel plate with long pointy stick...)

    When I compare this to the 'dragon' in Lord of the Rings (as ridden by the ringwraith) Weta Workshops had some actual biologists design those critters....this one is out of a 1960's dungeon crawl description

    The dragons out of games of thrones seem more 'real' ..... and a rider showing her chesty bits..... thats a fantasy standard, so long as she has a cape, spiked heel knee high boots and a chain mail g-string bikini bottom.....

    It is a stereotype, it will appeal to a lot, be bought by quite a few, and made by some..... Andrea will make what sells, they are a business, and profit is the word....

    Maybe an old witch feeding a dragon a pumpkin, or an ancient wizard with a giant anti-heartburn tablet....wouldn't sell, but I'd have the giggles
  19. Don Well-Known Member

    I really cant believe I am reading this about a lovely figure of a DRAGON!
    Andrea have done a wonderful job in producing this figure, whether you like it or not. Now we have people saying its eyes are to high in his(its) skull as are its horns, legs to short is another. How do you know?
    Apart from the Dragons in the Galapagos Islands we have very little to go on as far as the design of your everyday dragon! Much older "Fantasy" dragons are much harder to discover how they looked, as they are, did I mention "Fantasy"
    A tiny point as I got the price wrong, if you fancy one, Andrea normally come to Euro, where I for one will admire the figure. buy it there!
    Lovely figure Andrea, well done.

    Have to go just now, my dragon needs fed, wonder if I can find a politician they usually keep him fed for a while.

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  20. DEL A Fixture

    Dean Park Highballs ????

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