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New Andrea Miniaturas

Discussion in 'Figure News' started by Pedro Molina, Oct 25, 2012.

  1. Pedro Molina A Fixture

    Escala: 54mm
    Material: Metal blanco
    Modelado: Miniaturas Andrea
    Pintura: Julio Cabos

  2. Tarracus A Fixture

    :eek: That's huuuge and beatifull!..But my wallet will say no that..
  3. Uruk-Hai PlanetFigure Supporter

    Yup, that is cool!
    Perhaps in a vignette with the first release? That would be supercool.

    Janne Nilsson
  4. Helm A Fixture

    The bloke with the spear has got some balls for sure!
  5. Mirofsoft A Fixture

  6. khorgor Member

    Forgive my lack of knowledge, but how big would this end up being?
  7. Einion Well-Known Member

    That is one impressive piece of work.

    The elephant, as usual, seems a bit large unfortunately. Although it's not nearly as huge as some depictions we've seen (like in some of the Russian studio pieces).

  8. Joe55 A Fixture

    This is awesome! I expected that the elephant be done in resin instead of metal though. Depending on how much is hollowed out, he's probably scale weight!

  9. bagelman1952 Well-Known Member

    Will be a big heavy piece if all in metal but very nice though. Not my scale my wallet is pleased to announce
  10. Richie A Fixture

    Really Steve, I thought he hit the stomach;)
    Helm, Jim Patrick and Uruk-Hai like this.
  11. Sergey Popovichenko A Fixture

    My brain is passed! !!!!!!!:eek::eek::eek::eek::eek::eek:(y)
  12. Pedro Molina A Fixture

    I edit again for that material is metal and resin, a greeting

    Carthaginian War Elephant Down (Zama, 202 BC)
    Scale: 54 mm
    Material: White Metal and resin
    Modeling: Thumbnails Andrea
    Painting: Julio Cabos

  13. Jim Patrick Active Member

    I too have often wondered about the size of these elephants Enion. I have read some things but rather than (mistakenly) recall from memory, I will copy and paste from wikipedia.

    "The Ptolemies and the Carthaginians began acquiring African elephants for the same purpose, as did the Numidians and the Kushites. The animal used was the North African forest elephant[17] which would become extinct from over-exploitation.[citation needed] These animals were smaller than the Asian elephants used by the Seleucids on the east of the Mediterranean region, particularly those from Syria,[18] which stood 2.5-3.5 meters (8–10 ft) at the shoulder. It is likely that at least some Syrian elephants were traded abroad - the favorite elephant of Hannibal was an impressive animal named Surus ("the Syrian"), for example, and may have been of Syrian stock, though the evidence remains ambiguous.[19]"

    "Inspired by these victories, Carthage developed its own use of war elephants and deployed them extensively during the First Punic War. The results were not inspiring. At Adyss in 255 BC, the Carthaginian elephants were ineffective due to the terrain, while at the battle of Panormus in 251 BC the Romans were able to terrify the Carthaginian elephants, which fled from the field. During the Second Punic War, Hannibal famously led an army of war elephants across the Alps - although unfortunately most of them perished in the harsh conditions. The Romans had developed effective anti-elephant tactics, leading to Hannibal's defeat at his final battle of Zama in 202 BC; his elephant charge was ineffective because the disciplined Roman maniples simply made way for them to pass."

    With the average height of an African Forest Elephant 8-10 feet high, this elephant doesn't seem overly too big but I do agree that it does seem a little large. There has also been some disagreement among scholars if the Forest Elephants could even carry a turret on it's back.

    "Since the late 1940s a strand of scholarship has argued that the African forest elephants used by Numidian, Ptolemaic and Punic armies did not carry howdahs or turrets in combat, perhaps owing to the physical weakness of the species.[20] Some allusions to turrets in ancient literature are certainly anachronistic or poetic invention, but other references are less easily discounted. There is explicit contemporary testimony that the army of Juba I of Numidia included turreted elephants in 46 BC.[21] This is confirmed by the image of a turreted African elephant used on the coinage of Juba II.[22] This also appears to be the case with Ptolemaic armies: Polybius reports that at the battle of Raphia in 217 BC the elephants of Ptolemy IV carried turrets; these beasts were significantly smaller than the Asian elephants fielded by the Seleucids and so presumably African forest elephants.[23] There is also evidence that Carthaginian war elephants were furnished with turrets and howdahs in certain military contexts.[24]"

    The full Wikipedia page can be seen here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/War_elephant

    Still, this is a VERY impressive looking new release from Andrea.

    Jim Patrick
  14. gerryj199 PlanetFigure Supporter

    This is a little off subject but my favorite elephant story is this...

    They were making a movie called "The Quest for Fire" about cavemen. Apparently they had about 20 elephants which they brought to Scotland for filming and they made them all up to look like Woolly Mammoths for the movie. However, when they brought them all together after make-up, the elephants stampeded because none of them had ever seen a Woolly Mammoth before and they were all scared witless of each other. :)

    Oh! And the model is beautiful for sure but like many others, not my scale, subject or price range.
  15. frog Active Member

    Stunning but need to win big on the lottery to get my hands on this
  16. Andrew Craft Well-Known Member

    Maybe the people are short
  17. FigureLover A Fixture

    Very nice sculpt, the elephant looks tonnes better that some I have seen esspecially one of their earlier releases, the head looks spectacular. Love the guy jumping down to the ground

    Attached Files:

  18. dArtagnan A Fixture

    The first "war elephant" from Andrea was this one. I painted it years agoo.
    The elephant was than made in metal and weights a ton.


  19. Nap A Fixture

    Hi Guys ,

    Certainly a rather large and heavy piece if the elephant is metal ...and I have no doubt also heavy on the price , that aside this portrays the power of these animal and how vulnerable they could have been . the figures look really nicely done , particularly the jumping one .....as for the guy betwen the legs ....must be brave or just mad and definately about to loose his chance of fatherhood!!

    Be interesting to see ho the pieces in the kit are done , ie whats resin etc

  20. Mirofsoft A Fixture


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