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New Alpine figures: June 2011

Discussion in 'Figure News' started by T50, Jun 7, 2011.

  1. Voidec Member

    "Bobby" is on my must have list now. I especially like "worn look" of his trousers if you know what I mean.
    Funny because first I looked said that you have new painter in Alpine. I was suprised that this is Man-Jin Kim work. Well done but personally prefer his old style. I think it works better on small figures (more shadows etc)
    What is all about blue colour? Luftwaffe uniform??
    Anyway I am gonna use black instead ;)
    Thanks for great news Taesung!
  2. Johan Well-Known Member

    Hello Wojtek,

    I believe Wittmann is said to have worn a plain mechanic's blue overall when he went into action; he had rank insignia attached to the collar of this overall - all very much against regulations. And he also wore a leather U-boot crew jacket over the overall of course.

    So, I think the figure is a correct representation of this personality.


  3. T50 A Fixture

    Man-Jin did go through about 7-8 different version on these faces.
    It is less dramatic but more realistic in my opinion.
  4. tbolt7 New Member

    Spectacular work Taesung...all three are must haves.

  5. martinmack New Member

    My two cents, although it's totally personal preference, is that I like the new painting style. Like Taesung said it's less dramatic but definitely more realistic...a worthwhile tradeoff to my eye. The painting may render slightly too much of a youthful look to Wittman in particular, but I still think it works. The sculpts are 1/35 gems, but then again, Alpine figures always are!
  6. T50 A Fixture

    I think this "less dramatic, more realistic" style of Man-Jin Kim
    fits this type of portrait figure painting. This new style definitely
    has its own place in the hobby. Good contrast to Ernesto's dramatic
    "let there be light" style.

    Both guys have done the job tastefully! :)
  7. tiger111 Member

    These are awesome!! I would love to see them scaled up to 1/16 too. I know you are working on another 1/16 MASTER PIECE. I can hardly wait to see you next 1/16 release that you are sculpting. Are you planning leaking out any info on what you are sculpting next. I may actually have go back to painting 1/35 just one last time.

    Keep up the GREAT WORK...................
  8. T50 A Fixture

    Sorry, no new 1/16 figure on my workbench at the moment.
    After I finish these new 1/35 figs that I just started,
    I might get a chance to have a go at another 1/16 fig.
    Dr Force likes this.
  9. Jim Patrick Active Member

    M. Wittman did not wear blue coveralls. They were a black color. The research was done by Ron Volstad some time back (I don't have the link anymore, one of the things that happens when you are FORCED to get a new computer) however the subject did come back up (and well explained by Ron) over at missing-lynx.

    http://www.network54.com/Forum/47212/thread/1307474910/New Alpine figures- June 2011

    With that said, IN NO WAY SHAPE, FORM OR FASHION does any of the information detract from Taesung's excellent sculpt and Man-Jin Kim's painting. Regardless if he's trying a new style (which I like BTW) or the trousers are painted blue instead of black. It's still better than I can achieve. Not to mention, as Taesung has stated at Missing-linx, the figure comes "painted" in resin :)D) so the modeler can paint it in any color he/she chooses.

    Looking forward to owning these figures.

    Jim Patrick
  10. T50 A Fixture

    Thanks for bringing it up here, Patrick.

    It is still open to debate as Ron or other researchers (who?)
    did not come up with a color example of what they
    think Wittmann had worn. From what I can see in
    the some rare pics of Wittmann, I think this is the
    suit he is wearing:

    Wittmann - 5th from left


    Look at the button on the breast pocket in the first photo and the third photo.
    They are identical. Also there are no buttons exposed along the front opening.
    The cut and design are identical. I see dark blue. Not charcoal or black.
    As Patrick said, the figure comes in unpainted bare resin. I would paint it according to this
    color photo.
  11. Jim Patrick Active Member

    Taesung brings up some very valid points. Number 1 would be the obvious lack of clor pics of M. Wittman and number 2 would be the fact that the cut of the uniform posted in his picture IS the same. Certianly not a bright blue but blue none the less.

    Here are some examples of the charcoal black uniform Taesung and I are refering to. Also the same cut and design. In the first few pictures you can see WWII examples (in use with armored troops) and a few pictures of surviving uniforms. The last photo is a rare color pic, although a different cut, of a panzer uniform of the same material (I believe) which has faded to a charcaol grey v.s a black.

    There you have it. You, the painter, has a choice of two colors. Dark blue or charcoal black. Good luck to you all. I'm looking forward to seeing the plethora of painted versions of these figures I'm sure will be coming in the years ahead. You have hit a goldmine with these guys Taesung! ;)

    Jim Patrick

    **Edit- Taesung, I'm in complete agreement with the comment earlier. Why not make a special set with M. Wittman receiving his Knight's Cross in front of the winter white washed Tiger I? Depending on how these guys do (which I'm 100% certian they will do well) you could do another set. The old set is long gone now. Only available through eBay. Anyway, just think about it....

    Attached Files:

  12. T50 A Fixture

    Thanks for posting the rare pics and good explanation.

    I think you nailed it. And for that, you should receive
    a Knight's Cross. :)
    What you wrote above makes perfect sense. Starts as
    black and gradually fades into grayish blueish mess.
    Some black ink is in fact a very dark blue. So this
    supports what you said also. :)

    Thanks again!
  13. pmfs A Fixture


    I order mine (Witmann) today from Colorado miniatures.
    I will paint the shirt (brown) and the interior jacket in dark prussian blue.
    Thanks for the pics!:)
  14. kiwi45 Active Member

    Well guy's, I have my set of these two (thanks sk) and they are brilliant, cant wait to paint them (will finish currant projects first...) some of these pics are great, I will go with the blue, albeit a little darker. Les

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