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WIP Need some more help, helmets this time.

Discussion in 'Sculpting' started by smeagolthevile, Mar 15, 2011.

  1. smeagolthevile Member

    Ok, so I have tried a few things for helmets. Iv tried just free handing it, Iv tried using a head as a base, but every time I try it comes out... very sub par.

    I'm trying to do a WWII-modern style american helmet but im just having such a hard time with it.

    Can anyone give me any helps or tips?
  2. Anders Heintz Well-Known Member

    Helmets are pretty tricky to do! The best way that I've found to do them is to first of all print a profile view of the helmet you are doing, make sure it is the scale you are sculpting it in. Then mix a blob of putty and get it to the size you need, and make it the rough shape and size of the helmet. Now let this cure and on e it has hardened you can use sanding sticks, files and scalpel blades to shape the cured putty. Then once you are close you can hollow out the helmet with a dremel with a rough bit.

    The M1 helmet is reall tricky and very distinct so make sure you have plenty of reference. If you need pictures let me know as I have a few original WWII us helmets.

    Here is a link to how I made a knight helmet a few years back, just click the link to the sbs and there are plenty of pictures. Tho it is a different type of helmet it will show you the process.

  3. smeagolthevile Member

    The issue is that it isnt a REAL helmet, its for the WIP I have up that stalled when I figured I screwed up my positioning of the figure, made a 2nd armature to try, messed that one up. Im working on the third right now.

    Ill link what Im trying to make.


    Side note, I love your drummer sculpt, very nice. If I might make a small critique, being a professional percussionist I sort of notice these things. The left hand, when playing traditional grip the pinkey and ring finger should be closed on the palm, to create a place for the stick to bounce off of when rolling and playing fast, if not the player would flail and the stick would be uncontrollable. Also, the stick should be under the tips of the first two fingers.



  4. smeagolthevile Member

    Well I did what you said, I made a blob made it as round as I could, got a head in 1/16th that I already had and shoved it in, to make an inside, let it dry then filed and sanded the crap out of it, and so far its looking nice.

    Between that and the weapons im making, my dremel has never gotten so much use.

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