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need help to progress this figure

Discussion in 'Sculpting' started by john rambo, Aug 7, 2007.

  1. john rambo New Member

    hello all:)
    This is my second for sculpt it not finish. I think something wrong about the anatomy.
    Somebody can help me to progress this?
    Thank you




  2. Squeakyclean Member


    The only thing I can see 'wrong' with this sculpt is that its TOO good for your second one! What exactly do you think is the problem with it? Looks fine to me...

    I wish I had your 'problems'.

  3. elanlane13 A Fixture

    Chris, lovely work. I like the pose and you have some good detail work.

    The only problem I can see is that his right arm is too long. The upper arm is out of proportion, probably because you have put the arm band on. Compare the right and left upper arms on your figure and I think you will see the difference.
  4. dinovision79 Active Member

    Hi Rambo,

    really nice figure, I think there is nothing wrong with him. I can't exactly see Robert's findings (but of course he is a pro sculptor), just my opinion.

    Let's get him painted!
  5. John Long Active Member

    I think it's the arms. It's difficult to tell in photos, but it appears that if the arms were at the figure's side and fingers extended, the tips of the fingers would be nearly to the knee. Have a look at it anyway. Even if measured out, if something doesn't look right, it's probably not.
  6. Wendy Active Member

    It looks really good Chris! This is minor and just a suggestion - perhaps you could rotate the right foot just a fuzz towards the center? It looks a teensy bit off balance.

    The musculature looks really nice and I really (!) like the bear head!
  7. john rambo New Member

    :) Hi Matt : I'm glad you say that! Thank you.

    :) Hi Robert : Thank you for your help.

    :) Hi Denes : You will see my painted sure. Thank you.

    :) Hi John : Thank you for your help.

    :) Hi Wendy : Thank you for your help. I'm glad you like the bear head!

    See you again
    Good luck
  8. primate New Member

    hi! for second is very good but i think that the left foot has too much turn outside (sorry for my english) and is a litle bit longer .Very good try...
  9. Zlobov*S Active Member

    Hi John! This fine beginning! Please continue. All had "first" figures " ;-)
    - your very perspective.
    Yours faithfully.
  10. john rambo New Member

    Hi Nikos! Thank you for that comment.

    Hi Sergey! The great! You come! I will continue. Thank you.
  11. AJLaFleche Well-Known Member

    First, I love that you did a bow lance. It looks great. If this went commercial, you can bet I'd be first in line to buy one.

    Two observations.The pectotral muscles look just a bit too defined along the outer edges, almost as if they were a breast plate.
    Will the right hand be holding the carbine? Right now, it appears not to. If the carbine is intended to be hanging on him, you may want to add a shoulder sling. I'm pretty sure it would be too heavy to hand on the belt holdin up the leggings and breachclout.
  12. thegoodsgt Active Member

    Another idea. Is the calf of the left leg is too short compared to the right leg? Maybe it's just me and my jealousy.

    I'd say leave it as it is and paint it. If something IS wrong, you'll learn from it and the figure will remind you not to do that again.

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