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Naval Brigade Officer, 1879

Discussion in '"Today in History", Literature & Media Review' started by KeithP, Apr 11, 2004.

  1. KeithP Active Member


    The Easter Bunny (psst... may have been the wife ;) ) gave me this fellow as a present.

    This is Michael Roberts 100 mm Naval Brigade Officer, 1879. Not much info on the web.

    Any info or direction on his uniform would be appreciated. Is he an Aussie?


  2. JohnLea New Member

    I believe he is British. (UK)
  3. KeithP Active Member


    Thanks. The info I did manage to find seemed to indicate that the Brit naval Brigades were raised ~1916.

    I'll keep looking, though.

    It's a pretty nice fig though. Well sculpted.

  4. Jimmy S Well-Known Member

    Kieth I have this figure also, around half done but the Naval Blue tunic is driving me nuts!!!The box art shows a nice warm dark blue so if you have any tips or pointers they would be most welcome. I polished the white metal sword and it came up great. Be careful with the casting on the body at the top( tunic collars) extermey fragile as I found out (thank god for Milliput....).
  5. Dani A. New Member


    He's a British Officer... no doubt about that! Naval Brigades (not to be mistaken with Marine Infantry units) fought as land forces in several of the XIX Century British colonial conflicts. This figure depicts such an officer, at the time of the 1879 Zulu War.


  6. Pete_H New Member

    What's your formula for the blue tunic? Are you painting with acrylics, enamels, or oils?
  7. Jimmy S Well-Known Member

    Pete I mainly use enamels but have been dabbling in oils recently. I just finished the M. Roberts "60th (Kings Royal Rifle Corps India 1848" figure using oils. The bluenaval tunic on the Naval Brigade figure has me stumped, I have tried Pthalo Blue, Prussian Blue but I'm still not happy. Any ideas?

    For Keith- look at Osprey's The Sudan Campaigns 1881-1898 for some background on the Naval Brigade.
  8. KeithP Active Member

    Thanks Sharpie and Dani-

    No suggestions for the blue, I'm afraid.

  9. IronMike A Fixture

    The figure you're refering to was sculpted by me for my line of British Victorian figures (Michael Roberts) The line was sold to the Lost Battalion a few years ago.

    The piece was sculpted about 14 years ago and I don't remember all of the references I used. I believe one was the Osprey book on the Zulu War and another was an old Mil Modelling mag. Sorry I don't remember which one. I do remember that they're weren't a lot of photo references at the time. The Naval Brigade was formed from sailors of the ships companies. They fought in the Sudan, the Zulu Wars, and S. Africa just to name a few.

    Bob Knee painted the box art and if I remember correct his blue was a mixture from his book on Color Theory and Application.

    My mix for the blue would be Indigo w a little Tit White and a dab of Naples Yellow. Highlight with white and a bit of the Naples and shade with straight Indigo. Deep shadows are Mars Black. My mix isn't as colorful as Bob's but gives you a nice dark blue that can be used for this figure and Civil War dark blue uniforms.

  10. KeithP Active Member


    Thanks very much for the references and painting info. I really like the figure!


  11. Jimmy S Well-Known Member

    Mike thanks for the colour tips I will get off down the art shop for that Indigo. I like the figure a lot, is the head a conversion of a previous Kitchener figure?
    Keith have a go with the indigo and I'll await your verdict.
  12. Pete_H New Member

    Mike's formula is a good one - I've used it several times to good effect. A slight modification to it that was shared with me by a certain Southern lawyer/gentleman (almost seems a contradiction in terms) is to highlight by adding cerulean blue to the indigo.
  13. Alan Guest

  14. Jimmy S Well-Known Member

    Alan, thanks for the tip. It seems to be like Rifle Green, everyone has a version of it. On the original box art Bob Knee has done this very warm dark blue and everything else I tried just looks dull and lifeless. The article linked in the previous post gives a bit of a pointer. I will try your advice on a scrap figure tonight, using Bob's formula as the base. Oh and keep up the great work at MB, I love the Rogers Ranger figure!
  15. rodsginger New Member

    If you give me your email I can scan an article on the Zulu War from Military modelling. Nice drawing of a Naval Brigade type.
  16. KeithP Active Member

    George -

    Thanks. I sent you my email address.

  17. Jimmy S Well-Known Member

    Iron Mike I need help on this figure! The head, accoutrements and sword have come out very nice but the jacket has nearly got me beat! At this stage it's figure -5, me - nil. If you still have contact with Mr Knee is there any chance you could ask him for some guidance on how to get that blue hue he achieved. Yours in frustration, desperation etc....
  18. KeithP Active Member

    No clues yet on the painting as I am still in the construction phase :)

    One question for the experts...

    How the sam heck is the telescope case placed on this fellow? Is it placed horizotally in the small of the back? That seems the most logical but, the straps will be very twisted. And, I gotta run one of the straps under his left arm? yikes!


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