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Napoleonics on ebay

Discussion in 'Market & Commissions' started by Guy, Aug 1, 2005.

  1. Guy A Fixture

    Darla, from The Lost Battalion, has once again aquired someone's gray army and has them listed on ebay.

    Ebay Listing - click here
  2. megroot A Fixture

    Hello Guy,

    The price's seems oke, in other words very cheap for 90 mm. But as i look are they not out of date. I mean is the standard casting nowedays not much better then i see from the picture's.
    I am not sure if i do a bid till i hear again from you.

  3. Guy A Fixture

    Hello Marc,

    Some of the pictures do not reflect the true quality of the kit. Which one were you speaking about.

    I sent you an email.
  4. Robin Active Member

    Theres a couple there I wouldn't mind to bid on but teh seller does accept paypal and I can't see a secure way of giving them my Credit Card details should I win short of ringing which is inpractical so I will have to pass... shame

  5. Darla New Member

    Actually, what alot of people do that seems to work is divide up the credit card information in a few seperate emails. That way there is no chance what so ever of the information getting into the wrong hands...not that the possibility of that is overwhelming in the first place. Emails are much more secure than people think. Anyway, that is just another option to those of you that may want to bid but are wondering about how to get your payment info through to me.

  6. Robin Active Member


    I am sorry to tell you but emails are not very safe at all, any half decent Hacker or script kiddy with a packet sniffer can have your credit card details off an email in next to no time.

    The only safe way to do this is with a secure website where the transactions are guaranteed provided by your web host or by some method like Paypal.


  7. Darla New Member


    Not going to get into another war of words with you....the solution is easy enough...simply don't bid on my auctions!

  8. Robin Active Member

    I had already said I wouldn't be, which as I put a shame as one or two of those I would want.

    As too a war of words I don't want one either, I do however think it needed pointing out that Email is a very insecure way of sending credit card details and runs a risk of being intercepted, so anybody doing it does so at their risk and its something I or ANY of my colleagues would not do.

  9. Jim Patrick Active Member

    OK, enough has been said, both points have been made and both parties are understood. We would appreciate any further correspondence along this nature to be done via e mail.

    Thank you,
    Jim Patrick
  10. Einion Well-Known Member

    Hi Marc, the Le Cimier and MM figures should generally be very well cast I think but Tiny Troopers figures can have quite a rough surface if you're used to resin or the best of metal casting today.

  11. megroot A Fixture

    Still two hours Einion and i think i have a winning bid.
    Darla is putting more gray army's on the net the follow weeks.

    Untill now i did just one resin figure and that was manufactured by Stormtroopers. This was a great figure.

  12. thegoodsgt Active Member

    Is email any less secure than handing your credit card to a waiter or gas station attendent? I think we get a bit too paranoid sometimes about these "security" issues.

    If I have to send a credit card number via email over an inscure line, I split it in 2 emails and I spell out the numbers and stick them all together (e.g. fiveninezerosix etc.). Not sure that helps but I've never had a problem.

    Also, I keep a seperate low creidt limit card especially for internet purchases and ebay paypal payments.


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