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Napoleonic Trumpeter 1/16 WIP

Discussion in 'Sculpting' started by Andreas W., Nov 26, 2009.

  1. Andreas W. Member


    first of all I want to introduce myself.

    My Name is Andreas,I'm 16 years old and I'm from germany.
    I started this hobby like most of us with planes etc.then painting figures and then sculpting them :)

    I like sculpting a lot!

    I'm sculpting for a year now and I hope you like my work:)

    I'm sculpting this piece right now,and it takes me a LOOOTTTT of patience and discipline.But I think until now its worth it.

    head looks quite big on the pics but it isnt this extreme in reality.

    the whole sculpt is done in Aves Apoxie sculpt until now.
    Head is a modified alpine one.

    now,on to the sabre,sabretache,arms,swallow's nest blablabla;)

    If any guys of you have tips for the busby plume,tresses etc. I would be very grateful


    hope you like!
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  2. gordy Well-Known Member

    Welcome to planetFigure Andreas -

    WOW, incredible work for your age and quite a difficult subject as well! (y)

    Aren't you supposed to be playing video games!! ;)

    the plume i'd go with a lump of the general shape and while the clay is still soft texture it with a needle or knife tip - when i try a new technique experiment on some fimo or super-sculpey and go at it till i get it right then go the the final piece -

    directional fur such as plumes are tricky the overlap of texturing needs to start at one end so that it lays right and 'sprouts' in the right direction

    good luck, keep those pictures coming!
  3. megroot A Fixture

    Excellent work....
    Looking forward to the finish of this piece.

  4. Hardy Guest

    Fantastic, you carry on with that quality of work and you will be amongst the best very soon. Hardy
  5. 1969 A Fixture

    Welcome Andreas and very nice sculpting for only one year of practice, look forward to seeing more of your work.

    Gordy`s explenation for the plume is a good method and one i have used with good effect.

  6. Ferris A Fixture

    Hi Andreas,

    Impressive stuff you are showing here, bravo!
    I'll be following your progress eagerly!

  7. mil-mart A Fixture

    Andreas, welcome to Pf, excellent sculpting and very nice work for your age, look forward to following progress on this one.

    Cheers Ken
  8. ookami Member

    prety good work, glad to see it .
  9. Andreas W. Member

    thank you very very much guys:)

    glad you like it!

  10. tonydawe A Fixture

    16 are you kidding me?? Well done young fella. You make me feel like an old, untalented fart. Great work and welcome to the Planet.
  11. housecarl A Fixture

    Andreas, you sure have talent.
  12. kansas kid Well-Known Member

    Fantastic figure sculpting. . .

    Hi Andreas:

    Wow, young man. . . you are one talented artist. If you're creating sculpted
    pieces like that as a teenager, I wonder what you'll be producing when you're
    in your 30s and 40s. Mind boggling! What's the old saying?

    "Talent will be served". . . Indeed. :) (y)(y)(y)

    Like the rest, I'll be eager to watch the progress on this figure. 120mm/1:16th
    is one of my favorite scales to work with.


    Miami Jayhawk
  13. Andreas W. Member

    thank you for your kindness guys!

    My dream is to start a company someday or sculpt master,but I'm far away from this dream so practicing is the best thing I can do!

    I worked a bit on the belt for the sabretache.

    btw have any of you guys informations about the inner detailling of the sabretache?

    thanks in advance!


  14. kansas kid Well-Known Member

    Sorry, not sure I understand the question

    Hi again, Andreas:

    I apologize but after reading your latest post, about the sabretache, I'm not
    completely sure of your meaning. You asked about the "inner" detailing of
    same. Do you mean the images or scrolling on the front of the sabretache,
    in the center? Or do you mean by "inner" the back of the sabretache that
    would rest against the trooper's leg?

    Sorry, I'm so dense, . . . ah. . . ;) I'll chalk it up to being a "senior citizen".
  15. Andreas W. Member

    Oh sorry,my english is not the best.

    I meant the side of the sabretache resting against the leg.I only could find images of several different versions of the outer side,from richly embroidered to plain black with a crowned eagle.

    sorry again!

  16. Manfred Active Member

    Welcome Andreas,

    very good work.

    Du bist wirklich auf einem sehr guten Weg und das Projekt ist wirklich nicht das leichteste. Werde mit Interesse folgen.

    Bezügl. sabretache, einfach mal mit Google Bildersuche probieren ;) . In der Regel ist auf der Rückseite eine flache Tasche gewesen, mit einem Riemchen am Vorderteil geschlossen. Der verzierte äußere steife Teil ist die Klappe der Tasche.

    Wenn Du nichts passendes findest, sag einfach Bescheid und ich starte mal eine Suche in meinem Bücherregal.

  17. Andreas W. Member

    hi manfred:)

    dankeschön ich werde mein glück versuchen:)

    I worked a bit on the figure,by the way, do you think the folds and creases are okay like this or should I change them?

    thanks in advance!

  18. mil-mart A Fixture

    Guten Tag Andreas, I think you forgot the picture :confused::)

    Cheers Ken
  19. Andreas W. Member

    no sorry, I did not take pictures now. sorry. will do some tommorrow I promise!
  20. Andreas W. Member

    So as "tommorrow" got today(shame on me):mad: I finally got an update for you:)

    As you maybe have noticed,my basic sculpting approach is 90% carving work.

    I first form a big blop of putty(as seen on the turnback) and then start to carve the details out.

    If I carve too much,I just add putty again and carve.Working like this allows me to easily represent every detail I want.But there are also some details,which aren't good to carve like rough textures,bearskin etc.

    I hope you like it.Please note that this figure is NOT any kind of ready..It is still a very very basic shape with a lot of details to sculpt or redo.






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