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WIP Nan Lan 1/6

Discussion in 'Sculpting' started by gogok, Aug 12, 2013.

  1. gogok Active Member

    As my blogger followers knew. It have been start in two weeks on my desk.
    Such are sculpting challenges with oil base clay in small scale and i'm going to modify the details by putty on resin cast.

    Nan Lan and Tian Guinong are the lover in the story of :

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  2. Revliss Active Member

    you say small how small ?
  3. gogok Active Member

    This is a 1/6 scale the same size as 12 inches action figure. This is my first time to sculpt such scale with oil clay. I almost used it to sculpting in larger than 1/4.
  4. Revliss Active Member

    for me that very big as i use to sculpt at 28mm :D , who the nice lady you using as reference
  5. gogok Active Member

    I'm afraid, I'm unable to fill in the soul in 28mm.
    As my friend asked my working process from the first beginning. I were going to found a lot of reference not only in the pool of timeline and history backup. And pick the best idea in my database from my sketchbook. And sculpt under the feeling with the story I wanna tell.

    I may say, I will combine a lot of reference to create piece. The same as many sculpture creator do. But in this case I have no reference for the lady face. All based by my experience and understanding with traditional Chinese face and emotional movements by the KungFu movie world in Hong Kong and China. Hope I can answer your kindly question.

    William Tsang
  6. Revliss Active Member

    does watching drama from tvb count as reference ?
  7. gogok Active Member

    Not only watching Drama. History Photo reference is the most important too.
    I might say max & match with some imagination as usual sculptor do.
    Try it out.
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  8. Revliss Active Member

    History Photo reference is the one i don't have i know the armor on the drama is BS but the cloth are some what close right?
  9. gogok Active Member

    What I know, have alot of Qing history photo reference running around the world.What is easy to be find if you want. Some old drama have met the style like real.
    Again, I do to put alot of personal style and might say my personal taste as wish.
  10. gogok Active Member

    The dress basic setup is done. And I will cut her head off for the detail modifies.
  11. gogok Active Member

    just forgotten to post picture.
    20130819152_1-resized-500.jpg 20130819153_1-resized-500.jpg 20130819155_2-resized-500.jpg
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  12. gogok Active Member

    Here is the reference photo for the hair style I picked.
  13. gogok Active Member

    Her lover almost done in the sculpture step.

    20130826162_1-resized-500.jpg 20130825156_1-resized-500.jpg
  14. gogok Active Member

    Still finding the correct lips on hers. Feeling not right
    20130829164_1-resized-500.jpg 20130829163_1-resized-500.jpg
  15. gogok Active Member

    Tian Guinong Bust in Qing dynasty 1/6

    After two months work. This large piece with realistic detail model sculpture done. It is base on the faction by Jin Yong in 1959 - Flying Fox of Snowy Mountain and Other Tales of the Flying Fox. The one of my favorite story style in martial arts. Romantic and life like story timeline in Qing dynasty.
    Yes, it have be sculpted with mid Qing business man fashion style for the main character - Tian Guinong. Who's a descendant of one of the four bodyguards of Li Zicheng. An immoral, unscrupulous and flirtatious villain, he seduces Nan Lan and causes her to abandon her husband and marry him instead. Seeking wealth and fame, he pledges allegiance to Fuk'anggan, who promises to help him become chief of the wulin in return for his loyalty and service. His dream is shattered when Hu Fei and his friends show up to disrupt the "Meeting of the Leaders" and cause a twist of events.(*copys from wikipedia).
    I'm going to cast it with fine resin. And start molding after 10 orders received till October2013. The well scheduled for your Chistmas present. :)
    Scale 1/6, Resin 4 parts
    US$65 + shipping*
    *worldwide shipping cost will be confirm by email after. (Post service Registered mail with tracking)
    Payment: Paypal
    Please send order by Email:
    williamtsang4466 -AT- gmail -dot- com

    1.jpg 2.jpg 3.jpg 4.jpg 5.jpg 6.jpg
  16. gogok Active Member

    I think it should be the best in my personal casting history. The old school casting skill will very limited working time. Actually, I really enjoy this procoss if the resin smell not too strong when they being or before mixing.

    However, I'm happy with the eyes and month results. She is shyly and looking forward for somebody understand her. Working slowly....

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  17. thegoodsgt Active Member

    Absolutely beautiful sculpting! I hope you create more busts in the future following a theme of Asian subjects.

    Steven Brown
    Scale Model Soup
  18. Rich Sculpts A Fixture

    The sculpt is stunning - the female face in my experience is the most challenging of all, you my friend have produced a wonderful piece of work (y)
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  19. John Ballard Well-Known Member

    Very nice sculpt. I agree with Rich, I am working on some female faces at the moment and they are really tough. Yours is superb.
  20. Revliss Active Member

    WOW that looks so good , by the way what resin did you use . the resin i use from smooth-on don't not have a smell at all

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