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My version of border revier 1500

Discussion in 'vBench (Works in Progress)' started by elvis, Feb 26, 2011.

  1. elvis A Fixture

    Hello friends, this is my version of the last release of Crecy models...
    Ciao from Luca

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  2. ArturM Well-Known Member

    Excellent work, Luca!

  3. gordy Well-Known Member

    Exquisite work Luca! (y)
  4. Theodoros A Fixture

    I like this version Luca ! Black is always an impressive uniform colour.
  5. pinsel Active Member

    hello surely an wonderfull painted.since i have seen it the first time i thought something on the trousers look not right.
    now i think i might come across what.i think they are much to narrow and tightfitting to the tights.this trousers of taht time where quite baggy on the uppertight and under the knee they begann to fit thight.because at this date one did wear garthers which did hold the stockings.so an big contrast was achieved beetween the puffy upper leg and the very narrow lower.
    when on did wear riding boots those where often as high then the half off the upper tights.one did roll them down letting them end over the knee.
    i think with some putty one could make them more baggy and one could add some braided decorations to the seems.in an book about the english civial war in which one sees reenacters of the SEALED KNOT one sees the trouser style very good.this is latter in date but the trousers would fit this date as well.
    so it just looks great untill the waist.
    please nobody shall think i want spoil an masterly painted figure,that is surely not my whish..my thoughts are refering to the sculpt.and i think an other gentleman as well had some thoughts about the trousers.
    best whishes
  6. megroot A Fixture

    excellent paintwork on off the most difficult colors in painting.

  7. megroot A Fixture

    I wonder, have you ever seen a good sculpted figure and what figure was that.
    If not, why don't you sculpt for us a figure what is reachersed a thousand times and that have no shortcommings.
    Will you take that challenge???
  8. dArtagnan A Fixture

    Excellent paintjob, Luca! Lovely work!
  9. scipion94 Well-Known Member

    The only thing I can say is ... EXCELENT PAINTING JOB .

  10. pinsel Active Member

    hello marc
    you will never see such an figur by me-why well its stated below why.
    you might read but do not have to.i doubt that you would change your mind-but if you want read it feel free.
    oh not again.is it an crime to write something about things which one thinks might not fully right?
    is here an written agreement when one signs that one must ohhhhhhhhhhhhh and ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh every figure shown.
    of course is this figure lightyear above my own clumsy paintwork and of course do I HAVE NO TALENTS IN SCULPTING.i think i have prooven this to full extent which pics of my crap i have dared to show here.
    i think i have written that more than once.and i write comments not out of evil spirit.
    i think i have shown my true admiration for the painters and sculpturs here.
    so what are your motivation to ask me that.might that you are angry since the thread about reviews.well sorry but can not change that.again here i wrote only my oppinion.
    what shall we write about figure at all.shall we write ALL WHAT THE PAINTERS WHICH SHOWS US THOSE FIGURES HERE ALREADY KNOW?
    that they are masterly painted and they have an artistic talent wich have our highest admiration?I UNDERLINE ANY SINGLE WORD FOR THAT.but its boring to write alwas oh how nice brilliant great excellent ect ect...
    alone the works such painters do show are an feast for the eye.and i thank them that they let us share the way they do it.
    but i did not refering to the painting.and as an other user before i stay at my point the trousers are odd.
    so maybe it would be more enjoyable if we would not always come to the point to ask WHY THE EVIL man posting such concerns.it w-c-ould be interesting if we could discuss the matter with the trousers.
    in no way i want spoil this figure.i give you an example for an discussion on sculpting issues in the past. the bust of Carl Reid the german Unterfeldwebel has an odd shaped helmet neverless i bought it and like it an lot.so what is wrong if one referrs to the aspect.i had with this gentleman an very interesting chat about an chevron on the figure.he showed an pic where one sees it and it was very interesting to discuss this matter.and still i buy busts from Mr Reid.because iam an vivid follower of his works.
    if this forum shall be an place where only top class painters and sculpturs have the right to give their oppinion about sculpting matters then you are right.
    then i have no rights at all to use the keyboard.because iam no talent painter nor sculptur.iam only an chap whic is interested in history and which likes besides this- figures. sometimes such interest collide and bring me to write concerns about an sculpted item this might be the result.
    iam well aware that maybe 80 percent of users are angry about such nosy commentars.but i dare to express my oppinions in daily live and have done sometimes here.
    because i have seen so much troubles in past i do not comment any new sculpts anymore.but this was in the painters class shown.haha...
    and still i think its nice but the trousers are odd.i was the feeling with first glimpse that something is looking odd.
    i freely admitt that iam an lousy painter and have no sculpting talents and have the habbit to write nosy comments.
    i am well aware that beneath you douzends of not hundrets here think iam an as...le.
    all i can do is that this comments are not written out of the whish to spread wisedom around i would love to discuss such matters.
    but no fear i think i will learn it in last end and stop writing any.
    this is again an single stone in the mosaic which will bear the inscribtion
    give me some time i am an slow learner
    at least i can try to dust off the old english with such novelles.
    thats all
    billyturnip does show in his masterly painted flats the standart bearer how an correct trousers should look.
    only an nosy hint
    over and out
    megroot likes this.
  11. Christosjager A Fixture

    A realy nice work Luca. I have to admit that black is a very "strange" color for me and I am avoiding to use it in large areas. Greetings Christos.
  12. smudger1960 PlanetFigure Supporter

    Lovely work luca,the painting of the black is great,(y)
  13. gordy Well-Known Member

    Markus, you bring to planetFigure great, deep historical value, we all appreciate your input, and unlike others who speak out with histo-criticisms, you show your works and that is highly commendable :)

    There are long time members here at planetFigure that are territorial and possessive when it comes to histo-criticism of others work, which is natural because you are relatively new and sometimes the very best diplomatic and carefully phrased translations are mis-interpreted. The more we learn of each other and our styles communication, over time, the more we understand each other.
  14. sarouman A Fixture

  15. megroot A Fixture

    No there is no agreement. And i'm fine with that.

    No, i'm no angry old man. My motivation to ask is that a painter is not a sculptor. Luca is a painter. You cannot give him critism on a figure that he painted.
    In my humble opinion you have to go to the sculptor, not to the painter if you have critism on the shortcomings of the sculpt.

    I find you not a evil man. But every time I see your name in a threat I wonder what is the next item that is not historically correct. Caming from the same person every time.
    I'm learning from your critism, but wouldt it not be better that you can write something in the Wiki about a historical periode and taking a figure as example.
    Then we all could learn more then reading critics.
    As i'm no sculptor i buy a figure that i like and gonna paint it, historically correct or not.
    I'm only painting.....

    O yes, i like his work, specially the WW I subjects.

    I hope this is not gonna happen.

    You have the right to do that.

    I hope you will do. But in my opinion in the Wiki where we all could learn with the figure and see what the shortcomings are.
    Two reasons: 1: there is no harm done on the sculptor who will continue posting here.
    2: We all have the knowledge on one place where it is easy to find it back.

    No harm is done. Keep writing. We all learn from it.
    And again: i'm not Angry,mad, sad or what ever.
    Now i'm worry about you gonna write or not. Spread the knowledge.

    gordy likes this.
  16. unknown01 New Member

    Indeed professional work.
    I congratulate completion.

  17. John Bowery A Fixture

    Another great figure and great colour even if it is black.
  18. elvis A Fixture

    Thanks to all friends, you are very kind.
    Ciao from Luca
  19. Kevin D. Active Member

    An EXCELLENT study in painting dark colors!

    A pleasure to look at and a new addition to my file of how to paint blacks and darks and the highlighting and shading that goes with it. BRAVO

    Kevin D.

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