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My P-51 Mustang Pilot

Discussion in 'Just starting...' started by Maglar, Mar 14, 2009.

  1. Maglar Member

    So I started building a P-51 the other day and painted the pilot today. I know this isnt a kit figure but I think I have raised the bar on my progress with figures yet again. Let me know what you think.. :)

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  2. Jamie Stokes Well-Known Member

    Better; skills have improved.

    One point to keep in mind is that as a figure shrinks, contrast between shadows and highlights increases.

    It wouldn't hurt to push some more highlights on the face; cheekbones, nose, and possibly on the chin too.

    Most of this figure will be in the cockpit, but the focus is on the face. Get that right, and you will have a degree of latitude with the rest of the figure.:)
    Great uniform and crap face, no good....:mad:

    So far, pretty good. given what I saw of your Hoplite, I know you can stretch yourself to that point, if you wish.

  3. Maglar Member

    Righto, will try some more highlights, I did put some on those areas but I guess the brown shades are dominant. The uniform was kind of paint as I go, started with khaki, did a base + burnt umber wash all around then did another shade and it came out like that.
  4. Jamie Stokes Well-Known Member

    his face isn't crap.

    "Crap" I reserve for very specific situations and descriptions....being casual with the term only causes confusion, as I have done here, sorry for that...:eek:

    Try to push the highlights on the face, it will help the face stand out from the khaki drab colours of the uniform and gear.

    What scale is the figure? It doesn't say....

    So far, a good effort, you're practicing the basics, and pushing your skills a bit more.
    Painting is still neat and tidy.
    Just a bit of emphasis on the highlights, to add some character to the face.

    Would like to see the figure once the Mustang is complete, and he's in his seat....

  5. Maglar Member

    Not a problem, its coming along alright. The plane is 1/48 so I guess hes a 1/48 pilot, rather small but this figure was nicely sculpted and detailed.
  6. Maglar Member

    Here you go Janus! :D

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  7. Jamie Stokes Well-Known Member

    nice clean build,
    how did you apply the aluminium finish? rattle can or airbrush?

    Clean finish either way

  8. Maglar Member

    Airbrush, rattle-can is slowly fading from me.. its lack of control and easy ability to over spray is not my taste anymore. Airbrushed glossy black undercoat, vallejo metalizer chrome, then sealed it with a testors gloss cote. I thought it came out well, but I have Alcad II coming in the mail which is the top dog for metal paints [Its airbrush only and lacquer, very durable and wont be as sensitive as other metalizers] and hope to step my game up once again.
  9. mil-mart A Fixture

    Nice painting Corey,
    I'm not into aircraft ( except when going on hols ):) but I can definately see the attraction. Great job.

    Cheers Ken
  10. Maglar Member

    They aint half bad Ken, not too many pieces like Ships and Tanks. Pretty simple build and a fun time using the airbrush to paint the natural metal finish or camo schemes. I feel more of a passion for aircraft because its a man and his machine and they painted their own decals and such, dont feel it with tanks and all that.. :D

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