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Completed Critique My Maurice Corry SAS 200 mm small conversion

Discussion in 'vBench (Works in Progress)' started by megroot, Nov 1, 2011.

  1. megroot A Fixture

    Thanks Stuart.
    But it didn't came of. Just broke a piece out of the helmet.
    Should it be turned or not? If so, how can i remove the helmet without damaging the helm and the figure.
    It is fixed with epoxy.
    Any help with this issue is welcome.

  2. stu A Fixture

    Hi Marc,

    If you've taken a piece out of the front, you will need to add some putty to the back so it is level with the ear defenders and add the details, edging etc. You can use your own pics for reference

    If you can get the helmet off I'm sure moz will send you another as already stated.

  3. housecarl A Fixture

    To avoid damage to the nicely painted face, I'd saw it off Marc.
  4. megroot A Fixture

    Moz offerd me allready a new helmet free of any charge. Great.
    Gonna use the dremel this evening:( and saw the front off.
    Then putty the back. I think it is the short pain.:eek:, on the other hand saw it off and adding a new one is better.
    I shoot Maurice a email for a new helmet.
    Anyway.....thanks for all the positive feedback:lol::lol::lol:
    Apreciate it...the only one who ever gonna see it was my colleque's son, beside you guys.

  5. Andrew Craft Well-Known Member

    Great painting Marc, hope everything works out with operation helmet switch(y)
  6. jimias A Fixture

    Great job Marc. The cammo is really great.
  7. megroot A Fixture

    Thanks Guys,
    Apreciate it.
    And so far as the helmet concerns.
    When I have the new one, i get it off, airbrush the new one and put it on.
    Then it is correct,.
    After Stuarts comment, i really had a bad night.o_Oo_O
  8. Ong Active Member

    Excellent paint job! Your camo work is most impressive!
  9. Chris K New Member

    Good effort Marc , But I will give you some straight feedback - the helmet unfortunate can happen to anyone without military experience or at least recent experience

    the painting technique and style is great as always but to me the camo looks more like US ERDL woodland than the dutch version of brit temperate DPM - which is fine if thats the effect you are looking for....but to my eyes and I wore the brit DPM uniform for most of my life this looks much more like the old US ERDL pattern - I say this based on experience as I have worked with the dutch marines myself (and very good they are too) good luck to your work mates son - I hope he comes home safe in body and mind

    sorry to be brutally honest - but that tends to be your style esp where photography is concerned, so I am sure you can take it, its a good figure but Dutch marine or modern brit / US /SF it aint

    It is however a nice gesture for one who is returning home from serving his country and I salute you for that

  10. Chris K New Member

    Sorry Ground work doesnt do much either................
  11. Chris K New Member

    sorry to be a pain , the grips of the pistol are not metalic neither are various elements of the US M4 / canadian diamaco rifle as you have painted them, and may be mistaken if the figure has the final two fingers cut out of the gloves but they do not seem propely painted they look like bare resin, if incorrect about the gloves then I am sorry, but the pistol grips are of a plastic like material as are parts of the rifle / carbine(y)
  12. megroot A Fixture

    Hello Chris,
    My back is very wide to speak. I can handle it.
    As far as the British Woodland Camo goes, I had the reference from the Marines themself and could download a whole webalbums.
    For instance these are some of the pictures i used. And there is alot of difference on the camo.
    2 daagse + Cop 6 dagen (52).jpg 287168419_6_A0pX.jpg
    COP TABAR dec09 043.jpg COP TABAR dec09 049.jpg
    COP TABAR dec09 066.jpg armor&vest-PBPV-custom-1.jpg

    So i will invite you to tell the difference in the camo and what I have done on the figure. Please, i can always overpaint it.

    As far as the gloves go: It is not skin that you see, but only dirt with the same color I use for the dust on the boots and base.

    The pistol grip can be correct by a brushstroke and i will do that. I thought it was metal as the Dimarco.

    And further i wanted to know where I was brutal with my comments on photography. If you find the comment that I make brutal about the pictures you took from your figures where we couldn't give a decent comment.
    That's fine, I except that but it was never the intention.

    And what's wrong with the base? The client wanted only this kind of base. No ruines, no bushes. just flat. The figure should be the point of interest, nothing more. That was the commission.

    My colleque her son is allready save at home since i believe august this year.

    Hope to get some things straight. And waiting for your comment on the camo.

  13. TonyT Active Member

    Marc, you could do with a little wire running from the box on his left shoulder up to the rear of his headset, the sticky out bit on the top of the box is the connector, the one on the bottom then runs round the back of him and into his radio, see pic link below................ superb job on it :)

  14. Chris K New Member


    My apologies, whenever i worked with the dutch marines they were exclusively drssed in NL/UK DPM - your pictures do indeed show at least one gentleman dressed in US ERDL - so I am more than happy to stand corrected - as said your paint job is first rate , you did ask for comments so thats why i memtioned the non metalic parts on the M4 or canadian diemaco and the pistol grips.

    you have done an excellent job and I am happy that your friends son came home safe and well, after serving his country , you have made him a lovely gift , and that says a lot about your charector- you say its your first camo paint, well you dod a great job of the ERDL

    best Regards chris(y)
  15. jerry Member

    Very nice job Marc.

  16. megroot A Fixture

    Thanks Chris.
    Gonna correct the pistol grip and M4.

    Tony. That wire will give something more to the figure.
    Thank you for that.

    and Germinal thanks for looking and make some comment.

  17. dArtagnan A Fixture

    Nice paintjob and very convincing camo, Marc!(y)
  18. megroot A Fixture

    Thanks Eddy,
    Apreciate it.

  19. smudger1960 PlanetFigure Supporter

    Marc,i think youv'e done a great job on the camoflauge and as you know i like to see a bit of weathering as well which you have achieved with the footwear and groundwork,i hope you manage to correct the helmet ok mate,that's a very nice gesture for Maurice to replace your'e helmet as well,great job and well done (y)

    Brian (y)
  20. mil-mart A Fixture

    Marc, excellent work on the camo and a great idea for a gift.(y)

    Cheers Ken

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