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WIP My French Dromedary Regiment in Egypt

Discussion in 'vBench (Works in Progress)' started by jai, Aug 21, 2017.

  1. jai A Fixture


    Hello planets

    The only way I have to finish a piece is to publish the WIP
    Do not expect a masterpiece, but just healthy fun.

    At Christmas I had stated that I would soon have started the piece of the RPmodel.
    Only 8 months have passed my promise :LOL:

    At the original piece I will make some minor changes:

    1 head (I looked small)
    2 shako
    3 bust (move the straps from the opposite side then re-fold folds and more)
    4 cartridges (the fatigue hat in my opinion is bad)
    5 rifle (little thing I get rid of bayonet, too short in my copy, and move the weapon on the other side of the dromedaio)
    And more in work.

    I had to rebuild the leg of support. I have small children in the house and broke it.

    So bad I had to drill so long to put a long support pin

    For information on the regiment
    The scans of the magazine "La Sabretache" No. 200 of 1909
    Carnet_de_la_Sabretache 1.JPEG Carnet_de_la_Sabretache 2.JPEG Carnet_de_la_Sabretache 3.JPEG Carnet_de_la_Sabretache 4.JPEG Carnet_de_la_Sabretache 5.JPEG Carnet_de_la_Sabretache 6.JPEG Carnet_de_la_Sabretache 7.JPEG Carnet_de_la_Sabretache 8.JPEG Carnet_de_la_Sabretache 9.JPEG
    Carnet_de_la_Sabretache 10.JPEG carnet de la sabretache.jpg

    Sorry for my english.
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  2. jai A Fixture

    For the main colors I will start from this letter from the regiment letterhead
    reggimento dromedari.png

    And here is my first edit


    After making a resin copy from the original and before the resin is tough I pulled my head out of the mold and swollen with a syringe.
    I then removed shako and panties and built the turban
    Yet to fill the small holes
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  3. JonH Active Member

    Looks like a great project and very interesting.
    Your English is excellent but I would advise you to put your panties back on before someone gets hurt.
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  4. jai A Fixture

    Here is the first stage of painting.
    Use acrylic valley
    After a base of ocher on all the animal I padded with light foam the light and the dark (the photo is not the best) I kept a light color to be similar to the letter paper design.

    The choice of the turban is due to the presence of the lance used only in the first period of the regiment

    DSCF9950.JPG DSCF9953.JPG
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  5. jai A Fixture





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  6. 1969 A Fixture


    Clever idea for making the head larger, will have to remember this technique (y)

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  7. jai A Fixture

    I added some light DSCF9956.JPG

    The kinds of comfort DSCF9965.JPG

    The change of the bust began (before) DSCF9191.JPG

    (after) DSCF9968.JPG

    As you can see I'm not a big "artist"

    Thank you if you want to criticize. . . Also heavily
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  8. jai A Fixture

    Other small step .... saber modification.
    Just as I did not like it.
    I preferred to remove the sabretache (too thick and perhaps not brought by the regiment)
    And shorten the blade.
    According to my measurements the original RPModels piece was too long about 12 mm


    Easy to do operation ...

    Cut the elsa and the tip
    Combined with a piece of reinforced plastic with an iron core

    Two copper rings

    To shed a little more

    As it seems?

    sciabola 2.JPG
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  9. archimede Active Member

  10. Oda A Fixture

    Looks like a lot of work but you are off to a great start.I will follow with interest!

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  11. jai A Fixture

    Thank Oda and Archimede
    I'm slow with my jobs
    small step adding the two drop flies

    are two "plumet" Historex

    Further documentation can be found on the tradition magazine

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