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My first sbs - part 1

Discussion in 'vBench (Works in Progress)' started by Brad S, Jun 5, 2005.

  1. Brad S Member

    Ok. This is my first sbs. The figure is Michael Roberts 'Private, 3rd Australian Light Horse, Gallipoli, 1915.' 75mm. Sculpted by Alan Ball.

    I will try to take lots of pictures. I'm open to all types of comments. The pictures are quite big, and the figure looks better (of course) with the naked eye. It really doesn't do it justice (My wife said). And I've already noticed a few corrections.

    First here are the parts, sorry for the fuzzy picture.

    then the parts are primed with auto primer. I misted it gently and noticed that all over it had a pebbly surface. Next time I wont mist it, I will put it on in a more even but still light coat.

    Here is the basecoat of flesh with the eyes almost finished. I prefer to start off light with my flesh and add more shadows than highlights. It works better for me, otherwise I have a tendency to get the flesh way too dark. The eye picture needs to have the white balance corrected in the camera. :(

    Here is the flesh tones partially done and the trousers with the first basecoat

    Next is the first couple of applications of shadow and highlight on the face

    This is the face finished (at least I thought). I see alot of little improvements that I will make. Where did that black come from on the top of his nose?

    I will add more in the coming weeks. I hope you all enjoy.


    Brad Spelts :)
  2. Guy A Fixture

    Thanks Brad.......this is one figure I will be looking for next weekend at Tulsa. You are well on your way with your sbs and early for any constructive critique. Your flesh looks good so far. (y)
  3. Roc Active Member

    Hey Brad, so far so good, I wish you good luck on your first SBS, I'm sure you will do a fine job.


    Roc. :)
  4. megroot A Fixture

    Thanks Brad,

    This gonna be a nice one, with i follow closely

  5. Dan Morton A Fixture

    Brad - excellent painting! Nice shadows! I never can get those right! The head and hat are super! Are you using straight white for the eyes? They look a little bright in the pics. I've started using a white/pink/light tan mix that I like. Some of your pics turned out better than others, so I see you are learning how to take close-ups like all of us. I like using outdoor lighting, usually early morning or evening - medium yellow light with few shadows.

    all the best,
  6. Jim Hockett Member

    Looking good so far. You seem to have caprued the ruddy, "outdoorsy" look well. It is interesting to see your sbs. Hopefully I will get to see this one "in the flesh" soon.

  7. Brad S Member

    Everyone - thank you so much for your replies.

    Guy - You are right. It is early for much criticism. And maybe I should add paint mixes also.

    Roc - Thank you for your encouragement. I'm definitely not a master painter, but that is what part of this wonderful site will help me on.

    Marc - Thank you too for your encouragement. I will keep you posted.

    Dan - Thank you for your reply. The shadows are about done, they looka little sloppy in the closeups. I will have to decide if they look good to the naked eye or whether i have to fix it. I did use straight white for the eyes. I know that is a no-no. Usually by the time I finish the face, One of my controlled washes still get in the white, and then it looks about right. Maybe I got lucky (or unlucky) this time. The hat is only base coated. And yes, I thought I knew my camera, but, I dont. Thanks again for your reply. Are you going to Boston?

    Jim - Thanks for reply too. The ruddiness (sp?) might be overdone a tad. I need a naked eye second opinion. I'll try to have it at the next meeting.
  8. georges64 Member

    Good job Brad
    a figure on my "wishes list"..impatient to see it finished.
  9. georges64 Member

    It's me again Brad,do you think with little tansformation ,this man can be upright ?
  10. Brad S Member


    Most definitely. Actually, he could be upright with his left foot on a rock or something without hardly changing a thing. Just adding some to his left leg and arm where it is a little flat to accomodate the base. I think it would be extremely easy even with my limited conversion experience. The way his posture is, you could have him peering around a wall or a tree or something. Great idea!

    Brad Spelts
  11. georges64 Member

    Thanks for the reply Brad and the ideas too.
    I must tell my wife to buy one for the "Father's Day" :)
    This gonna be nice when finished.

    I hope that Alan and m.roberts will continue this serie....
  12. Brad S Member


    I agree with you about continuing the series. I'm not much into this era, but I like anything that is well sculpted. Thanks for the encouragement. I'm not the greatest painter, but it is nice to have the positive re-enforcement as I strive to get better each time.

    Boston Bound

    Brad Spelts

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