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My first Post! Provo IRA Character

Discussion in 'Digis - Digital Miniatures 3D Modeling' started by Mark DeDecker, Mar 14, 2015.

  1. Mark DeDecker Member

    WIP. 1970's . Her name is Aednat Pronounced: ey-nit. It means little fire. (My goal is to pose and make a 120mm resin kit) Her weapon is an Armalite AR-18. The outfit is a 70's British army issue DPM Camo Jak, Non military beret with Easter Lily pin, Skirt and shoes are civi. Hair is temp and needs to be sculpted. Still needs detail pass, buttons and finishing of the shoes hands. Trying to work out pose ideas that tell a story with out the gun being the focus. I hope you like it and feel free to help with comments or ideas![IMG][IMG]
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  2. Jimmy S Well-Known Member

    Why are we sculpting these murdering thugs? As for a storyline suggestion how about face down in some Falls Rd gutter with a DMS boot on her neck? Nice work on the weapon though.....
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  3. jakbwrhr Active Member

    Why glorify these murdering wankers...

    Whilst a v nice sculpt you've wasted your time sculpting the face... the scum (of both sides) normally wore balaclavas...
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  4. Mark DeDecker Member

    I humbly apologize if the subject mater has struck a cord or upset you. It is not my intent to do so. I merely have an interest in the subject and in no way do intend to glorify or to be political or controversial. I am not close to the issue so forgive my insensitivity. I honestly did not expect to do so. Most figures on this site represent people in conflicts old and new many of them thugs, scum and the like. I'd remove the title if it would let me so that I don't rub people the wrong way. I just cant figure out how. Again it is not my intent to insult, anger or hurt anyone. I admire your work greatly.
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  5. Martin64 A Fixture

    Interesting to see this way of modern sculpting develop. The folds of the skirt are strangely draped IMHO but this is WIP of course. The jacket and weapon look great. In general I wonder if the combination of skirt and high heeled shoes would work out "in action".
    But it seems to have happened (maybe propaganda pics?) and not everyone was wearing a balaclava.
    ira1.jpg ira2.jpg
    Anyhow I feel that this forum is turning away from historical hobby related comments towards political statements when certain themes are touched - shame!
    One`s freedom fighter is the other one`s terrorist. Maybe an MI 5-agent could be next to keep the balance?

    Cheers, Martin
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  6. housecarl A Fixture

    Brilliant bit of work.
    I have to agree with Martin.(y)
  7. baronband Well-Known Member

    A nice sculpt and a great looking weapon, well done but for many, many personal reasons it is not a figure I would want joining my Grey army

  8. poch mahone PlanetFigure Supporter

    I don't see a problem sculpting this kind of figure, after all it is part of history. You don't hear anybody complaining when a new SS figure is being produced and the were a lot worse than the IRA.

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  9. jakbwrhr Active Member

    "One`s freedom fighter is the other one`s terrorist." True... but they killed more of the people they were "defending" than the security forces ever did... all of which is denied or worse white washed - which is my major gripe. Just like SS, WWII German, Italien or Japanese figures i cannot see any reason to add it to my collection. There is just too much nastiness associated with it.

    Do agree it is a nice sculpt... just v much not for me.
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  10. forghi Active Member

    Nice jacket! Are you use Marvelous Designer? How will you pose it?

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  11. Jimmy S Well-Known Member

    - A glib misstatement if ever there was. I actually teach this stuff for a living, have operated against the IRA, Iraqi insurgents and the Taliban and can tell you the difference between insurgents (who are usually fighting for a societal or political change on behalf of the people and do not need to terrorize a population into submission.) and terrorists, who are criminals pure and simple that have no limitations in the fear they will impose on a society. Had I had first hand experience of the SS/Italians or Japanese forces of WW2 I would have the same views. Fortunately I have done enough study to keep these out of my area of interest. While I appreciate a great paintjob or sculpt I have never owned or painted any of these figures. I accept Mark had no intent to upset or alienate people he obviously has a talent for sculpting I just think its a pity he choose such an evil subject to introduce himself to us. Mark what about female US, British or Israeli soldiers?

    Martin you are correct those are propaganda pictures from the early 70's. This will tell you what the IRA used women for:


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  12. Martin64 A Fixture

    On a personal note: My former unit was twice involved in incidents when we took casualties from first Albanian "terrorists/freedom fighters" and some years later from Serbian "terrorists/freedom fighters". Both times while we tried to maintain public order in favor of average citizens that wanted to live their life. That`s life (and my lesson learned) and this forum here is about our hobby.
    I cannot think about many of our historical themes where no nastiness is/was involved - it just depends on personal self righteousness and national hubris to overlook these aspects while celebrating your mini-hero and mongering about others. But that is not what this forum is about.
    Curb your dog(ma)s.

    Cheers, Martin
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  13. Eludia A Fixture


    And a nice one too, I may add
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  14. Helm A Fixture

    I see it's the usual [IMG] again, don't like it don't buy it quite simple. I wouldn't have it in the house but if somebody does then it's up to them it's looking to be an excellent sculpt
  15. akaryu A Fixture

    We may come from various countries and from different backgrounds, from opposing sides of the fence and certainly from opposite sides of the former Iron Curtain but don't let us go down that road again, after all it's just a hobby, which might be considered as a form of art but is sometimes hard enough to explain to outsiders who suspect your average model soldier painter to be a frustrated militarist. Any former soldier on this forum will have experience of the changing nature of good guys versus bad guys in that imbroglio of murky politics clouded by the fog of civil war. Yugoslavia and Rwanda might stand as not so shining examples of just that!
    Let's keep throwing tiny amounts of paint at tiny soldiers and let's please leave the bickering and arguing to the politicians and lawyers, they love it!
  16. swralph A Fixture

    Nice work on this sculpt.
  17. Kevindunne Active Member

    Brilliant piece of sculpting. Mark has a right to sculpt whatever he damn well feels like...as do we all. I fought the NVA and Viet Cong and while I have no interest in painting a figure/bust of one, I can appreciate the artistry involved in their creation.
    If you find it offensive, don't buy it but just because you are offended does not mean you are right.
  18. Kevindunne Active Member

    PS to my last...I would like to see her resting the butt of the Armalite on her hip in a relaxed pose.
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  19. BarrieHynd Well-Known Member

    Yes it is a very good wip sculpt but like many others, for personal reasons, not one I would buy.

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  20. pgarri27 Well-Known Member


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