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Discussion in 'Sculpting' started by prickett, May 30, 2006.

  1. prickett Member

    Hi everybody!Let me show some pics which are my first job in sculpturing.So far there are two guys(I call'em-"Dwarves-
    Tombriders")Mini are 9.5cm high what means about 1/16 scale. Third memb of that gang is coming(as I hope of course)soon.
    Its going to be a crossbowman with a lot of things upon him.But now its lef for You to say some words about these ones!!!
    The rest pics You can find here...[URL=

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  2. Lancer Active Member

    Hey Michael
    These guys are awesome, and if thats your first attempt in sculpting then I'm going to quit!! Simply outstanding work!!! Can't wait to see the third one. I can already picture the diorama I would do! Be sure to let us know if they are ever released commercially, I would be in for the set!
  3. nagashino New Member

    Hi Michael

    These two are outstanding, especially as they are your first sculpt! I think the small detail work on the various pots and pieces is particularly good. They have loads of character and I agree with Mark, I would buy them if they were commercially available. I can visualise them in colour already! :lol:

    Are they done in Magic Sculp?

    Good stuff!

  4. Sambaman Well-Known Member

    really great stuff! I'm with the others, if these were mase avaiable I would snatch them up! Be sure to show us the last one when done.

    Jay H.
  5. Arminous Member

    Hi All!

    3darova Michael!I was working on Fantazy figures before I start with Historical Miniatures and form my expierience I could say your Dwarves are more than GREAT!!!Very convincing Dwarf-Anatomy and beautiful faces and equipment!.I still don't believe this is your first work!

    Please try to copy them some way,I would love to paint them and I'm not the only one!Let us check the third member of the "shortie-company" and let us have a copy! ;)

    Strashno krasivo!
  6. garyjd Well-Known Member

    Michael, Very nice. Your work has it's own destinctive style.~Gary
  7. prickett Member

    Good evening(or whatever time it might be) all!Thanks a lot for Your words!There's so many TRUE MASTERS here,so I've been afraid a bit one time of posting here...
    Why,I see no obstacles for minis not being available!!So guys,if You found them good enough to get,why not!My mail adress is here and icq as well. Please,mail me
    about details whenever You wish,I'll be glad to answer all Your questions!
    And let me make You sure,the third guy won't be waited for long!
    Best regards!
  8. Robert Dominick Member


    Fantastic work!! Truely inspiring!

    Thanks, Robert
  9. Dan Morton A Fixture

    Those are remarkably well done figures! ;) The marvelous detail and intricacy is just incredible! Could we see some close-ups?

    All the best,
  10. megroot A Fixture


    It is not my kind of interest, but i must say that you did a tremendous job on these figures.
    I cannot do more then echo the other guys.

  11. Roy New Member

    Hi Michael, and welcome to the Planet...the figures look great. I love the weapons and all the added accesories..The attitude of the figures are excellent too..very well done.

    I'd love to see some bigger pictures too.

    All the best..Roy
  12. cspirito New Member

    Hello, Michael -
    I loved the Dwarves. What height are they? What materials did you use?
    Please show us more of your work, and tell us when/where we can buy castings...
  13. pkw4 Active Member

    Hi Michael
    YOUR work is amaizing.Please please sculpt a 70mm Celt or similar and produce it .
    I will certanly buy one.
    Super work
  14. prickett Member

    Hi guys!I was just pointed at the sort of grammatical mistake I did in my post.Of course I meant Dwarves TOMBRAIDERS!
    And I suppose this mistake is not the only one!I find English difficult sometimes....(hope minis just a little better )
    Sorry...Best regards! :lol:
  15. Zlobov*S Active Member

    Greetings Michael! I Congratulate! Very good work! ;)
  16. prickett2 New Member

    Hi guis!
    It was too long ago I visited this topic & forum last time,so I beg Your pardon! :) I have some troubles now eithter with forums entering or with my
    post client,anyway I could not get a new password to come in...That's why I'm 'Prickett2' now,but its still the same guy! :)
    Well...Let me represent for Your judements my next job...This is the third one ,and it is "The Dwarf Tombraider crossbower" of course !
    He's in the same gang as wellas his pals which were posted before....





  17. Dan Morton A Fixture

    Marvelous! I'm in awe! And I agree with everybody so far. These all have real commercial possibilities. If one of the well known commercial casting firms don't snap these all up and put them into production, they're crazy. Not my cup of tea personally, but I recognize superb craftsmanship, unique sculpting style and gifted artisanship.

    Sorry - I find it really hard to believe these were your first sculpts.

    All the best,
  18. Zlobov*S Active Member

    Hi Michael is next fine work! The good fellow that you continue a theme.
    I want to tell that I have two copies " resin kit " - they in hands and alive - are simply magnificent and decorate my shelf!!! Continue please Michael ;-)
  19. Frank-Holger Member

    This is really REALLY unbelievable work! I like your sculpts more than a lot! You should realy think about offering castings of your work, and I HOPE you will stay in the Fantasy Genre and sculpt more of this stuff.

    Your detailing is very outstanding, clean and accurate. True Masterpieces!

  20. Roc Active Member

    Great work, my compliments.


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