my beginner's steps in figure scultping

Discussion in 'Just starting...' started by dario966, Jul 7, 2005.

  1. dario966 New Member

    this are some of my own learning academy in miniature scultping :).
    I am learning and learning and learning mostly 80mm to 120 mm figures - in Sculpey, Fimo, Clay, airdruing clay, Magicsculp and Apoxie Sculp
    all types of comments are welcome :)

    ps I am also a sometime illustrator, several of my drawings can be seen at the Polish wargaming forum Valkira, they were included into a book of the RolePlayingGame titled Dzikie Pola2

  2. dario966 New Member

  3. dario966 New Member

    thia should be enough 'funny figures' for now :)
  4. Calvin Member

    Hi Dario,
    even the cover of the Dzikie Pola is your ? It's an Islamic knight, right ?
  5. dario966 New Member

    no, I wish :),
    the cover is by Jozef Brandt, the 19th century Polish historical painter who spent most of working life in Munich, establishing what is called the Munich school of Polish painting - he was famous for painting the cossacks, Tatars and and other elements of Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth army of the 16-18th century. He was very collected in US and Germany at the turn of the 19th century and early 20th century.
    you can see some of his important work here:
    The knight in question is a 17th century Pancerni towarzysz (comarade, he usually was assited by 1-3 mounted and similarily equipped retainers), the lighter type of Polish cavalry, one grade down from the winged hussar.
    mine work is mostly black and white e.g my own pancerny:
  6. Calvin Member

    Nice painting, is there a reason for which you prefer black and white instead using colours ?

    I must admit my ignorance about that topic, but seeing the book cover, the first thing coming to my mind was the painting of Gerome, also used as reference by the figure from White Models.

    Is the coat on the shoulder a tiger skin like for the well known Polish Hussars ? And what is the reason of such likeness with islamic warriors ? It's obvious that if you have any reference, I really would like to know more about it.

    BTW about what is the Dzikie Pola book ? As you can imagine, I understand nothing of polish...

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  7. arthur Member

    Love your sculpting,... and artwork in Dzikie Pola :)
    DP reminds me so much of "Ogniem i Mieczem"
    Thank you for sharing,
  8. dario966 New Member

    hey, thanks Arthur :),
    but my road in sculpting is a long one :).
    Love Polish -Lithuanian Commonwealth !Vivat Respublica Poloniae!
  9. dario966 New Member

    Calvin, thanks for your kind words, I will try to send you some info on the Polish Pancerni cavalry - :)

    I love B&W, used to do wookdcut and other stuff, but I also do some color illustration as here:]My Webpage]
    OSprey did two books about the Polish Army of the 1572-1699 period, they are not too bad, although they have some big erros in the pituctures, yet you can definitely learn some and view images of the Pancerni etc.
    Definitely Messers Gerome and Brandt did belong to the same school of the 19th European orientalism painting. Unlike Germe, Brandt did not paint any Middle-eastern subjects but mostly historical events from the eastern Europe, especially Polish 16-19th century history. He was very popular in the German countries and became very successful and very wealthy...

  10. Calvin Member

    Hi Dario,
    I suppose you too have been different seasons. Seeing your drawings, it seems you go across different styles, but I'm not so good to put them in the chronological order... :lol:

    This is my preferred, almost impressionist


    and from your drawings, the last one you show in your reply is the style I prefer, clean and effective.
  11. Dan Morton A Fixture

    Really nice drawings & color illustrations, Dario! I like the BxW at the bottom of the page best. You have a gift!

    All the best,
  12. dario966 New Member

  13. Alex Lopez Active Member

    Well Amigo!! You have been working!!!

    The figures an drawings looks very well, congrats friend.


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