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Muscovite Rindi, 16th. Century

Discussion in 'Reviews , Video Reviews and Open Book' started by Calvin, Oct 12, 2006.

  1. Calvin Member

    This is the last release from Elite Miniaturas

  2. Calvin Member

    And here a review of this piece:

    Manufacturer: Elite Miniaturas
    Article: MG/70.25 - Muscovite Rindi, 16th. Century
    Casting: white metal
    Scale: 70mm
    Sculptor: Mike Good
    Painter (boxart): Jose Hernandez
    Pieces: 4

    As most of you already known, this is a figure sculpted way ago by Mike Good and produced by Poste Militaire. Elite purchased some of the masters of Poste Militaire, reissuing them as you can see with that release.

    I got the opportunity to see the package Manuel received from Ray Lamb and believe me it was a beauty:


    Those are the master used for the casting process. Metal casting is quite different from resin casting and related molds are made to handle more than one piece at time, this is the reason for which you could see 4 masters.

    This is the original picture used for the Poste Militaire's boxart, another piece of history. Still in perfect condition and by the way a great picture, much better than the ones from the current digital era:

  3. Calvin Member

    To be honest, there is no much to say about the kit. Considering the Elite quality standard and the master from Mike Good I think the only thing one can do is just put some pictures of the piece. Shots speaks louder than words.

    Packaging is very good, as usual for Elite. The figure comes in 4 pieces and the kit contains a small colour guide.



    The casting is top notch, seam lines (running on the sides) are almost invisible. No deformations, shrinkage, etc. at all.



    And this just to give you an idea about the details level.




    I compared the casted copies with the original master and there is no loss at all.
  4. Calvin Member

    Last, but not least, the beautiful painting job made by Jose Hernandez for the boxart. You can admire it at the beginning of this post, but there is something I would like to show you.

    Take a look at this and try to figure how that guy could do something like this.


    The height of the side where Jose signed the paintjob is aprox 3mm, that means a signature of 1,5mm height...
  5. mahross New Member

    Thats is a great looking figure now we have the oppurtunity to byuy it again.

    I notice on the Elite website that they have bought the masters to Mike's figure from Post Militaire. Does anyone know if this includes the 110mm Battle of Britain pilots?

  6. Calvin Member

    Ross, I saw more pieces from Post Militaire in the package, but not the ones you mention. I wll ask to Manuel and let you know.
  7. Guy A Fixture

    Excellent review Luca. This is another figure I plan on doing again.
  8. Figure Mad Well-Known Member

    This is such a nice piece, I have been looking at this since it came out from Elite, its one of those wish figures, you know one you wished you bought years ago but never did then it goes out of production, thankfully its been revived by Elite, superb.

    just as foot note I noticed Elite, release another figure at the same time...

    Officer Royal Horse Artillery 1842

    with a few changes it would go perfectly with Elites Captain Souter (Echos of Gandamak)


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  9. Sambaman Well-Known Member

    You know Dave,
    I really have a soft spot for the Gandamak figures. But I have the Elite Souter figure, and although beautifully sculpted, unless this guy is a shrimp, he won't look right with the Elite figure - it's SMALL!

    Luca, good stuff mate!

    Jay H.
  10. Figure Mad Well-Known Member

    Hi Jay

    I have just sold the souter figure to another member of my club, he bought this one at the weekend and they seem to be of similar size, they are stated as 54mm. but I know what you mean the souter is small, but this seems realy close in size

  11. Calvin Member

    Guys, I only can say that I am really charmed by some of the pieces that Manuel picked up. There is another master (of Mike Good, if I remember correctly) which is really impressive. When I saw the original I spent more than an half hour looking at it on my hands, it is a gem. I think you will see it very soon.

    Yes Dave, the figure you pointed out is another incoming release of Elite, not sure but I think also painted by Jose Hernandez, he always does a killer paintjob.

    And if this is not enough...., this week I saw another master just arrived at Manuel home. He asked me to reproduce the base in resin before going for metal casting, the vulcanization process could damage it.

    The figure is another gem, I must persuade Manuel to take some shot of the master and put them here, hope he (and the sculptor) will not blame me for that...

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  12. megroot A Fixture

    Thanks for the revieuw Luca,
    Another for the ever groing wish list.
    That base you showed is also a must have.

  13. mahross New Member

    Cheers Luca. I do hope it is one of them.


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