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Morpheus Bust - What is the Matrix?

Discussion in 'vBench (Works in Progress)' started by jitch0t, Apr 2, 2004.

  1. jitch0t Member

    Hi friends!

    I had some problems trying to get the correct green color for the Vietnam soldier bust (i'll finally use Vallejo American Uniform to avoid mix problems) so I decided to free my mind (literally :p ) and paint this bust from the character Morpheus, played by Lawrence Fishburne. The bust was sculpted by Santiago Moltó for the magazine HobbyWorld (www.hobbyworld-e.com). The scale is... mmm dunno, smaller than 200mm, maybe 150mm?

    So here we have the first pic where you can see the fig primmed with Citadel White Skull spray and the base color for the face (Flat Earth 983).


    Next pic shows the face finished. I used Goldbrown 877 for highlighting and Burnt Cadmium Red 859 (latest with pure black) for shadows. The tie, the shirt... And the coat with a mix of Black and Black Green... I had some problems with that because the coat is black leather but the movies have a green tone all over the characters, ambience... so I tried to get it on his coat.


    Some gloss varnish and done! :)


    And finally I played a bit with Photoshop and did this :D


    Hope you like it and give me some advice to improve. Now I'll try to finish the Vietnam bust.

  2. Jim Patrick Active Member

    Looking good Daniel. I really like the colors you used as I have stopped (or not started) several projects because I couldn't figure out a good color for african american skintones. Thanks (y) After looking at his face, it looks like there isn't enough difference between your high highlights and your mid tones. Maybe your deep shadows could be a little darker as well. As far as the high highlights go and where to put them, look at one of Shep Paine's old books on modeling (any of them). I really don't know how to explain it without typing (pecking) for about an hour here. As far as the high highlights and deep shadows go, it really isnt hard to fix at all. If I had my old figures photographed I could show you me doing the EXACT same thing! I know how you feel. Just a little further on your highlights and shadows and your'e there Daniel. As far as your colors, theyr'e all there (in the right place) and you have a smooth transition between them. Very good job there. I really like the final photo. Did you do that using adobe photoshop? That really looks cool! Again, overall, 2 thumbs up (y) (y) very good job. I like it and I learned something!

    One more thing. you call yourself a "beginner"? You say your work isn't as good as everyone's else's? Daniel, don't sell yourself short. You have a talent my friend. Keep painting and show us your progress. We all want to see it now!

    Jim Patrick
  3. jitch0t Member

    Thank you so much for your words, my friend. I really appreciate them and your time spent typing a reply. I think the same, no big contrast but I don't really know how to do it! I try to study pics, books, videos... and don't know what do I do wrong.

    I just know i need to have patience :(

    Yes I used Adobe Photoshop for that photo, it was funny :)

    Thanks again Jim!
  4. gordy Well-Known Member

    very nice indeed, excellent flesh tones!! (y)
  5. yeo_64 Well-Known Member

    Daniel,EXCELLENT job on Morpheus (y) (y) ;really love the skin tones that you'd chosen ! The Matrix series is one of my favourites too.Cheers !
    Kenneth :lol:
  6. Anders Heintz Well-Known Member

    Hey Daniel!

    He is looking really nice and the skin tones are very good! I would agree with Jim and say it may need a little more contrast, this is really the hardest thing to do. Not technichally but more mentally. I used to paint with little or no contrast, and I just couldnt get my self to do more. Then I finally forced my self and painted lighter highlights and darker shadows and once the 'barrier' was broken it was easy. Just play around with it, add one more highlight after you think it is ok, and have fun with it, and pretty soon you will reach a contrast level that you like! Keep up the great work and Im looking forward to see the Nam bust!
  7. KeithP Active Member

    Thanks for sharing the skin colors that you used. Those are some of the most natural tones I have seen.

  8. Roc Active Member

    Nice work,keep it up.

    Roc. (y)
  9. jitch0t Member

    Thank you so much guys for your comments. Anders you are right, i oughta broke that barrier!! ;)

    Tomorrow i'll update the 'nam bust sbs

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