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Morland Studios Kickstarter for 54mm Howard David Johnson Miniatures

Discussion in 'Figure News' started by Valloa, Jul 23, 2012.

  1. Valloa Active Member

    When we launched our Officially Licensed Howard David Johnson line in 32mm, the figures were wildly popular but with every release we have gotten numerous requests for the same figures in a larger scale. As we have found, producing the larger figures is expensive and this Kickstarter is to "Kickstart" the 54mm versions of our Howard David Johnson line through sculpting and production faster than they would otherwise be produced around the popular (and thus prioritized) 32mms. If funding is successful, then we will be able to focus on getting some 54mms added to our Howard David Johnson line alongside the 32mms. Should it not be successful, then any 54mm releases will be sporadic or not at all until we have sculpted all of the 32mm figures in our licensed line.

    Our initial funding goal of $5,000 is to cover the costs associated with producing three 54mm miniatures, and their accessories, for this line. Kreimhild's Revenge (with shield and helm), Danu (with wolf) and Bodbh, Goddess of War and Death (with Cairn). 

Below are the three licensed artworks on which the figures will be based that are included in this Kickstarter project.


    Our Kickstarter project, information and Kickstarter only resin 32mm Kreimhild can be found here:
  2. Valloa Active Member

    For anyone following our project, we just updated the project!

    I've posted up the stretch goals (with artwork and one green) as well as several examples of future artwork for 54mms should this Kickstarter be successful.

    I added in new pledge levels which include five of our unreleased figures as well as add-ons for current pledge levels. By request, I also added in an option to add the 32mm Medb set to any pledge. Also added are a few copies of our promo only figure, 54mm Shar The Traveler.

    To see the artwork and new miniatures visit our Kickstarter page at:

  3. Valloa Active Member

    I'm very excited to say that we are 93% funded! We're almost there!

    I have added a video to the front page of our Kickstarter that shows more of the artwork from our Howard David Johnson line. All of the miniatures available through Kickstarter are offered for less than the retail price, so if you like the figures, now is an excellent time to pledge.

    For those that don't want to wait until all the goodies are ready to ship to enjoy them, I have added the option to have your pledges shipped as soon as each figure is available, instead of having to wait until all the figures in your pledge are finished. Information on how to add that to your pledge can be found on the Kickstarter main page.

    In case anyone missed seeing our pre-release figures that are offering to backers, I have added pictures below! These are also offered for below the final retail price, so it's a good time to not only get them before they are released to the public, but at a discount as well.




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  4. Valloa Active Member

    Since we are in the last four days of our Kickstarter campaign, it's the perfect time for another update.

    I have received word from my caster that the 54mm Kreimhild sets will be finished with the casting and ready to ship at the end of the Kickstarter campaign! This means that any set with just a 54mm Kreimhild, 32mm metal or resin Kreimhild set will ship out immediately after Kickstarter finishes it's post campaign processing. The 54mm Kreimhild set will be a high quality resin and metal set, with her body in resin and the shield/helm and spear in metal.

    I have also received some awesome work in progress pictures of the 54mm Justitia from Sebastian Archer. I am completely blown away with the quality of his sculpting on this piece and think it is the best figure he's done to date. This figure is part of our Kickstarter as a stretch goal. Should we reach her stretch goal, every backer at the 36.00 and up level will receive a copy of Justitia for free.



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  5. Gaudin A Fixture

    Hi Maya
    Pleased to see that your kickstarter reached the goal. Exciting times ahead?
  6. housecarl Moderator

    Excellent work on all the pieces.
  7. Maki Active Member

    Beautiful sculpt of Justitia by Sebastian Archer. Well done.

  8. Valloa Active Member

    @Gaudin Yes indeed!

    I want to thank everyone for their support and contributions to our Kickstarter. We were funded today which funds the remainder of production for our 54mm Kreimhild, 54mm Danu and 54mm Bodbh. Since we had enough interest to be fully funded, we will also be producing two additional 54mms alongside their 32mm versions. Thank you again to all who supported us.
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  9. Ong Active Member

    Hi Maya,

    Beautiful sculpt on the 54mm versions. I am the one who reviewed the 32mm Kreimhild's Revenge metal figure and it's an excellent figure. I see there's a figure called the 54mm "Resin Shar, The Traveler." Could you tell me more about this and does Morland have any more? :)

    Personally, I like the Queen Cinderella made as a figure since I don't recall any female figure made in such elegance, style, and fashion. I believe there are already some Joan of Arc figures and WW2 female civilian figures on market kind of look like poor Cinderella. I would also prefer Tinkerbelle and Queen Boudica made as 54mm figures because Howard David Johnson's style is so unique for these and again, I don't recall any female figures made representing this style.
  10. Valloa Active Member


    Hi there. :) I remember your review of the 32mm Kreimhild. The 54mm Shar, The Traveler is a promo figure that we have. She's only been available as a limited "Thank you" for store orders over 100.00 in Morland Studios product or 200.00 total orders or as part of a pledge option in our Kickstarter. We haven't gone through the full run of 200 yet, so she'll likely pop up in a future promo/giveway.

    We have so many good artworks licensed in the Howard David Johnson line and the Kickstarter showed only a few. The next two figures will totally be up to one of our backers, so I don't know what they will be yet other than awesome when they are done. :)

  11. Valloa Active Member

    I want to thank each and everyone of you for your support of this Kickstarter project.
    As of today, packages for 21 of our pledgers have gone out the door. We have shipped all the pledges that contained only 54mm Kreimhild's Revenge Sets, 32mm metal Kreimhild's Revenge Sets, 32mm resin Kreimhild's Revenge Sets, Katherine, Elegant Lady Busts, Werewolf busts, 32mm Medb Sets or any combination of only those figures.
    Thank you again to all who have supported us. I can't wait to get the rest of the mini goodness through production and in your hands.

    Maya Morland

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