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Review More WW1 accesories from Jon Smith Modellbau ( JSM )

Discussion in 'Reviews , Video Reviews and Open Book' started by Nap, May 26, 2019.

  1. Nap A Fixture

    Hi everyone

    JSM continue to add more items to their comprehensive catalogue , primarily aimed at WW1 but also suitable for other conflicts as items were often in uses for a long time before being updated

    For previous item looked at :



    What have we new ....

    • French Chauchat Mle. 1915 MG Weapons Set has now been released.
    • This includes the well-known Musette magazine bags and other equipment items associated with this MG.
    • Many of these articles are also available as individual spares in 1:16th, 1:32nd and 1:35th scales.
    General comments
    • As we all know Jon's research is something he is quite rightly proud of and as in previous release this shows in these in the resin
    • Sculpting is using 3D
    • High quality resin resulting in high quality castings
    • Minimal flash
    • Many uses both as individual pieces or in diorama's
    06SP Chauchat MG Set 01.JPG

    Beginning with some great pictures from the period of the items in use

    French Pose 2.jpg
    French Pose 7.jpg
    French Pose 13.jpg
    French Pose 15.jpeg French Pose 44.jpg
    Webbing Equip. 11.jpg Old Type 2.jpg

    ZWednesday 033.jpg

    In the next post I will show the machine gun

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  2. Nap A Fixture

    Starting with:

    French Chauchat Mle. 1915 MG

    3D Image

    06SP MG 01.JPG

    The model painted above ...below the real thing !!!!

    Whole Gun 12.jpg

    Some more references:

    Breach 3.jpg Breach 2.jpg Flash Hider 3.jpg Legs 4.jpg Main Body under 5.jpg Whole Gun 13.jpg Whole Gun 10.jpg Whole Gun 12.jpg

    Continued in next post

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  3. Nap A Fixture

    Now to the remaining items from the set which contains these items:

    • Chauchat MG (6 parts)
    • Alternative Barrel (old or new type)
    • 2 x Magazine – Empty
    • 2 x Magazines with 9 Rounds
    • 2 x Magazines with 18 Rounds
    • 2 x Magazines with 20 Rounds
    • 1 x Magazine with 9 Rounds Shortened to fit MG
    • 2 x CSRG Frontal Magazine Pouches – 1st Type
    • Ruby Pistol Pouch M1916
    • Musette Magazine Bag – closed
    • Musette Magazine Bag – open
    • French MG Oil Can
    • Spare MG Parts (extra Bipod Legs x 2, Rear Sight and Handle)
    All pictures from the website :

    3D Images
    Pouches CSRG Frontal Magazine Pouches 1st Type 7.jpg CSRG Frontal Magazine Pouches 1st Type 4.jpg Oil Can French-MG-Oil-Can-2.jpg
    Musette Musette Magazine Bag closed 1.jpg Musette Magazine Bag closed 5.jpg Musette Magazine Bag open 1.jpg Musette Magazine Bag open 6.jpg
    Ruby pistol pouch Ruby Pistol Pouch M1916 5.jpg Ruby Pistol Pouch M1916 4.jpg
    06SP Mag Pouches 01.JPG 06SP Magazines 01.JPG 06SP Musette Bag 01.JPG
    20180808 French MG Can 3.jpg

    Continued in next post

  4. Nap A Fixture

    This part for your reference stash !!!

    Chauchat Pouch 3.jpg Chauchat Pouch 1.jpg
    Chauchat Pouch 2.jpg

    Mag 2.JPG Mag 1.jpg

    ZZZZZZ.jpg ZZZZZZZ.jpg

    Musette-porte-chargeurs-pour-fm-chauchat-1915-_1.jpg Musette-porte-chargeurs-pour-fm-chauchat-1915-_1 (4).jpg Musette-porte-chargeurs-pour-fm-chauchat-1915-_1 (5).jpg Musette-porte-chargeurs-pour-fm-chauchat-1915-_1 (6).jpg Musette-porte-chargeurs-pour-fm-chauchat-1915-_57 (1).jpg Musette interieur.jpg Musette recto.jpg Musette verso.jpg

    Ruby Pouch 2.jpg Ruby Pouch 5.jpg Ruby Pouch 6.jpg Ruby Pouch 8.jpg
    Ruby Pistol & Pouch 1.jpg


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  5. Nap A Fixture

    To end this picture review lets have some of the items in use (Please note the post is not included in the set)

    06SP MG 03.JPG 06SP MG 02.JPG 06SP Musette Bag 02.JPG 06SP Magazines 04.JPG ZZZZZZZZ.jpeg ZZZZZZZZZ.jpeg

    Final thoughts

    The same comments apply as in previous reviews for JSM , excellent research , casting quality is very high and just as important impressive customer service

    Also included in the 25 piece set is a highly detailed and comprehensive information sheet on the items included ...a veritable mass of research

    Highly recommended for all

    For more information on this and all the releases both figures in 1/32nd and 1/16th and of course busts from JSM contact details are here:

    e mail: Info@jonsmith-modellbau.com

    Website: www.jonsmith-modellbau.com

    Thanks to you all for looking in

    Happy modelling

  6. Richard Baxter A Fixture

    These trench stores are always particularly welcome, especially when they are of such high quality.
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  7. MCPWilk A Fixture

    Beautifully modelled. Was the Vickers better, worse or much the same in use?

  8. Nap A Fixture


    Have a look at this Mike

  9. MCPWilk A Fixture

    Very interesting. I suspect the magazine would not cope well in a sea of mud.

  10. Nap A Fixture


    Indeed Mike gunners often didn't fully load the magazine due to the possibility of stress and damage

  11. Dan Morton A Fixture

    Brief comparison.

    British Vickers machine gun - much heavier than Chauchat. Ammo loaded via belt.
    The Vickers machine gun or Vickers gun is a name primarily used to refer to the water-cooled.303 British (7.7 mm) machine gun produced by Vickers Limited, originally for the British Army. The machine gun typically required a six to eight-man team to operate: one fired, one fed the ammunition, the rest helped to carry the weapon, its ammunition, and spare parts.
    33 - 51 lb all-up
    The Chauchat was the standard light machine gun or "machine rifle" of the French Army during World War I (1914–18). Its official designation was " Fusil Mitrailleur Modele 1915 CSRG " ("Machine Rifle Model 1915 CSRG"). Ammo disc loaded. Crew one or two. Subject to clogging and blockages from mud. Design details.
    The Chauchat machine rifle (CSRG) delivered to the French Army fired the 8mm Lebel cartridge at the slow rate of 240 rounds per minute. At 9 kilograms (20 lb), the gun was much lighter than the contemporary portable light machine guns of the period.

    All the best,

    Robert Bruce's Machine Guns of World War 1, published by
    Windrow and Greene, ISBN 1-85915-078-0 is the best reference!

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  12. MCPWilk A Fixture

    I got confused - I meant to compare it with the drum magazine Lewis gun.

  13. Mirofsoft A Fixture

  14. Sgt. Red Active Member

    Beautiful. Are you going to make more trenches and bunkers in 1/16?
  15. Jon Smith New Member

    Thanks for all comments regarding the recent JSM reviews from Nap. There are no immediate plans just yet for trenches and bunkers in 1/16th scale as the main focus of JSM is still the figures. This is of cause not to say that there will not be another German Trench type of kit in the future.
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  16. Arie120mm Member

    Hello Nap
    I agree with you. The French Chauchat Mle. 1915 MG looks very beautiful.
    JSM has great models and spare parts.
    All parts are made of high quality resin.
    I am a big fan of Jon Smith Modellbau
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  17. Nap A Fixture


    Hi Arie

    Thanks for commenting agree with yours , I only paint busts but the same applies for sure

    Do start your own threads showing your work with JSM items sure Jon and all here woukd love to see them

    Happy benchtime


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