Montgomery Cross a.k.a. "The walking prison"

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    I want to present a bust I did recently.
    Photos made by Nela Pajdzik.

    height with base: 17 cm
    height without base: 10 cm
    materials: mix fimo + sculpey firm, milliput

    Style is a bit caricature so the proportions are not exactly right.
    A character comes from the world I create in my imagination called “The gates of Apocalypse” where is a holy war between good and evil and Apocalypse is coming. The world Is kept in a steampunk convention in the era of industrial revolution in XIX century.

    Name: Montgomery Cross a.k.a. “The walking prison”
    occupation: hunting exorcist
    age: 52
    nationality: english

    Short description of the character:
    Montgomery is a member of a larger group called “Gruppo Lazarus” originating from Order of Saint Lazarus. This is an elite combat unit which unified the best exorcists from around the world. The secret quarter of this organization is located in Rome, in the underground of the Basilica of St. John in Lateran where is kept very important relic for them - the skull of Saint Peter.
    The group is leading by the grand master and the most powerful of the exorcists Domenico di Angelo.
    Cross is a hunting exorcist which means that he travels the world looking for demons and the worst cases of possession. He uses his ability to hunting with the sense of smell and hearing.
    “The walking prison” nickname came up from his unique method of transporting demons to the place of unloading. After he pulls out a demon from the body of possessed person he closes him in his own body using the stamp of the cross which is burned on his chest( That makes him the walking prison). When the quantity of demons is to large to keep them safe he comes back to Rome and he closes them in the skull of Saint Peter.

    As a distinguished adept with great talent and strength he was trained by Domenico di Angelo himself.
    He specializes in telepathy, telekinesis, combat meditation, devilry, all forms of melee combat, fighting with white weapon and firearms.

    Special skills:
    Thanks to many years of training with Siberian shamans in Altai he got to know secrets of astral travel, using psychedelics and herbalism.
    He can use a body of possessed person as a portal to Fourth dimension where he can fight with demons in their true form.
    Combat glove designed and manufactured by brilliant inventor Brother Morris serves him to fight and to conducting exorcisms.


    IMG_109122.JPG IMG_1086.JPG IMG_1082.JPG IMG_1084.JPG IMG_1034.JPG IMG_1036.JPG IMG_1021.JPG IMG_1024.JPG
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