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WIP Monk and Beer scale 1/9

Discussion in 'vBench (Works in Progress)' started by offo, Feb 10, 2019.

  1. offo A Fixture

    It my last projekt . Inspirate of Eduard von Grutzner. Happy Monk with a Beer :D
    I hope like it :D
    Palo offo

    9.jpg 10.jpg 8.jpg 6.jpg 5.jpg 4.jpg 3.jpg 2.jpg 7.jpg 582ec125d972502561943c519fa6aa02.jpg Lempertz-1029-1585-Old-Masters-and-19th-Century-Eduard-von-Gruetzner-A-Seated-Monk-with-a-Tank.jpg monk (1).jpg monk.jpg
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  2. DaddyO A Fixture

    Certainly do like it Palo (y)(y)

    Is it a commercial figure or one you are keeping to yourself?
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  3. offo A Fixture

    Thank you. It was a free creation without a specific producer. But now the situation is different. It is already agreed that it will become commercial.
    palo offo
  4. Cannonball A Fixture

    Lovely piece Palo.
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  5. Sergei Active Member

    Absolutely fantastic!
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  6. Oda A Fixture


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  7. Nap A Fixture

    Hi Palo

    Love it ...could almost be me ...lol

    I woukd have been very surprised if this wasn't picked up for commercial

    Hope we see a box artwork

    Thanks for sharing


    PS this would make a good pairing with the release of the one with fish ( think that's what it was ! ) that was done previously
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  8. offo A Fixture

    Thank you. Yes Nap is when I gave my wife this look, I saw how she smiled submissively. His laughter is contagious. :) And I do not know the bust of a monk with fish. I was inspired by paintings by a German painter.

    Producing it will be United Empires Miniatures - USA
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  9. megroot A Fixture

    Beautifull figure.

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  10. John strachan Well-Known Member

    Great work Palo.
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  11. Ned Ricks Active Member


    Makes one smile to look at him.

    Will be glad to know when it is available.
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  12. captnenglish Well-Known Member

    Absolutely love this
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  13. clrsgt A Fixture

    Beautiful work; a real "painter's" face.
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  14. theBaron A Fixture

    It's a great figure! The only criticism I could offer is that I'd prefer to see it with a clear Bierkrug, not one cast in solid-colored resin, and in the style depicted in Grutzner's paintings. As a collector of beer mugs and glasses, that's something that always catches my eye, and I notice that with figures, it often seems an afterthought. On a metal figure holding a mug, it's left as plain metal and painted as if it were pewter, even though a stoneware or ceramic mug would be more appropriate, and offer an opportunity for the painter to add some additional color to his piece.

  15. offo A Fixture

    But I understand it's meant for casting. There was no point in choosing transparent material. This will allow for individual modifications. And the choice of tin mug is also good.
  16. JGREEN A Fixture

    I really like this one! Good work.

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  17. Geoff Charman A Fixture

    Love it, such a character, will add to my wants list.

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  18. theBaron A Fixture

    Not at all. It could be cast as a separate piece. And a tin mug is the least likely probability for a German monk, that is, a Bavarian or Austrian monk. Stoneware is the likeliest, glass next, and tin the least.
  19. offo A Fixture

    I will not decide what to cast a mug as a sculptor. This is the producer's thing. And I do not see why the master piece should be made of transparent material. It does not make sense. And so it can be monk who have a pot of stoneware or tin and even after a small individual adjustment can be a glass cup with a mesh. And monk can be anything. That's the advantage that everyone chooses their choice. And I will be delighted with many different versions. I hope you understand.
  20. theBaron A Fixture

    Sorry, I didn't realize that this is a master. I thought it was a finished, that is, a production casting.

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