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Review Mongolian Warrior ( 13th Century) by Linjo

Discussion in 'Reviews , Video Reviews and Open Book' started by Nap, Nov 7, 2011.

  1. Nap Moderator

    As always its nice to get something from Linjo , a company who have established themselves as one of top quality so ....................

    Its good to receive another bust to share with all on PF , this time its sort of semi military , they have a called it a Mongolian Warrior but it has a more "fantasy" feel to it , for me it has a heroic look about it ....I can well imagine our hero saving many a damsel in distress(y)

    The bust is based on a very popular TV series in China , watched by many I am sure ...as you can see comparing the box art ..a very close resemblance has been achieved .

    I can't give any real history lesson (yes I know you are dissapointed !!!).

    Before we have the details of the pieces here is a few pictures from the TV series (not in Chinese though!!!!)

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  2. Nap Moderator

    Ok then lets begin our adventures with our hero but first ...whats in the box Kev :

    What in the box we have :

    Subject title: Mongolian Warrior (13th Century AD )

    Scale: 200mm

    Parts: 12 (6 of these are arrows)

    Material : Resin

    Sculpted by : Chunmei Zhou

    Box Art by : Hongwei Qin

    Reference: LJ20012

    As always with Linjo the model comes in the distinctive and very strong black cardboard box , with the parts being secured between 2 thick pieces of foam ....

    No likelehood of lost or damaged parts whatsoever (y)(y)

    Consisting of 12 parts , these being the torso , the head , the bowcase , the top and bottom pieces of the bow itself and a total of 6 arrows, the last 8 all secure in a plastic bag and of course we have a base , this time shaped differently. As with the others in the Linjo range they are all cast in a cream resin.

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  3. Nap Moderator

    Hi Guys ,
    I would have had this completed by now but lost the internet ....perils of being in the countryside away from civilisation ..............

    Off now to pick up Mrs Nap from work ...will be back soon to finish off the review for you.

  4. Nap Moderator

    Hi there again ,

    Myself and Mrs Nap are back so onwards and upwards as they say ...moving now to look at the torso itself:

    As in previous bsuts the presentation is spot on , the finsh really clean especialy underneath again, our "hero" is sculpted wearing kimono style clothes over which he wears a "leather armour" which has studs also on it , under this he wears a shoulder belt , and has a cloak draped over his shoulders .

    Sculpting is well defined and clean lined , all area's being well presented , undercuts are very nicely done , folds on the cloak and the garment worn under it are soft and very natural indeed .

    On the back there are 2 locating holes to position the bowcase , which when in place looks natural and like it is pushing the material of the cloak.

    The neck area has no flashing or excess to deal with , resulting in a near perfect fit of the head .

    The "armour" is sculpted true to the picture from the series and has been painted as leather ..but why not paint it as a material with some lovely traditional designs on it ...just for that something different ..I call it artistic licence , adding to the joy of this model .

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  5. Nap Moderator

    On now to the head of our hero :

    The sculpting is really lifelike , something that is extremely hard to get right but comparing the head and the pictures its no mistaking that it is the character .

    Facial features are great , high cheekbones with that look of "go on dare me" ,ears are good as well with lots of detail, the eyes are nice , although painting might be a little harder as not much pupil is shown ..but true to the actor and the picture.

    His facial hair consists of sideboards that link up with his moustache together with a little beard under his lips , his crowning glory being the 1980's hairstyle (yes I do remember when I had hair!!!) , its peaked at the front with the rest being held underneath a headband , strands of hair are well done with the hair sweeping around the back of the neck .

    Fitting into the neck area of the torso produces an almost perfect fit , either way no filler is needed .....just pinned and secured using your favourite adhesive ..don't stick those fingers together!!!!

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  6. Nap Moderator

    Hi Guys,

    On now to the final pieces of the model , namely the bow , its case (with quiver) and the arrows , looking then at the base provided.

    Firstly the bow , this is when assembled looks like it is held in the bowcase itself and you have 2 pieces to put into place to achieve this , the larger fits to the top the smaller to the lower part .

    You will need to put a bowstring to it ..perhaps fishing wire or fine twine would be a suitable thing to use .

    The bowcase has a large area on which you could put a design as in the picture or just leave it blank ..its up to you. The quiver is also included in the piece , both has some nice decoration , and both require minimal work before fit.

    The arrows are to be placed into the quiver , there are positions there but I recommend redrilling , you could also replace the cast arrows with ones made of wire and with the reworked flights .

    The base is a small pedastal type with an angled top , fitting cleanly to the undersides of the torso , I would suggest pinning also .

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  7. Nap Moderator

    Final thoughts from your demon of the keyboard :

    Its good to have a subject that is not all military in the true sense of the word and thats what you have IMO , its great fun , with great sculpting , great presentation as well .

    As with all of my Linjo reviews the keywords of this company is "100% QUALITY ..... ALL THE TIME" and thats what you get with this .(y)

    The subject has lots of different challenges to paint ranging from the "armour" to designs on the bowcase , together with clothing decoration .

    Thanks to Linjo for the review model and WELL DONE..yet again another great bust for both military and fantasy modellers:):D

    A pleasure to recommend.

    In the UK it can be got from El Greco of course at a cost of only £27 plus shipping

    Note El Greco are the sole distributor in UK

    Phone: +44 (0)1280 840364

    Email: info@elgrecominiatures.co.uk

    Home Page: http://www.elgrecominiatures.co.uk

    or direct via the Linjo website at www.linjomodels.com or contact them by e mail at linjomodles@sina.com

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  8. megroot A Fixture

    I've seen Linjo figures at Euro.
    We could open a box (with permission off El Greco) and it is indeed perfect casting.
    Thanks for the revieuw.

  9. Jazz A Fixture

    Lovely bust as always from Linjo. Rather missed the history lesson though Kev. I really look forward to those. Personally I would trim the arrows off the flights and replace them with brass rod. Best wishes to Mrs Nap. (y)(y)(y)
  10. jenghiz Active Member

    Having seen the T.V. series,released as a 10 DVD,30 episode set, I can not for the life of me see why they chose to sculpt and release this most unlike Mongol figure.In the series are some excellent depictions of Mongol warriors clearly based on contemporary accounts. This "Teddy Boy" style figure is very wierd.However the casting and sculpting are excellent.
  11. Nap Moderator

    Ian ,

    I agree its not a true Mongolian perhaps the title should have been chosen differently , however it does give us modellers the opportunity to go a little wild as a "fantasy" piece .

    And like you said it is excellent an sculpting and casting .

  12. meizi Active Member

    Hi Ian and Kevin, maybe the guy was indeed not presented in the normal way as a mongolian should be, it's just made for the interest of the sculptor. After watching the TV show, the sculptor was impressed with this guy for him shooting with unfailing accuracy! Then she made this bust, the hero in this show. :)
  13. Chris K New Member

    Now this guy should have oriental features so nice bust

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