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Mongolian Horse Archer

Discussion in 'Figure News' started by War Griffon, Sep 16, 2014.

  1. Wayneb A Fixture

    Totaly agree Tommi....
    Should have added your statement to my above post......Regards.....Wayne
  2. TeoH New Member

    Always tickles me this a little bit. "Don't like" is such a big and I think in this case mix used phrase. It's perhaps not a case of that more a case of don't prefer this type of figure or not of a time period that your interested in. That equates to don't like.

    I also wonder why people maybe not in this case here, don't say why they don't like it. Nothing is mentioned of the reasoning behind it which for me points to the period, style etc rather than anything wrong with the figure itself.

    I think a better phrase would be doesn't suit me, I've seen the figure. Sculpting wise its a great piece of work, just like the Origen Boudicca. I wouldn't buy either as they dont suit my taste didn't stop me looking at them for few minutes each.

    Big hobby lots to see.
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  3. War Griffon Active Member

    Now up on the website for those that couldn't make Euro, apologies for the delay.
  4. TADATSUGU Guest

    I just want the right to reply on some of the comments since my last posting;

    "it falls back on the same theme of put up or shut up, if you can do better, do so" Helm.
    I totally disagree. There are hundreds of film critics making a living out there. Do you think they all make better movies than Kubrick or Kurosawa?

    "Some people just want the usual flogged to death streams of the same figure...ad nauseum" - also Helm.
    Do you really think the potential for unmodelled subjects has now been exhausted? There are still hundreds of Napoleonic uniform varients and personalities alone that I have never seen produced (even if most of the regiments may have been). By all means, buy as many bizarre concept figures as you want to.

    "if you don't like it don't buy it" - housecarl
    Did you think I would? However I am not completely entrenched in my opinions as you may assume. Despite disliking busts in general I have bought a few when I have been impressed by a particular sculpt and have said elsewhere that I was blown away by the Origen Boudica at Euromilitaire.

    "I find some of the reactions.... rather offensive...I can assure you it is beautifully sculpted". - elanlane13
    I apologise if my comments caused any offense. It was not intentional. I merely wished to express a personal opinion that too many busts, half figures, sectional models etc., are being produced, not that they should stop. It just seems to me as if fewer and fewer modellers want to buy or sculpt full figures anymore. I am sure many out there still do and I just wanted to express that point to hopfully stem the tide.

    "I was taught if you have anything nice (sic) to say, then say nothing" - housecarl
    Me too, and I generally agree, but to counter that, I am supprised that people often over-react, taking offense at opinions which I myself do not find to be insulting. I did not say the piece was badly researched or poorly sculpted and did not make any personal remarks concerning the sculptor's skill. At the end of the day, I thought this was a forum, and forums are about discussion.
    Are we only to be allowed to say how good a piece is? What is the point of that? That can simply be expressed by buying the piece.
    I do like to see individual modellers being encouraged on the site but if I do not like upcoming trends in the hobby I feel that I should be able to say so, and having done that here, I am heartened to have attracted some like-minded support.

    To paraphrase that oft-quoted comeback line;- If I don't like it, I certainly won't buy it, and at least my bank account should be better off for that! (but maybe I should still let the producer of the piece know why he or she had lost my custom).
  5. Helm A Fixture

    Glad to see you took my comments lined them up out of context to support your own prejudices, oh well do carry on with whatever you you like to do I'm sure it's amazing
  6. TADATSUGU Guest

    Steve. What prejudices? and no, my stuff is not amazing at all - but lets not fall out, my hatchet is buried.
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  7. Zlobov Sergey Active Member

    All the good times!
    No need to argue.
    Each has its own theme, size, sculptor, quality, .... ...
    This is my idea - horse bust. I am pleased with his work.
    Also thank you for your kind feedback.

    I often see a lot of new pieces! They are beautiful. BUT I do not have nothing - not my taste.

    If you do not like it - do not buy it, it's simple. ;)

    And I keep a series of horse busts - Middle Ages (Europe), and the Roman Empire. I love uu I Continually. I do not ask permission.

    do not say goodbye, and not sport.
    Sergey. (Zlobov*S)
  8. Captain Lol A Fixture

  9. custer760 Well-Known Member

    I bought this beautiful piece of Art from Martyn at Euro Militaire and must say it is absolutely fantastic. The Casting is superb,and before you knock it....Have a look at one at the next Show....You wont regret it!!!! I remember Years ago when Verlinden brought out a 200mm Roman signifer, it was cut down as a bust and I heard comments all over Leas Cliff Hall.....how could he,and soforth....Shortly after Verlinden brought this out as a bust and the competition rooms were full of them.Good on you Martyn for being brave....I love it.
  10. Zlobov Sergey Active Member

    Yesterday I received a copy of the commercial horse bust "Resin Kit" - a fine quality casting !!
    Thank you Martyn.
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