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WIP Modderfontein,1901.

Discussion in 'vBench (Works in Progress)' started by Cannonball, Mar 11, 2019.

  1. Cannonball A Fixture

    This is my take on Stormtrooper Miniatures excellent recent release of a member of C Squadron, 17th Lancers, during their engagement at Elands River in the Second Boer War. Inspired by Mike’s (misfit151) recent thread of the same figure I’ve opted to go with the head wearing the slouch hat. Whilst maybe not true to the picture the figure is based on I just preferred the extra little bit of interest it provides to the figure. As Mike said, this is a cracking piece with minimal clean up and filling required. The sculpting by Carl is great and it has been a joy to paint thus far. Painted in oils over enamels, the oils are still a little wet at present, particularly on the hat so apologies if the photos are a bit iffy.

    Neal. C8FAC795-7DFC-47A5-9453-BED6DA422D98.jpeg 8093B34A-8269-4E68-8D72-11C15CE7D4D2.jpeg 44CBBA26-06C3-42B6-A940-82A7B12260A5.jpeg C762E872-8114-401D-AB87-D2AAFF88C381.jpeg 4C513CE0-3F75-4B76-A908-757E458FC75A.jpeg
  2. misfit151 A Fixture

    That's a great start my friend....crack on ..and looking forward to the progress....love it...(y) Mike
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  3. MCPWilk A Fixture

    He even looks as if he's had a touch of the sun!

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  4. Cannonball A Fixture

    Thanks very much Mike, really appreciated.
  5. Cannonball A Fixture

    What, with the stress of battle and sunburn he got no chance Mike
  6. Geoff Charman A Fixture

    Super start Neal, just about to start mine so will be watching this thread with interest.

    Love the flesh tones.

    Cannonball and Nap like this.
  7. Nap Forum Moderator


    Go for it you guys !!!

    Neal ...another great beginning as Geoff says ........

    Following with interest as always

    Cannonball and Geoff Charman like this.
  8. Grod A Fixture

    Nice work Neal.
    Cannonball likes this.
  9. Cannonball A Fixture

    Thanks Geoff. I’m sure you’ll enjoy it when you get started.
  10. Cannonball A Fixture

    Thanks Nap.
  11. Cannonball A Fixture

    Cheers Gordon.
  12. Viking Bob PlanetFigure Supporter

    Well done Neal, great start.
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  13. clrsgt A Fixture

    Great start. Itching to start mine. Three start ups in as many days. No wonder I snagged the last one when I ordered it.
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  14. Cannonball A Fixture

    Thanks very much Bob.
  15. Cannonball A Fixture

    Thanks clrsgt. Get yours started and we’ll have a relay team at this rate! Looking forward to seeing the different interpretations on what is proving to be a very popular kit.
  16. Paul Kernan A Fixture

    Looking good Neil. I've ordered this bust too. Quick question...is there any detail on the surfaces of the open revolver?
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  17. Cannonball A Fixture

    Many thanks Paul. As for detail there are holes representing the chambers for the bullets.
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  18. Nap Forum Moderator

    I plan to drill these out !...hopefully ...very carefully

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  19. Cannonball A Fixture

    Some updated photos of progress to date. I’ve pretty much finished the slouch hat save for the regimental badge. Gone for a slightly lighter shade on the hat band which hopefully shows up in the photos. Done the hair and started on the eyes but need to go back to these to refine them a little. Started on the leather and basecoated the shoulder scales. In my reference books the cartridge pouches show the bullet tips protruding from the leather holders- I’m assuming that he is meant to be shown as “out of ammo” particularly with his revolver open. Could always add a couple to portray him down to his last rounds I suppose. For the leather mix it was similar to Mike with Burnt Sienna and Burnt Umber but I also added a touch of Brown Madder, shaded with Burnt Umber and a touch of black and highlights with Naples Yellow. 4915A35B-3584-49B3-9A35-0A9F7D54AD4E.jpeg 0DFF2D04-77A3-45FA-8E11-8484F95D9C28.jpeg 21AFC50A-25F5-424C-A0E1-0CBD94A5D52A.jpeg 293A4168-DEAC-44B3-AAF0-DFECD49DA7AC.jpeg EEA728C9-2C86-4E22-AC8A-9542FA218365.jpeg
  20. KenBoyle PlanetFigure Supporter

    Fantastic work Neal!

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