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MJ Miniatures Polish Winged Hussar has been recasted

Discussion in 'Report Piracy' started by yellowcat, Feb 9, 2016.

  1. yellowcat A Fixture

    That was quick pronto. Recasted by Russian Federation ebay seller. So many recasts coming out from Russian Federation. Not sure why they are not stopped.
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  2. Babelfish A Fixture

    Two reasons:

    1) eBay don't really seem to care, as they are collecting fees from these sellers

    2) It is up to the copyright holders themselves (i.e. the manufacturers) to take steps, and if they don't do anything then the pirates just carry on. But even if action is taken and pirates' accounts are closed down, they just create a new account under a new name and carry on.

    - Steve
  3. ellie A Fixture

    Here is my thoughts on the recasting. How can manufacturers stop it ? we contact e bay they do nothing we copyright our stuff still no effect. it's simple you the buying public stop buying them and that's the demise of the re caster. it's the public looking for a bargain that does it. they want cheep don't care the effect it has on companies they just want cheep. then they bitch about being ripped off by the re casters saying it's not like the photos tough they have heard all the talk about recasts but still they do it like a moth to a flame.

    the same people will be the first to start crying when the companies go bust and no new masters come out. what they have to realize is the cost of bringing out a new master is not cheep and we have to make that money back so we can reinvest in new exciting product but that will not happen if this pirating carries on.

    So the morality of all this falls on the customer, carry on with rip offs and that will be the end of the hobby because their will come a point when companies will say enough is enough.

    that's my thoughts on it


  4. Mark S Guest

    I don't know how effective this is but I've been sending Ebay a message regularly about the forgeries being sold on Ebay via their own invitation to "Tell Us What You Think" a link which is situated on the top far right of your home page.

    That then opens to another page which asks "How effective was this eBay Page in helping you accomplish what you came to the page to do?"
    You are then asked to rate your experience in finding what you wanted and invited to make a comment in a box on the same page.

    It's in that box that I explain, in some detail, my poor rating was due to the fact that 80% of the items listed are illegal forgeries which I'm not interested in buying.

    If they get the message that customers recognise these re-casts and aren't willing to buy, it may make some difference....worth a try anyway.
  5. ellie A Fixture

    as you say mark worth a try any this is worth a try. but it all comes down to the customer not buying the rip offs. they know they are not the real thing, so don't do it simple wait to buy the real thing.

    e bay are only interested in one thing and that's the money nothing more sad to say it but true.

    but on a positive well done for having your say.



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  6. theBaron A Fixture

    And so, we enter Episode #3597 of the discussion about piracy....

    I agree with Steve, that the copyright holders have the best standing, generally speaking, to pursue any kind of action against a copycat, in any given jurisdiction.

    The most effective things that we as individuals can do are to:
    1. Choose not to buy the copy
    2. Notify the original maker, if possible
    3. Notify the seller, that is, not necessarily the individual vendor, but the market's owner, eg, eBay, or other website
    And to the question, "Not sure why they're not stopped?", are you kidding? The Russians raped the Ukraine, they have designs on the Baltic states again, Putin has his opponents murdered, in short, it's not a society based on the rule of law. If you want to do something, and you can get away with it, you do.

    As for copycats coming out of Red China and SE Asia, there is a cultural difference that doesn't place the same value on intellectual property as we do. The Red Chinese, well, they're Communists, there is no such thing as intellectual property. If the Party says, "Burn those CDs", "Copy that software", "Produce those figures", etc, it gets done, for the greater glory of the proletariat and the proletariat's Partyy.

    And as for the other folks in SE Asia, well, when I joined the e2046 forum, pursuing an interest in anime figures, I found it interesting to see that debates about pirated copies had nothing to do with whether copying a piece was wrong, but rather, who made the best copies.

    Piracy has been with our hobby from the beginning, going back to its origins in toy soldiers (how many times did Wm Britain have to sue competitors for copying its figures?) and it will always be with us. We can't eliminate it, we can only try to reduce it as much as possible.
  7. Watts Member

    Ask any figure manufacturer and they will tell you that trying to shut down recasters is like playing Whack-a-Mole.

    The only way to get rid of these guys is to stop buying recasts. People who buy recasts are the ones hurting the hobby the most.
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