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'MJ MINIATURES' New Release for Jan, 2015

Discussion in 'Figure News' started by bagijiny, Jan 2, 2015.

  1. Mark S Guest

    Graham, I would've thought that manufacturers would appreciate all comments. If I was looking to manufacture a piece and I got feedback that it wasn't that popular I'd probably appreciate the feedback and it would help me decide how many I'd have cast.
    Alternatively I'd be thrilled if a large percentage of forum members said they can't wait to get there hands on it.
    I can't see how shut up if you don't like it helps the manufacturer at all.....Surely a manufacturer who has their finger on the pulse would consider all opinions, good and bad.....it would surely be an invaluable resource.
    I can't see the sense in simply expecting positive feedback.....why post it at all?.......and why here?
    There seems to be a new era emerging where only positive comment is acceptable........A new era of mutual excitation.
  2. Gra30 PlanetFigure Supporter

    Sorry Mark, I don't wish to derail this thread.

    All I will say is I disagree with you. After all the hard work done in production, sculpting ,painting the box art and then bringing to market (months of work) comments along the lines of I don't like it do nothing and certainly don't help, a myth often portrayed under the guise of only trying to help. It actually does the opposite, is after the event and are also a sure way to zap any enthusiasm from the poor guy(s).

    The truth is any manufacturer ONLY judges a success on sales, irrelevant of accolades or negativity.
    To me it seems more energy is expelled to dislikes when no comment would do, maybe people like making comments as it doesn't affect them in any way and they have not laboured and invested over it.

    Certainly not an air of only positive but maybe an air of that to have a whine is acceptable because the manufacturer is present here. I am not questioning any post, only I don't understand an individual's need to post if they don't like it.
    How many walk around shops saying, 'I don't like that, I don't like that, I don't like that....'you could spend your life doing it but generally don't, well I don't anyway.
    I think it better to see the glass half full than half empty.

    MJ and DH, I will be buying one of each for sure :) you have my support and appreciation for all the hard work.
  3. Mark S Guest

    Well, I'll have to apologise in advance for all my future comments in that case......because I've always simply expressed my own opinion on every new piece presented regardless of it's merits or the lack of the same.
    If any manufacturer is so sensitive as to believe negative comments are made for any reason other than personal choice then they probably shouldn't post here....and probably shouldn't be in business.
    As for the walking around the shops saying "I don't like that" analogy Graham, well we're not walking around the shops here, the manufacturers are bringing their products to us and asking for an opinion.
    Simple fact is, if you can't handle a negative response, don't put it up and ask for an opinion in the first place.......that's not a hard concept.

    Cheers...Mark S.
  4. Mark S Guest

    By the way, I'd like to say how much I like this piece, Kim.
    I've already painted your Viking bust and loved the detail......cheers, good luck with this one.
  5. Gra30 PlanetFigure Supporter

    Lol, I take you tongue in cheek comments fully Mark, it's not my product mate, I just don't see the need to comment if you don't like it, or what it gains.

    Anyway, happy new year
  6. Martin Antonenko A Fixture

    Basically, the thing is quite simple:

    Where "Centurion" is written on the box, even "Centurion" should be in there.
    It's all a question of historical research before a character is sculpted.

    This is exactly what the figure lovers expect from the manufacturers.

    Just my two Cents...

  7. megroot A Fixture

    I like this one.
    Great sculpt and painted figure.

  8. bagijiny Well-Known Member

    First of all, thank you very much for your interesting our products.

    We always like to see any comment for our products, warm or negative comments.
    Because it is help to me very strongly, we tried to do our best for ready of new release items.
    Yes, (sometime) we feel some hard for ready of making plan and sculpting, painting box art, casting, packing,etc- but we are doing our best more and more for all of our fans in the world, it is our pleasure even if just only one friend like it.
    I beleave most negative comments are meaning just for more better, not for attack or diss to companies.
    They also love our hobby, so they would write comments like that. Isn't it?
    I think no comment in indifference is worst.

    Thank you once again for all comments with interesting our products.

    Have a nice day.

    All my best regards,

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  9. MCPWilk A Fixture

    Most reference material comes from sculptures, frescoes and tomb stones. Helmets, usually incomplete, as well as weapons have also been recovered. Centurions from the first century A.D. are usually depicted with transverse crests, either of stiffened hair or feathers, chain mail and a harness with multiple phalerae. Fore and aft crests are usually used to depict Optios, but legionaries may have worn them on parade.

    We forget that although there were workshops producing arms and armour in Roman times, each workshop throughout the empire would have produced its own style of man-made equipment. Weapons and armour were expensive to produce and would have been repaired and recycled, and if you saw a better helmet, mail shirt, cuirass or sword at the end of a battle, you would substitute it for your own. The only disposable equipment I suspect were shields and possibly javelin heads.

    I am hoping to sculpt a complete (i.e. full figure) 200mm Centurion later this year. I will be modelling an Imperial Italic type H helmet with a transverse crest, chain mail from a chain mail purse etc. I have yet to decide on pose. The late Pete Morton had already sculpted a face suggestive of a Primum Pilus, rather than a newly appointed centurion, and this may reflect the pose chosen. I will try and get the historical detail right, but as this is somewhat nebulous, no doubt discussions such as this will ensue.

    Whether it is any good, sells or doesn't will be down to the opinions of the buying public. In the meantime, if this half figure does it for you, then go for it - enjoy painting a beautifully sculpted centurion. If you don't like the fore and aft crest, but want a transverse one, or if the sleeves aren't right, then get out the Milliput, green-stuff or whatever and do your own thing! This is a modelling site after all.

    Happy New Year to all,

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  10. Martin Antonenko A Fixture

  11. MCPWilk A Fixture

  12. MCPWilk A Fixture

  13. Martin Antonenko A Fixture


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