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For Sale Mixed Bunch of Items from the Grey Army for Sale

Discussion in 'Market & Commissions' started by Tecumsea, May 16, 2016.

  1. Tecumsea PlanetFigure Supporter

    View attachment 241983 P5160002.JPG P5160002.JPG P5160004.JPG P5160005.JPG View attachment 241988 View attachment 241989 First pass through the grey army clear out-All bought with the intention of being painted but I know they never will be.

    Please contact me for Postage costs-all will be sent at cost and I will of course combine postage on more than one item.

    I am open to sensible offers especially on the higher priced items or on multiple purchases, it doesn't hurt to ask.

    Here is the list reading from left to right. Manufacturer. Code. Item. Scale. £price.

    Aitna 54-C07 Mounted Prussian Cuirassier C1750 54 20
    Akritis Miniatures AKM 74-001 Byzantine Infantry Officer 75 10 SOLD
    Andrea S8-F43 Officer of Chasseurs 90 100 SOLD
    Beneito MV17 Bersaglieri 1870 54 10
    Bonapartes AB10 Carabinier Trumpeter 1810-1812 90 25
    CGS Military Figures MC-01 Officer 2nd Nth British Dragoons (Crimea) 75 10
    CGS Military Figures MC-05 Bersaglieri 1854 75 10
    D.Grieve B-1 Field Marshal Blucher 200 25 SOLD
    Durendal CC02 Infantry Officer 30 years war 90 20
    Elite AT70-35 Blackfoot Warrior 70 35 (Reduced to £25)
    Elite ST70-11 Butlers Ranger 1779 70 30 (Reduced to £25)
    Fer Miniatures REV00003 Queens Ranger Officer Brandywine 1777 75 20 SOLD
    Fort Duquesne Mounted Lakota Sioux Warrior Society 120 100 SOLD
    Frank Miniatures FM54-09 Prussian Officer 1870 54 10
    Heroic Miniatures HE5401 Austro-Hungarian Jager 1809 54 5 SOLD
    Latorre Models 54-17 Cabo de Gastadores infantry 1876 54 10 SOLD
    Le Cimier RTGE Tambour Gendarme 180 50 (Reduced to £45)
    Le Cimier RTG Tambour genie 180 50 SOLD
    Linjo LJ20016 165th NY Volunteers 200 12 SOLD
    M.Models 32061 Austrian Wachtmeister 4th Hussars 1805 54 5 SOLD
    M.Models 32096 Borodino the great redoubt 1812 54 20 (Reduced to £15) SOLD
    Model Cellar MC75-001 Captain Souter 44th Foot Gandamak 1842 75 10 SOLD
    Model Cellar MC75-003 44th Infantry Gandamak 75 10 SOLD
    Model Cellar MC120B03 Turkish Infantry Officer Crimea 120 5
    Model Cellar MC120B04 38th Foot Inkerman 120 5 SOLD
    Model Cellar MC120B05 5th Dragoon Balaclava 120 5 SOLD
    Pegaso RT-003 Angelo Masini 54 10
    Post Militaire FH3 French Hussar Trooper with chair 90 25 SOLD
    Post Militaire New Orleans Trumpeter 90 45 SOLD
    Post Militaire MCC1 Mounted Chasseur a Cheval 90 70 (AS seen Horse Assembled) not in original box but with original paper work etc SOLD
    Post Militaire DH70-6 Miles Legionais 70 25 (Withdrawn)
    Quadri Concept LB15A Guard Artillery Train Trumpeter in Parade Dress 1812-14 75 7.5 SOLD
    Romeo 54-67 Pavlosky Grenadier -Russia 1805 54 13 SOLD
    Seil SH75009 Roman Legionary 75 25 (Withdrawn)
    Seil SH75010 Roman Cavalry Officer 75 25 (Withdrawn)
    Soldiers SGF SP-4B Brigadier Musketeer of the Kings House 54 10
    Stormtroopers ST120-16 Sgt Masterson 87th Regt Barrosa 1811 120 20 SOLD
    Stormtroopers ST120-23 Sgt Bernard McCabe Sobraon 1846 120 20 SOLD
    Stormtroopers SB10-02 Officer Royal Horse Guards 1830 200 17 SOLD
    Ulrich Puchala 0016 Von Steuben 200 20
    Ulrich Puchala 0030 Frederick the Great 200 20
    Ulrich Puchala 0010 Leopold 200 25
    ? 800-12 Infantry Corporal Regt di Sardegna 1855 54 5
    View attachment 241983

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  2. baronband Well-Known Member

    message sent:)
  3. paul haigh Member

    how much for the following Stormtroopers ST120-16 Sgt Masterson 87th Regt Barrosa 1811
  4. david vazquez New Member

  5. Tecumsea PlanetFigure Supporter

    Hi Paul, the prices are all listed after the scale. In this case it is £20 + Postage

  6. paul haigh Member

    hi how much postage for Stormtroopers ST120-16 Sgt Masterson 87th Regt Barrosa 1811 in uk
  7. Mjølner PlanetFigure Supporter

    PM sent for Fer Miniatures REV00003 Queens Ranger Officer Brandywine 1777 75 20
  8. peedee A Fixture

    Keith Pm sent

  9. Tecumsea PlanetFigure Supporter

    Hi Paul £23.95 including postage.............Keith

    PM Me if you are interested, many thanks......Keith
  10. paul haigh Member

  11. paul haigh Member

    payment sent thanks keith
  12. anstontyke A Fixture

    pm sent keith
  13. Blind Pew A Fixture

    PM sent for Model Cellar MC75-003 44th Infantry Gandamak 75 10
  14. Magnifier Member

    Hi, Keith...

    PM sent for von Blucher and your Civil War Zouave...
  15. custer760 Well-Known Member

    Hi Keith,
    Pm sent for arctis 75mm Byzantine and Durendal 90mm Officer 30 years war.
  16. tomifune A Fixture

    Where's all the samurai's at?:LOL::LOL::p Holding out on us, eh?:ROFLMAO:

  17. Tecumsea PlanetFigure Supporter

    All gone I'm afraid Bob, I tend to buy them on commission from people who know what they are doing with a paint brush....:D

    I've got the old Hinchcliffe mounted Taisho tucked away somewhere in the vain hope that I might pluck up the courage to paint one some day..I think if I wait too long I won't even have the strength to lift it let alone paint it...:(

    Take care mate..........Keith
    napoleonpeart, Babelfish and tomifune like this.
  18. chippy Well-Known Member

    Hi Keith, Great to see you posting again . I'm sorry to say that as much as I am tempted to buy 1 or 2 items it would be a waste of time and money for two reasons . I / I have a new pup that needs hours of entertaining , and 2/ my youngest son is just about to move into a house that needs 12 months work to bring it up to scratch but as he told us we are going to be grand parents in 6 months time and guess who will be doing most of the work on the house . I think modelling is way down my list of get too's .
    DSC_0215 (2).JPG

    The cage is for ME , it's the only place I can get some peace .
    Huw63, Fokionas, anstontyke and 4 others like this.
  19. Mark S Guest

    HI Keith, could you ID these two kits for me please........

    kits for sale.JPG
  20. Tecumsea PlanetFigure Supporter

    Hi Mark,

    The top one is the Bersaglieri by Beneito, it comes with the wall by the way and the other is the last item on the list and I'm sorry but I don't know who made it, although it has a wraparound label there is no Manuf name.


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