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WIP Critique Mitches Russian Fighter Pilot Ivan Kozhedub

Discussion in 'vBench (Works in Progress)' started by Gellso, May 28, 2015.

  1. Gellso A Fixture

    Really good character of the face on this fella. Great sculpting by OFFO.

    Tried to weather the leather cap a bit more by scratching the oil paint to make it look cracked and worn.

    The first pics also show the first session of the face which will have more contrast added.

    Uniform is khaki and will try for chocolate brown, german cammo brown for shadows and deck tan, crushed bone and white grey for highlights. I will wash some dilute deep red and browns to add more colour and depth.

    Going to try for white grey parachute straps.

    Tried something new with the goggles given that they are blocked in. I painted a dark redbrown, painted some straight lines and splashed some random whites and grey to hopefully simulate a depth.
    I then applied layers of Tamiya smoke for shade. Then some Tamiya clear orange for tone.
    I've also worked more on the face to try for more colour variations, contrast and blending.

    The orange looking picture shows the eyebrows and more tampering with the mouth.

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  2. kagemusha A Fixture

    Now that's a superb piece of painting Grant (y)

  3. garyhiggins A Fixture

    Great job on the face Grant, it could be a photo of the actual bloke.
    Best wishes, Gary.
  4. smudger1960 PlanetFigure Supporter

    Lovely piece of painting mate
  5. offo A Fixture

    Wau,wau,wau! Thank you my friend.(y);)
  6. DEL A Fixture

    Very impressive Grant. Well beyond a great start.
    Light touches from this point on mate (y)
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  7. lopee Active Member

    Great face gentlemen - one for his sculpting part and the second one for his painting it. (y);)
  8. Joe55 A Fixture

    Fantastic! Like the way the goggles are turning out, not to mention everything else (y)!

  9. harto Active Member

    you have absolutely nailed the fleshtones on this, great work.
  10. Ferris A Fixture

    Simply excellent Grant! Eyes are great as well.

  11. SPrimeau Active Member

    Like what you have done, the fleshtones are wonderful!
  12. tonydawe A Fixture

    Great start. Excellent flesh tones.
  13. Grod A Fixture

    Superb Grant. The face in particular is fantastic.
  14. Viking Bob PlanetFigure Supporter

    Very nice work on the painting, looking superb.
  15. bigtodd Active Member


    WOW !!!! That is an incredible start. I think you nailed it with the goggles. I zoomed in on the face and saw the blending of tones was flawless.

    The leather cap looks really good is there a satin or semi gloss coat on it? In some pictures it looks flat but in others it hints that there may be some on it already? OR...., could this be your "bad@$$ painting skills," at work fooling the eye already?

    You know that now you have taken the extra effort with the goggles. You will have to get some rabbit fur and individually glue on each hair of his eye brows !!! :rolleyes:

    Keep the updates coming!!!

    And thanks for sharing.
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  16. Adrian Cowdry Well-Known Member


    No one comes close to Offo in scupting personality portraits. You are doing an extraordinary job of bringing the resin to life Grant.
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  18. Dennis Active Member

    This is a great start Grant, the flesh tones and the blending are flawless mate well done.
  19. Gellso A Fixture

    Thank you all very much for the feedback.

    Del- Yes mate light touches if I can. I know I get a bit a bit blocky sometimes.
    Todd- Thanks mate, the cap is done using Kens (Kagemusha) technique and depending on how much oil paint and how long you leave it on for determines if it's shiny, satin or fairly matt.

    Done a bit more on this guy.

    The base coat for the tunic was Khaki with german camo beige, deck tan and pale sand for highs lether brown choclote broan and german cam black for the shaows. The pale sand dried more shiny that a coat of dulux high gloss so I had to do an oil wash to see if it would dampen it. It didn't so I sprayed the dullcoat on. I was still able to apply acrylics after this which was lucky.

    The picture with the metallic show the shoulder boards done with dark star brass mixed with leather brown and a mustard yellow colour from scale 75. The tunic buttons were old silver which gives a worn look to them. They just needed a tiny highlight and shadow. The buckles were darkstar steel mixed with silver.

    The shoulder board piping is just medium blue out the bottle.

    I pinwashed the seams and aroung the bttons and medals to try and give more depth. The parachute straps were light grey glazed with khaki.
    I also used russsian uniform green as glazes over the khaki uniform to try and give more tones and also on the parachute straps.

    I tweaked the face a wee bit more using Dels light touches and you can see the close up of the flying cap with the scratches and wear and tear. The ear phone holders were painted dark grey then glazed black at the bottom and a lighter grey on the top half with lightest highlighting done by adding Russian green. I'll buff these a wee bit so the look more like a plastic looking material.

    Still a lot of tweaking, tidying up and finishing o do but he's getting there.

    many thanks again for your interest and kind encouragement.


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  20. megroot A Fixture

    Great, just great work on this.


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