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Miss Antartica - Dedicated to all those ladies

Discussion in 'vBench (Works in Progress)' started by Nick Majerus, Apr 19, 2010.

  1. Nick Majerus Well-Known Member

    This is the other piece that I was working on. I had started this back in 2009, and finally finished it.

    Dating back to 1980 when I first went to Antarctica and the 13 trips after that, there was always one very good looking female that would be working there. When this figure was released, it reminded me of all those ladies! So I had to paint it and dedicate it to all those ladies.

    The flesh was done in oils and the rest in acrylics.



    Miss Antarctica.JPG

    Miss Antarctica 2.JPG

  2. mil-mart A Fixture

    Nick, great painting and very nice indeed, but I bet they didn't dress quite like that .:D

    Cheers Ken
  3. Ferris A Fixture

    Cool Nick, and you've made me really curious about what your job is, going to Antarctica with ladies like this....
  4. housecarl A Fixture

    Very nice Nick. I was having flashbacks to Norway, although it's the otherside of the World.
  5. Chris Oldfield A Fixture

    No wonder the penguin looks so surprised, being so close & not able to touch.......(y)
  6. Gellso A Fixture

    Really cool! (groan)

    Very nicely painted it looks so cold you can almost see her "Bruce Lees"
    Female figures are so hard to paint as u need to be more subtle.
    I love these figures and you have got your self a real showstopper here. Well done.
  7. Nick Majerus Well-Known Member

    Thank you Ken, Adrian, Carl, Christopher, and Grant for your comments! I worked as a Sheet Metal and Welding Shop Foreman for the U. S. Antarctic Program at McMurdo Station on Ross Island, Antarctica. Over the years my brother, My daughter, and his daughter joined me there. There is even a Mt. Majerus named after our family. From a very few women in 1980 to over 1/3 of U. S. crew are women now. There is a "Polar Plunge" each year, so they do wear less then the figure! If you ever get the chance to visit there I highly recommend it!!

  8. Michael Tse Active Member

    Haha I have this one too.

    It is all rather nicely done.But I feel that the flesh tone is a touch on the yellow side considering she is Caucasion and it is freezing.

    I really aspired to the Andrea box arts for the pin up line and tried to mimic the way they depict the facial expressions of these ladies. I would love to see how you fare in this respect (eyes, teeth, flush, the whole shebang) but these pics are not affording that opportunity.
  9. Nick Majerus Well-Known Member

    Hi Michael, You would be surprised at how few clothes you may wear once you acclimate to the weather there. I have worked at the South Pole in -20 F degrees below zero with no jacket and just a light shirt. I have seen the ladies sunbathing with a swim suit. At 67, this is as good as my eyes and shaky hand can produce. I'll leave the great painted figures to you younger guys. I really enjoy seeing all the great figures on the Planet. I know I will never achieve that skill level, but still enjoy painting the figures. You have a great day.

  10. Marcel Active Member

    Very nice paintwork Nick!

  11. Jamie Stokes Well-Known Member

    nice little piece, and a cheerful little tribute!

    Nicely handled, and good to hear no one really froze too much over there!


    PS - Penguin has some character too!
  12. robinh002 New Member

    Miss Antarticia

    Very nice &not at all offenisve (y) as to your comment about the amount of clothing worn in - 20f ! is due to being in a dry atmosphere ?
    i work out doors cleaning up trash for streets & sanatition over here
    (the U K side of the pond ) dry cold / frosty weather is ok to work in , without a coat BUT rain &damp cold &wind go right through you . how about Miss Artic as acompanion piece ?:D

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